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Friday, September 17, 2010

The perfect candidate in Haiti for the next presidential election

One beautiful morning at the sunrise the Haitian sky opened and an extraordinary human being fall from the above with a miracle formula to turn Haiti around and to bring the positive change that Haitian people really deserve, of course he/she would have been the perfect candidate; unfortunately that can happen only in a nice dream or in a high budget movie filming in 3D which is a little bit closer to the reality. This is to illustrate that perfect candidate is far from being real and probably never will, also Haiti can’t count on any of the hero of the independence none of them can rise from the death to run; however the candidates that are running for the highest office in this electoral race are real, and one of them will be selected or elected as the next president of Haiti despite of any circumstance.
In a country the rich are exploiting the poor; the people with power are abusing their authority and neglecting the weak, the politicians can’t be trusted, the churches institution are failing in their mission, 85% percent of the population are illiterate, the establishments governmental are ineffective. Where do you expect to find a perfect Haitian candidate? If all the entities stated above are incoherent, it is almost impossible to produce capable and honest man and woman to be accountable.  Somehow every one of the candidates is tie to one of the rambling unit listed previously.  Maybe the perfect candidate can come from in the Diasporas, again this is not the case most the Haitian living overseas are somehow disconnected with the Haitian reality or they are over influences by the foreign country they are living in which make them believe they can export change to Haiti. Basically the perfect candidate is out of question, the question that needs to be asked is there any capable candidate with the will to work in the interest of the Haitian people and the country? It is a fact there are candidates with great academic background, however they have little or no experience in managing public institution and the few with the experience are not too credible.

Hypothetically the perfect candidate should have been a fusion like someone with the popularity of Jean Bertrand Aristide, some of the Rene G. Preval political strategy (Since 1986 he is the only one who served to full term of his presidency), the knowledge academic of Lesly F. Manigat, the dynamism and vision of the only Haitian King (Henri 1st) Henri Christophe, some of the disciplinary attitude of the first Haitian President Jean Jacques Dessalines, and the approach of Dumarsais Estime.

Is it possible for any candidate to be perfect? This is just a question that you need respond for yourself; as far as truth Haiti doesn’t need a perfect candidate it is only looking someone with the drive and the integrity to reduce poverty, to increase stability politic and economic so every Haitian can have their dignity back, eradicate corruption to promote a social and economical balance for the masses. Among all these candidates in this electoral race if there were really serious about moving the country from the mud of misery to a better place they would put their personal ambition behind to call upon each other to unify for a greater cause, a Haitian restoration, a country modernization, the diasporas total integration to utilize their intellectual and economic resources.


  1. One comment. Preval should not be credited for his political strategy during his second term. If you withdraw Minustah for 1sec, we will be talking about his replacement. He is not leading the country with and for Haitians, he is working for the US AND Clinton

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