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Friday, September 3, 2010

10 big questions for the Haitian presidential candidates

  1. Who are you and tell us what have you done in the last two decades to prove that you can be the right person for the job in these crucial moments of Haiti, and where will your campaign fund come from, as all of us know the Haitian people don’t even have money to cover most basic of their needs?    
  2. What will be the first measure you will take if you are the person elected for the president of Haiti?
  3. Who will be on your team, are they qualify to help you execute this big task you will have waiting ahead you, and how can the Haitian people trust them because the majority of the teams who came with any president in the last two hundred years have been stealing and abusing the power ?
  4. With a non professional police force, and inadequate resources what is you plan to securitize the country, and will consider the possibility of rebuilding a new Army, because according to the Haitian constitution the republic of Haiti is protected by two arms forces the police and the Army?
  5. What is you plan for a Haitian economy almost nonexistent, and how will create employment in a country with no infrastructure whatsoever?
  6. What is your plan for education in a country 85% percent of the people can’t read and write, and after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 most of the schools in the capital have been destroyed and the rest of the country didn’t have enough school already?
  7. Constitutionally in Haiti exile is prohibited will you consider of letting coming back in the country the two former Presidents of Haiti Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide?
  8. How will you integrate all the political parties in your government, as we all know if you don’t include them in the power they will destabilize it, how will plan to stay on top of this situation?
  9. What will be you diplomatic relation with the US, Canada and France, since they have been so involve in the Haitian affair, and in the recent years Haiti have been developing a very good relationship with Cuba and Venezuela, but we know the United States of America don’t really deal with these two country how are you going to make this beneficial for Haiti?
  10. Last not least after the earthquake the former US president Bill Clinton has been actively involved in Haiti and consider his history with it, in 1994 he brought the former President Jean Bertrand Aristide back to the power after a military coup with 20,000 American soldiers. Now in with a new government on the power what will be his role and what will be your relationship with him?

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