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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haiti a republic international with a local population

December 5, 1492 a bunch of Spanish boat people under the command of an Italian that didn't mean much for  his own people invaded the island that we call Haiti today, they exterminated an entire race of peaceful human being whom were the natives of that beautiful island and replaced them by African people to make flourish the commerce in Europe. Since then Haiti got lost in middle of a continuous battle between the French, the English, and the Spanish to claim the stolen land as their own. The United States of America became a super power and automatically gives themselves the right to claim a piece of that sweet pie. Despite the African Slave stood up in 1804 and say no to human exploitation the insanity of the world super power come together crush the dream of the new African nation in the American continent.

In the 21st century after more 200 years of the proclamation of independence now it is becoming the era of masquerade and the string-puppet call the United Nation maneuver by the US Canada and France and a few others, the last three country have been molested the country for a very long time, by occupation, by financing 34 military coups and stealing the material and human resources of the island nation. Today Behind the empty promise and the humanitarian demonstration sit the great Bill Clinton former US president and other international official appointed to advance the international agenda on the national territory of Haiti.

Let’s rewind time just a little bit to stop in the chapter of history in the section super power and the UN. The United Nation of a few nations was in Rwanda during the genocide (black people), the French official was there too and left before the situation turned uglier. Hurricane Katrina in the richest country in the world the people has been calling refugees in their country (black people) until today most of them can’t return home because there isn’t any infrastructure in place for them, under George W Bush. In1994 Bill Clinton imported democracy from the US to Haiti with 20,000.00 soldiers, recently after the after the earthquake devastator of January 12, 2010 President Obama enlisted his two presidential predecessors to lead an ongoing American effort to help that country recovery (preserving American government interest). Canada in the 70’s took most of the teacher that Haiti had and recently before and after the earthquake they open the net to capture the remaining of the professional class in Haiti because they need them more in Canada to maintain the machine of developing country and to keep Haiti in the line of third world country.

The international community doesn’t mean country like Cuba that send hundred of doctors every year and give scholarship to many young Haitian, otherwise it should have been deeply involved in the reconstruction of Haiti, but Cuba is a very bad example and it isn’t doing it at the international style which is keep the needy in need so they are always in necessity for the international presence to ruin the country for them.

The international community is often upset and tired with the Haiti situation like they were serious about anything, and they will not leave it alone. Why is that? They want Haiti to be a democratic state so they say, but they never like anyone the people elected democratically. They want it to be prosper, but they flood the local market with their international product to wash away the local economy. They want to help Haiti, but they don’t want Haitian to help themselves.

As long as Haitian don’t come together like they do during the carnival season, as long as the Haitian politician don’t stop being politician to start becoming Haitian before all, and as long as the intellectual don’t start getting clever to reduce the epidemic of analphabetism that is ravaging the young mind to waste, the United Nation will never leave Haiti and the United States, France and Canada they will always ready to dictate the present, control the outcome of the future and manage to influence the destiny of the nation. If nothing changes Haiti will remain an international republic, and possibly lose their identity in their own country.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wyclef Jean did not make the list of the presidential candidate.

