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Friday, December 24, 2010


It’s been a very long time since the Christmas the tree have been decorated, the star of Bethlehem is no longer give direction to the wise men, maybe this is the reason why the Haitian children haven’t been receiving any gift. The bells are no longer ringing and the Christmas songs are no longer playing the sweet melody of the holidays.

Haiti is heartbroken and melancholic because she has been crawling for many years and can’t offer anything to her children who are begging for peace and a little bit of happiness. Since Santa never comes to third world country, like King Herod did send his soldier to kill the new born, Santa will always send the UN, the US military and the international organization to help the Haitian people celebrate another Christmas without baby Jesus.

The Haitian’s children holidays have always been gloomy as if poverty and misery are the only gift that they can received, but so often the outsiders forget the resilience of that great nation in front of challenges. They forget the triumph of those people in every battle they fought against colonization, occupation, dictatorship and anarchic regime. Haitians stood tall against all disasters that hit them and the most recent one of January 12, 2010. Haitians will always stand tall because of the spirits that live in them and they are one of the greatest nations on earth.

Since the UN and the international community are not Santa and they will never be Santa in the Haitian people eyes. As always the Haitian people never rely on a foreign ghost to bring them happiness and peace. This holiday season the spirit of the ancestors and all those who pass away in the tragedy on January 12, 2010 will bring strength, courage and determination to allow the Haitian people to find joy in the middle of atrocity and dilemma. They will smile despite all the sadness of poverty. they will dance and sing with bamboo and tambour to lift up their spirit to unbreakable point.

This holiday season the sun of justice will shine upon Haiti, and the rays of light will lit the path to social equality. The bell of freedom will ring to alert the whole nation to stand up for one common goal, the well being of all Haitian without exception. A shower of peace will flood the political instability. This Christmas again Haitian will be their own Santa.

Bònn fèt Nwèl a tout Ayisyen a la ronn badè

The Gift, Haitian Noel, Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)

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