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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Haiti Words, Poetry and Codes

Underneath of corruption and discrimination, poverty and misery, modern colonization and tribulation people with eyes can see the beauty of an island which was called once a paradise. Haiti used to be the destination of vacation; people with vision can imagine the transformation because what have changed are the d├ęcor and the assignment of a small group of producers and actors who get paid to keep on playing the same scene over and over. If every time you turn on you TV set or you browse the internet you have seen the same image, of course that will change your perception and subconsciously that will precondition your mentality that Haiti is lost case.

Over a century of political bullshit, more than five generations of one group mind who has always emerged from the compost of their predecessors and being supported by a blind society constantly misleading to a fissure in exponential progression.

Beyond politic and diplomacy there is real human feeling that can’t measure on any scale, but can only feel through connection and emotion. Pain and joy are two sides of a coin that’s why if you flip it the probability is equal or less for both sides, but if you decide on a side the possibility is greater or more. Haiti is stuck to the point of reducing to nothing because most of the political actors and the big hands behind scene are gambling with the society life by flipping a coin with two similar sides either ways it fall the result can only goes against the weak.

An individual with a feeble mind can only follow the path that has been lying down before him/her, and sometimes with even a greater extent of difficulties or incomprehension, but a human being with the capacity to think independently has the option to find the light of truth in the darkest place, and can see beyond the matrix and have the mathematical skill to recalculate the parameters. The rules and the regulation which Haiti has governed by are breakable, the physical location is transformable, and the biggest handicap is the culture of how thing has been done that need to be updated like a piece of software, by setting new parameters to become compatible to a new set of ideas, and familiarize to a new interface of reality.


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