wyclef jean

  1. ABELLARD Axan Delson - Parti : Konbit Nasyonal pour Devlopman (KNDA) 
  2. ALEXIS Jacques Édouard  - Parti : Mobilisation pour le Progrès d'Haïti (MPH)  
  3. ANACACIS Jean Hector - Parti : Mouvement Démocratique de la Jeunesse Haïtienne (MODEJHA)  
  4. BAKER Charles Henry Jean-Marie - Parti : Respè  
  5. BIJOU Josette - Parti : Indépendant  
  6. BLOT Gérard Marie Necker  - Parti : Platfòm 16 Désanm  
  7. CÉANT Jean Henry - Parti : Renmen Ayiti  
  8. CÉLESTIN Jude - Parti : INITE  
  9. CHARLES Eric - Parti : PRNH  
  10. CHRISTALLIN Yves  - Parti : Oganizasyon Lavni (LAVNI)   
  11. JEUDY Wilson - Parti : Fòs 2010  
  12. JEUNE Jean Chavannes  - Parti : Alliance chrétienne citoyenne pour la reconstruction d'Haïti (ACCRHA)  
  13. JEUNE Léon J.  - Parti : Konbit Liberation Ekonomik (KLE)  
  14. JOSEPH Génard - Parti : Groupement Solidarité  
  15. LAGUERRE Garaudy - Parti : WOZO 
  16. MANIGAT Mirlande Hyppolite - Parti : Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes» (RDNP)  
  17. MARTELLY Michel  - Parti : Repons peyizan  
  18. NEPTUNE Yvon - Parti : Ayisyen pou Ayiti  
  19. VOLTAIRE Leslie - Parti : Plateforme Ansanm Nou Fò

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rejected or not Wyclef is a lesson to learn by the Haitian intellectuals and politicians.

After two hundred years of speaking French and acting like aristocrat who are afraid of dealing with the masses even when most of them came from all the way of the bottom of the class of zero opportunity, their status have changed because of a few diplomas. Unfortunately a diploma doesn’t change a man, however it can alter a mind to give the illusion that one is a step ahead, but in fact everybody is in one space between birth and death. The reality is functioning at the basic level of arithmetic that one plus one equal two and so on. While the so call Haitian intellectual class was exploring the books just to try replicate knowledge across the forums and their personal blogs, in the news paper and on the FM band nationally and internationally, Wyclef at that time was collecting trust among the youth population who represent the majority, he was mingling with the people who have always showed up when it is time to go to the ballot, he was showing support in time of despair and bring help to the needy in Gonaïves and after the earthquake. The Haitian intellectual was speaking French and writing literature, and the politician was negotiating the future with the super power and the UN, while the present was dying with thirst, and hunger, the present was homeless and cold in the midst of tribulation and left alone to die.

Wyclef Jean was the great ambassador who carrying the national flag across the globe, but today he is just a hip-hop artist who can’t speak Creole and French and have no education. Where were the Einstein, Lavoisier Haitians? Where were the politicians without politics when their friend Rene G. Preval was nominating him to be the face of Haitian around the world? They were too busy selling the country piece by piece, and drinking beer with the MINUSTAH, they were too busy replicating French and American theory that can’t fit in the Haitian puzzle. They could have say no Wyclef is not one of them, they could have say no he doesn’t speak Voltaire, Rousseau, and Moliere. He wasn’t on their way, but they forgot the same road you use to drive away can be the same road you use to drive back.

Deep down inside they don’t have any problem with the Wyclef personality, because his rich, his popular nationally and internationally and he has connection. They have problem accepting that they are not being accepted anywhere, by the masses that they have been taking advantage of and humiliating them for more than two centuries, by the international community they have been taking their money and not able to execute their plan adequately.

Today Wyclef put them in a corner they have to throw a fight, they have to play all the dirty card they have in their hands, and they have to come up with harmful tactic to hurt the opponent and make him run away, so they become again the gate keeper, you need to see them first before you have access to the striptease. Today is a sad day for the Haitian intellectuals who speak French almost like the French people, and speak Creole with a French accent; unfortunately the masses understand better the Haitian Creole. Apparently they had missed one important class, or they had failed it. They need to back to school to take Oral Interpersonal Communication 101, to learn the basics of communication and the importance of effective communication. Most of the Haitian politician and intellectual haven’t been communicating with the majority of the Haitian in ages, they seem not to know communication is verbal and nonverbal, they have been verbal but their gestures are drifting away the generation who listen to hip-hop and speak their own slings. In fact Politician and intellectual Haitian are not connected with present how they expect to change the outcome of the future.

People vote with feeling not knowledge, and they follow someone who walks with them not someone who tells them where to go.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wyclef Jean has some serious question to answer for you!

