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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rejected or not Wyclef is a lesson to learn by the Haitian intellectuals and politicians.

After two hundred years of speaking French and acting like aristocrat who are afraid of dealing with the masses even when most of them came from all the way of the bottom of the class of zero opportunity, their status have changed because of a few diplomas. Unfortunately a diploma doesn’t change a man, however it can alter a mind to give the illusion that one is a step ahead, but in fact everybody is in one space between birth and death. The reality is functioning at the basic level of arithmetic that one plus one equal two and so on. While the so call Haitian intellectual class was exploring the books just to try replicate knowledge across the forums and their personal blogs, in the news paper and on the FM band nationally and internationally, Wyclef at that time was collecting trust among the youth population who represent the majority, he was mingling with the people who have always showed up when it is time to go to the ballot, he was showing support in time of despair and bring help to the needy in Gona├»ves and after the earthquake. The Haitian intellectual was speaking French and writing literature, and the politician was negotiating the future with the super power and the UN, while the present was dying with thirst, and hunger, the present was homeless and cold in the midst of tribulation and left alone to die.

Wyclef Jean was the great ambassador who carrying the national flag across the globe, but today he is just a hip-hop artist who can’t speak Creole and French and have no education. Where were the Einstein, Lavoisier Haitians? Where were the politicians without politics when their friend Rene G. Preval was nominating him to be the face of Haitian around the world? They were too busy selling the country piece by piece, and drinking beer with the MINUSTAH, they were too busy replicating French and American theory that can’t fit in the Haitian puzzle. They could have say no Wyclef is not one of them, they could have say no he doesn’t speak Voltaire, Rousseau, and Moliere. He wasn’t on their way, but they forgot the same road you use to drive away can be the same road you use to drive back.

Deep down inside they don’t have any problem with the Wyclef personality, because his rich, his popular nationally and internationally and he has connection. They have problem accepting that they are not being accepted anywhere, by the masses that they have been taking advantage of and humiliating them for more than two centuries, by the international community they have been taking their money and not able to execute their plan adequately.

Today Wyclef put them in a corner they have to throw a fight, they have to play all the dirty card they have in their hands, and they have to come up with harmful tactic to hurt the opponent and make him run away, so they become again the gate keeper, you need to see them first before you have access to the striptease. Today is a sad day for the Haitian intellectuals who speak French almost like the French people, and speak Creole with a French accent; unfortunately the masses understand better the Haitian Creole. Apparently they had missed one important class, or they had failed it. They need to back to school to take Oral Interpersonal Communication 101, to learn the basics of communication and the importance of effective communication. Most of the Haitian politician and intellectual haven’t been communicating with the majority of the Haitian in ages, they seem not to know communication is verbal and nonverbal, they have been verbal but their gestures are drifting away the generation who listen to hip-hop and speak their own slings. In fact Politician and intellectual Haitian are not connected with present how they expect to change the outcome of the future.

People vote with feeling not knowledge, and they follow someone who walks with them not someone who tells them where to go.


  1. I think Haiti will be better if The Honourable Wyclef Jean is the President.
    The Haitian mentality needs to drown in bleach in order for it to change, they have a bunch or ridiculous rules that can only keeps the country back and never go foward. 60% of Haitian does not know how to read and write yet everything is in french such a shame someone else has to tranlate the news for me because i can't speak french. why they act like if you cannot speak french you're not important.The rule of Haiti are illeterate it needs to change otherwhise haiti will never ever change. The haitian community needs to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools. They like to use wyclef for supplies ,use him cause he can speak english to get to the media nad wherever to get the help for them but they do not weant him for their president . That just them HAITIAN ARE VERY UNGRATEFULL in that matter. Haiti needs someone who knows the country, who a better ways to get it back the way it was when my ancestor was living it.
    peacefull, rich , beatifull when $1.00 us was $1.00 haitian dollar. Haiti needs a lot of help, discipline,securitry and try change the stupid mentality haitian has. They always think they know better.
    Wyclef would be the perfect person to run Haiti.
    It's either they let Wyclef run haiti or they let the United State of america take over the country otherwise Haiti will alwaays be the wasy it is, ANGER, HUNGER,PAINFULL.

  2. wyclef is not qualified in any way. he doesn't *know* haiti. he's not experienced enough to know how to pick the proper advisors. he would do better as what he is: a roving, unofficial ambassador.



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