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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don’t vote for Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat if it isn’t your choice

As Haitian if you have been convinced to vote because somebody told you so you should not vote in the next election. The first question you should ask what is in it for you? One thing you should know, and it is a fact the day after the election Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat they will still be able to live their life comfortably no matter what the outcome, both of them will resume in their activities as usual.
You must deeply believe in yourself and assure that this decision is yours before you cast your vote. You must be sure no matter what this a decision that you can live with. Martelly or Manigat they are looking for their success first, you should under any circumstance have no sentiment because every vote you waste you take Haiti one step further in misery. 
Don’t vote for Martelly because he is Sweet Mickey remember that every time he used to make you dance he used to get paid, this time if you have to vote for him, vote for what he can do for you, vote for the job he can provide, vote for social stability  and economic.

Don’t vote for Manigat because she is a woman or the ex first lady, remember that she has been doing politic for a living, this time if you have to vote for her, vote for what she can do for you, vote for the job she can provide, vote social stability and economic.
Don’t vote for him or her if you think they can change nothing, don’t vote because for what they tell you they can do for you, but you must vote for what you believe they will be able to for the country.
Vote if you believe one of them will work to make the next generation better in a better place.
Don’t vote if you believe one of them will change the country during their 5 years terms, because they won’t.
Vote if you believe one them will start building the foundation for the next generation.

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