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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wyclef Jean has some serious question to answer for you!

After Wyclef Jean first TV interview with Wolf Blitzer on the Larry King show a lot of questions have been raised regarding his capability, integrity and agenda to become the next president of the Haitian republic.
 Does Wyclef Jean have to be president to help Haiti? He was doing pretty good helping those in need, but was that the reason behind all his good deeds? Even so does that quality him to be in charge of the whole nation destiny? Is he capable of being the head of state, when we know how intricate it is in Haiti?
 Is he really qualified according to the Haitian constitution? Who can answer that question especially when we know the Haitian constitution was never been respected for more than 200 years.
Is he credible to handle money on behalf of the Haitian nation? So far there isn’t any report generated to the Haitian public and the international contributors for the 9 million dollars or more receiving in donation through YELE Haiti foundation after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. That would be a great start to prove if he ever become the elected president that his administration will govern with transparency.
Is he really known in what he got himself to? This isn’t show business, producing music and selling album. This is a ruin country economically, and physically, this is state devastated by natural disaster, and divided politically and socially.
Does experience really matter or a candidate just has to be popular to become the president in Haiti? Aristide didn’t manage anything public before came to the power, he was just a priest and popular.
Will Bill Clinton help him govern? In the CNN interview he mentions that he will have to seat down with the former US president to show his plan. Does Bill Clinton have to approve or have to be part of the decisions making in Haiti? Who are Wyclef advisors, are they Haitians or Foreigner?
What will be his relationship with the US? Will he execute all the US demand? What will be his relation with the other nation like Venezuela, Cuba, France, China, etc.?
What will be his relation with the political class in Haiti? The most dishonest and heartless group of people in the country, they are enemy number one of progress; they only have the skill to kill the country.
How will he deal with the NGO’s and the UN? Those two are present in Haiti because of poverty, and political instability. Hypothetically if he has good intention to pull the
country out of the deep hole of hopelessness and unfairness, will they become the very high solid wall block that obstruct the view to see the best side of Haiti? A stable Haiti will not attract the UN bogus mission, and the charitable organization will have one less place to scam the rest of the world.
There are a lot more questions Wyclef has to answer to the Haitian people living in Haiti and abroad, and the Haitian people must answer a lot questions themselves about their decision before voting for anyone.

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  1. Hopefully the CEP don't reject his candidacy. Otherwise I am not sure how he is going to manage a country like Haiti with so many problems.



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