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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat the next president of Haiti!

Picture by Dominique Frank Simon
Now it is clear the future of Haiti will be in the hand of Mirlande Manigat or Michel Martelly. One former first lady of Haiti, senator and the other one of the biggest entertainer in the Haitian music. What can the Haitian people expect? This answer can only be known after one of them become the next president of the republic of Haiti.
Once again the Haitian people will decide who they want to drive their future. A very dark  and sad future that require competence, intelligence, and great communication skill to shine some light upon Haiti. Will Martelly be capable or can Manigat break up with the past experience of selfish politician.

If Martelly win the second tour, what kind of government will he offer Haiti? Will special interest take over to keep on screwing whatever the country has left, or will he call some very smart and honest people to help him govern. If he apply the same principle that made Sweet Mickey very successful by collaborating with the best Haitian musicians to make his music, he can have a chance to be decent president by calling on the best mind in the world of politics, the most experience intellectuals and business people to help him think for a better Haiti.

If Manigat win the second tour, what kind of government will she create? Will she follow the steps of the professor Leslie Manigat her husband the former president of Haiti for a very short period of time. Will she form a theoretical  government, with a group of intellectual who are not able to communicate with a 80 to 85 % illiterate population because they got lost in their books, or will she form a practical government with of course intelligent and experience people. If she uses her knowledge properly (She is a very smart woman) with her connection to create decentralize government she has a chance to better than her husband.

If both of them really want to save Haiti why don't they form a government of coalition? Save the Haitian people some times and some moneys to start rebuilding the country, unify the the population.


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