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Friday, December 9, 2011

7 things that I profoundly believe about Haiti no matter what you say.

1)      I believe Haiti is one of the greatest countries in the world because the citizens are still standing tall and valiant.
2)      I believe in that country because I know the people and they are rooted deeply in the truth and the resilience of the human factor.
3)      I believe that freedom really exist in Haiti until I travel abroad, because solely the story of the master and slave has been the headline, seldom they told the story of a nation with a revolutionary mind.
4)      I sincerely believe from the core of my soul that Haitians are not a divided nation; they are only having different opinion.
5)      I believed with all my heart Haiti is not a poor country and as a matter of fact it is far from being poor, however they Haitian people simple think poorly.
6)      I believe Haiti will shine again once it’s has been putting back under the light, because the diamond under the dirt isn’t pretty until it has been cutting and polishing in a factory.
7)      I still believe in the glorious past of Haiti, and I believe the future will be great because it faces great challenge therefore the solution will be as big as the revolution.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Haiti Words, Poetry and Codes

Underneath of corruption and discrimination, poverty and misery, modern colonization and tribulation people with eyes can see the beauty of an island which was called once a paradise. Haiti used to be the destination of vacation; people with vision can imagine the transformation because what have changed are the d├ęcor and the assignment of a small group of producers and actors who get paid to keep on playing the same scene over and over. If every time you turn on you TV set or you browse the internet you have seen the same image, of course that will change your perception and subconsciously that will precondition your mentality that Haiti is lost case.

Over a century of political bullshit, more than five generations of one group mind who has always emerged from the compost of their predecessors and being supported by a blind society constantly misleading to a fissure in exponential progression.

Beyond politic and diplomacy there is real human feeling that can’t measure on any scale, but can only feel through connection and emotion. Pain and joy are two sides of a coin that’s why if you flip it the probability is equal or less for both sides, but if you decide on a side the possibility is greater or more. Haiti is stuck to the point of reducing to nothing because most of the political actors and the big hands behind scene are gambling with the society life by flipping a coin with two similar sides either ways it fall the result can only goes against the weak.

An individual with a feeble mind can only follow the path that has been lying down before him/her, and sometimes with even a greater extent of difficulties or incomprehension, but a human being with the capacity to think independently has the option to find the light of truth in the darkest place, and can see beyond the matrix and have the mathematical skill to recalculate the parameters. The rules and the regulation which Haiti has governed by are breakable, the physical location is transformable, and the biggest handicap is the culture of how thing has been done that need to be updated like a piece of software, by setting new parameters to become compatible to a new set of ideas, and familiarize to a new interface of reality.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Patrice Millet a CNN Hero, a blessing for young Haitian.

Patrice Millet decided to change his life after a stem cell transplant to treat his cancer Since then, he has helped hundreds of kids through a soccer program He also aids the community with food and paying school fees. You can support his program by giving a small donation. Click the following link FONDAPS

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Stories of Haiti by Edwidge Danticat

If you don't know much about Haiti please take a moment to discover the story of that island nation which not always about tragedy and poverty. Haiti has been the nation that open the door to liberty and freedom in the new, the people that say no to slavery. Please open your ears to hear that story. Thanks a lot to Edwidge Danticat a daughter of Haiti.

Edwidge Danticat: Stories of Haiti | Video on

Peter Haas: Haiti's disaster of engineering | Video on

This video is extremely important for the future of Haiti. If you have a chance to watch please pass it on until the right people hear it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haitian Foods

So often when they mention Haiti it is in a negative way, and it has been a while we at HFC (Haiti First Class) we have lost track of our main goal which promoting the positive aspect our beloved country. To get back on track we want to share with the world one of the main element that always represent taste of a culture. Foods is by excellence playing a role important in the Haitian culture. From generation to generation this one thing that never fade away and never been affected by the Haitian politics and the international communities.

Almost anyone in the world who taste Haitian food most of the time loved it, they are alway asking for the recipe this is why today we will provide a group of books that you can buy to start learning how to cook like Haitian. This recommendation is not only for foreigner because they are a lot of our brothers and sisters who to master the art of Haitian cuisine. Today we present you a golden opportunity don't miss out.

If you don't speak Haitian creole to be safe alway ask for (diri kole ak pwa ak yon bon sos vyann) if you like spices ask for (bannann peze ak pikliz).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don’t vote for Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat if it isn’t your choice

As Haitian if you have been convinced to vote because somebody told you so you should not vote in the next election. The first question you should ask what is in it for you? One thing you should know, and it is a fact the day after the election Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat they will still be able to live their life comfortably no matter what the outcome, both of them will resume in their activities as usual.
You must deeply believe in yourself and assure that this decision is yours before you cast your vote. You must be sure no matter what this a decision that you can live with. Martelly or Manigat they are looking for their success first, you should under any circumstance have no sentiment because every vote you waste you take Haiti one step further in misery. 
Don’t vote for Martelly because he is Sweet Mickey remember that every time he used to make you dance he used to get paid, this time if you have to vote for him, vote for what he can do for you, vote for the job he can provide, vote for social stability  and economic.

