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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haitian Foods

So often when they mention Haiti it is in a negative way, and it has been a while we at HFC (Haiti First Class) we have lost track of our main goal which promoting the positive aspect our beloved country. To get back on track we want to share with the world one of the main element that always represent taste of a culture. Foods is by excellence playing a role important in the Haitian culture. From generation to generation this one thing that never fade away and never been affected by the Haitian politics and the international communities.

Almost anyone in the world who taste Haitian food most of the time loved it, they are alway asking for the recipe this is why today we will provide a group of books that you can buy to start learning how to cook like Haitian. This recommendation is not only for foreigner because they are a lot of our brothers and sisters who to master the art of Haitian cuisine. Today we present you a golden opportunity don't miss out.

If you don't speak Haitian creole to be safe alway ask for (diri kole ak pwa ak yon bon sos vyann) if you like spices ask for (bannann peze ak pikliz).


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