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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haiti a republic international with a local population

December 5, 1492 a bunch of Spanish boat people under the command of an Italian that didn't mean much for  his own people invaded the island that we call Haiti today, they exterminated an entire race of peaceful human being whom were the natives of that beautiful island and replaced them by African people to make flourish the commerce in Europe. Since then Haiti got lost in middle of a continuous battle between the French, the English, and the Spanish to claim the stolen land as their own. The United States of America became a super power and automatically gives themselves the right to claim a piece of that sweet pie. Despite the African Slave stood up in 1804 and say no to human exploitation the insanity of the world super power come together crush the dream of the new African nation in the American continent.

In the 21st century after more 200 years of the proclamation of independence now it is becoming the era of masquerade and the string-puppet call the United Nation maneuver by the US Canada and France and a few others, the last three country have been molested the country for a very long time, by occupation, by financing 34 military coups and stealing the material and human resources of the island nation. Today Behind the empty promise and the humanitarian demonstration sit the great Bill Clinton former US president and other international official appointed to advance the international agenda on the national territory of Haiti.

Let’s rewind time just a little bit to stop in the chapter of history in the section super power and the UN. The United Nation of a few nations was in Rwanda during the genocide (black people), the French official was there too and left before the situation turned uglier. Hurricane Katrina in the richest country in the world the people has been calling refugees in their country (black people) until today most of them can’t return home because there isn’t any infrastructure in place for them, under George W Bush. In1994 Bill Clinton imported democracy from the US to Haiti with 20,000.00 soldiers, recently after the after the earthquake devastator of January 12, 2010 President Obama enlisted his two presidential predecessors to lead an ongoing American effort to help that country recovery (preserving American government interest). Canada in the 70’s took most of the teacher that Haiti had and recently before and after the earthquake they open the net to capture the remaining of the professional class in Haiti because they need them more in Canada to maintain the machine of developing country and to keep Haiti in the line of third world country.

The international community doesn’t mean country like Cuba that send hundred of doctors every year and give scholarship to many young Haitian, otherwise it should have been deeply involved in the reconstruction of Haiti, but Cuba is a very bad example and it isn’t doing it at the international style which is keep the needy in need so they are always in necessity for the international presence to ruin the country for them.

The international community is often upset and tired with the Haiti situation like they were serious about anything, and they will not leave it alone. Why is that? They want Haiti to be a democratic state so they say, but they never like anyone the people elected democratically. They want it to be prosper, but they flood the local market with their international product to wash away the local economy. They want to help Haiti, but they don’t want Haitian to help themselves.

As long as Haitian don’t come together like they do during the carnival season, as long as the Haitian politician don’t stop being politician to start becoming Haitian before all, and as long as the intellectual don’t start getting clever to reduce the epidemic of analphabetism that is ravaging the young mind to waste, the United Nation will never leave Haiti and the United States, France and Canada they will always ready to dictate the present, control the outcome of the future and manage to influence the destiny of the nation. If nothing changes Haiti will remain an international republic, and possibly lose their identity in their own country.

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