Don’t vote for Manigat because she is a woman or the ex first lady, remember that she has been doing politic for a living, this time if you have to vote for her, vote for what she can do for you, vote for the job she can provide, vote social stability and economic.
Don’t vote for him or her if you think they can change nothing, don’t vote because for what they tell you they can do for you, but you must vote for what you believe they will be able to for the country.
Vote if you believe one of them will work to make the next generation better in a better place.
Don’t vote if you believe one of them will change the country during their 5 years terms, because they won’t.
Vote if you believe one them will start building the foundation for the next generation.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michel Martelly or Mirland Manigat the next president of Haiti!

Picture by Dominique Frank Simon
Now it is clear the future of Haiti will be in the hand of Mirlande Manigat or Michel Martelly. One former first lady of Haiti, senator and the other one of the biggest entertainer in the Haitian music. What can the Haitian people expect? This answer can only be known after one of them become the next president of the republic of Haiti.
Once again the Haitian people will decide who they want to drive their future. A very dark  and sad future that require competence, intelligence, and great communication skill to shine some light upon Haiti. Will Martelly be capable or can Manigat break up with the past experience of selfish politician.

If Martelly win the second tour, what kind of government will he offer Haiti? Will special interest take over to keep on screwing whatever the country has left, or will he call some very smart and honest people to help him govern. If he apply the same principle that made Sweet Mickey very successful by collaborating with the best Haitian musicians to make his music, he can have a chance to be decent president by calling on the best mind in the world of politics, the most experience intellectuals and business people to help him think for a better Haiti.

If Manigat win the second tour, what kind of government will she create? Will she follow the steps of the professor Leslie Manigat her husband the former president of Haiti for a very short period of time. Will she form a theoretical  government, with a group of intellectual who are not able to communicate with a 80 to 85 % illiterate population because they got lost in their books, or will she form a practical government with of course intelligent and experience people. If she uses her knowledge properly (She is a very smart woman) with her connection to create decentralize government she has a chance to better than her husband.

If both of them really want to save Haiti why don't they form a government of coalition? Save the Haitian people some times and some moneys to start rebuilding the country, unify the the population.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A personal reflection on Haiti catastrophe one year later.

I was at work on January 12, 2010 when a dear friend of mine sent me a text message urging me to check the news on the internet about Haiti because a 7.0 magnitude earthquake strokes the first black republic. I did not understand the gravity of the situation until I went back to my apartment and turn on the TV, the first image that came up was the national palace collapse which when I was growing up I lived a few minutes away from, and I could see it if I stand on top my roof two stories building. I broke down and cried; later on I have learned that more than a quarter of a million of my brothers and sisters lost their live in this tragedy that will stay engrave the memory of my generation until the rest of their existence as the darkest and longest day in the Haitian history.
January 12, 2011 I am again at work checking the news about my beloved country, my heart sink because I can still feel the pain and it is still hurting my soul and the million of my compatriot who share this awful experience. The rubbles are still on the streets of Port-au-Prince; more than one million of my people are homeless, many of little brothers and sisters can’t go back to school because the schools building have never been rebuilt one year after the earthquake. Life in Haiti is like a malediction succeeding one other; not yet even started to recover a cholera outbreak is swiping across my nation who is still on his knees, with no prospect of a ray of light toward the future.
I remember a few months after the earthquake, the images were still vividly displaying in my mind. I went to a Wal-Mart to purchase a magazine dedicated to the earthquake the cashier told me that this tragedy has occurred because Haitian people have sold their soul to the devil; I responded with a kind smile, I am Haitian! I took my magazine and left. In the same period I went to a fund raising at Fox Valley Technical College a lady who represented an organization name Friends of Haiti located in the Green Bay area in the state of Wisconsin started denigrating my people and my country just for the sole purpose of raising money for her organization. My fellow Haitian brothers and sister who were present at the event were very upset, but they bite their tongues and did not say anything. My biggest lesson in these two stories as Haitian, I am responsible for not doing a better job to portray and promote my country and my people more selfishly and more aggressively in a positive manner.
Most of the time when the news media is drawing a picture of my people and my country they only focus on the extreme poverty as the only dominating actuality of this great nation. I must tell you as native of Haiti my people are the greatest race of human being on earth in my eyes. I saw them fall over and over, but they still keep their prides and dignities intact, they still have their spirits high, they have the desire to live against all add. They live with nothing and they make life with of nothing, but their courageous attitude and their resilience to survive. My people have unity that cannot be seen with eyes, but only inside of the core belief and the tradition that lay beyond explanation without any sort of propaganda.  
I am Haitian! Who are you?


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