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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If Wyclef Jean become the next president of Haiti!

As we all know Wyclef Jean the hip hop superstar of the group fugees, the founder of YELE Haiti organization, the preacher son with one of his popular songs title “if was president”, but now the words on the streets will be gone until November 2010 for the next presidential election in Haiti, Wyclef Jean Officially declare his candidacy. “Yele,Yele pou sa chanje” a hook of his song Yele, could that be theme of his campaign. We don’t know anything yet for now, be we can assume and ask question.

If Wyclef become president will he still plays music and produces shows, videos and albums? Time will tell. We know he is great performer in the world of entertainment; can he perform in the harsh Haitian reality? History tells us that all the previous performers who step on the Haitian political stage failed miserably to perform and let the Haitian audience with painful dissatisfaction and bitter memory.

If he turns out to be president of Haiti in the next election what would become the so call political leaders with no real political parties and zero credibility. What about the political parties with no agenda, just a few friends, families, and a few employees to protest when they get paid to do so? What would become the Haitian intellectuals who speak constantly about their diploma and their academic theory which never been tested? Oh, it is because in reality most of them live in the virtual world. There is a Haitian saying which goes that way “ Mennen koulèv lekòl se yonn, men fè’l chita sou ban se yon lòt” The lesson is if your words don’t match your actions it is hard to provoke reaction. If they don’t respond when you speak it is just because they don’t understand you. If they can’t hear you talk, because you had never been spoken for them.

If he no longer sings “if I was president”, but saying instead I am the president of Haiti and I am making the decisions that will affect your life good or bad as Haitian. What is your role today in the future of Haiti? Will you keep saying Mr. and Misses Big Talker he is a sell out? In reality you are likely to be seen as the sell out because your own people don’t trust you. Will you keep saying he doesn’t have political experience, but what have you done with all your experiences? Will you keep saying he is a rap superstar? Ok you can keep saying that, apparently the youngsters like rap and they listen to it more than they listen to the Haitian politicians and the Haitian intellectuals, also they represent the majority, just do the math. Will you keep saying he does have adequate education? The last time we check Jean Bertrand Aristide, Lesly Manigat, Marc L Bazin, Gerard Latortue they were all academic accomplish and they are a handful of them in Haiti and in the Diasporas, the big question is what have they done with their academic educations for Haiti? Will you ask about the credibility of his organization Yele, yes should, but before remember to ask the red cross, mercy corp, the Clinton foundation, Clinton and Bush fund and all the International NGO’s where are all the money raise on behalf of Haitian people after the earthquake?

If he is president what will be the role of the former US president Bill Clinton? As a Wyclef‘s friend and as the one who is calling the short after the earthquake, will he influence the diplomatic and international decisions? Will Haiti have diplomatic relation only with the country that the US approves?

If Wyclef become president what type of president would he be? Will he be a puppet that executes all the US agenda in Haiti, since most of his life he has been influenced by the American culture? Will he be a populist like Aristide and let anarchy reign? Since he is a millionaire will he supports the rich, and work with them to help or ruin the country economically?

If Wyclef becomes the next Haitian president do you think he will be able to bring positive change in Haiti?


  1. Mr. Wyclef, you have more votes then you think. You are very positive you will never go wrong.

  2. I am cautiously optimistic in terms of the moves being made in Haiti at this time, however I do believe Wyclef Jean's decision to run presents a refreshing possibility for a country that has suffered so long within the grasp of a horrid challeneged political system that has rarely showed any real care for it's citizens........... Wyclef Jean's presence in Haiti's government would ultimately pave the way for the next generation of young men and women , this might be just what they need to believe not only is Haiti and Haitians worthy but that they can make a difference..... It has been way too long since the haitian goverernment did any good , it certainly has not been in the business of excerting it, perhaps the poor (the majority) will finally have a voice to be heard and perhaps they too will reap the benefits once only enjoyed by the Bourgeois... Perhaps all haitians will have the basic things we all seek access to healthcare, employment, education, housing, fair government (one that protects instead of seeking to destroy)... Perhaps , just perhaps with a little faith, a lot of work (ALL Haitians in Haiti and abroad ) perhaps we will not only see the change but we can be that change- Perhaps!

  3. I beleive Haiti will look like shit if that sucker will only run as president.who the heck is he?



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