After Wyclef Jean first TV interview with Wolf Blitzer on the Larry King show a lot of questions have been raised regarding his capability, integrity and agenda to become the next president of the Haitian republic.
 Does Wyclef Jean have to be president to help Haiti? He was doing pretty good helping those in need, but was that the reason behind all his good deeds? Even so does that quality him to be in charge of the whole nation destiny? Is he capable of being the head of state, when we know how intricate it is in Haiti?
 Is he really qualified according to the Haitian constitution? Who can answer that question especially when we know the Haitian constitution was never been respected for more than 200 years.
Is he credible to handle money on behalf of the Haitian nation? So far there isn’t any report generated to the Haitian public and the international contributors for the 9 million dollars or more receiving in donation through YELE Haiti foundation after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. That would be a great start to prove if he ever become the elected president that his administration will govern with transparency.
Is he really known in what he got himself to? This isn’t show business, producing music and selling album. This is a ruin country economically, and physically, this is state devastated by natural disaster, and divided politically and socially.
Does experience really matter or a candidate just has to be popular to become the president in Haiti? Aristide didn’t manage anything public before came to the power, he was just a priest and popular.
Will Bill Clinton help him govern? In the CNN interview he mentions that he will have to seat down with the former US president to show his plan. Does Bill Clinton have to approve or have to be part of the decisions making in Haiti? Who are Wyclef advisors, are they Haitians or Foreigner?
What will be his relationship with the US? Will he execute all the US demand? What will be his relation with the other nation like Venezuela, Cuba, France, China, etc.?
What will be his relation with the political class in Haiti? The most dishonest and heartless group of people in the country, they are enemy number one of progress; they only have the skill to kill the country.
How will he deal with the NGO’s and the UN? Those two are present in Haiti because of poverty, and political instability. Hypothetically if he has good intention to pull the
country out of the deep hole of hopelessness and unfairness, will they become the very high solid wall block that obstruct the view to see the best side of Haiti? A stable Haiti will not attract the UN bogus mission, and the charitable organization will have one less place to scam the rest of the world.
There are a lot more questions Wyclef has to answer to the Haitian people living in Haiti and abroad, and the Haitian people must answer a lot questions themselves about their decision before voting for anyone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If Wyclef Jean become the next president of Haiti!

As we all know Wyclef Jean the hip hop superstar of the group fugees, the founder of YELE Haiti organization, the preacher son with one of his popular songs title “if was president”, but now the words on the streets will be gone until November 2010 for the next presidential election in Haiti, Wyclef Jean Officially declare his candidacy. “Yele,Yele pou sa chanje” a hook of his song Yele, could that be theme of his campaign. We don’t know anything yet for now, be we can assume and ask question.

If Wyclef become president will he still plays music and produces shows, videos and albums? Time will tell. We know he is great performer in the world of entertainment; can he perform in the harsh Haitian reality? History tells us that all the previous performers who step on the Haitian political stage failed miserably to perform and let the Haitian audience with painful dissatisfaction and bitter memory.

If he turns out to be president of Haiti in the next election what would become the so call political leaders with no real political parties and zero credibility. What about the political parties with no agenda, just a few friends, families, and a few employees to protest when they get paid to do so? What would become the Haitian intellectuals who speak constantly about their diploma and their academic theory which never been tested? Oh, it is because in reality most of them live in the virtual world. There is a Haitian saying which goes that way “ Mennen koulèv lekòl se yonn, men fè’l chita sou ban se yon lòt” The lesson is if your words don’t match your actions it is hard to provoke reaction. If they don’t respond when you speak it is just because they don’t understand you. If they can’t hear you talk, because you had never been spoken for them.

If he no longer sings “if I was president”, but saying instead I am the president of Haiti and I am making the decisions that will affect your life good or bad as Haitian. What is your role today in the future of Haiti? Will you keep saying Mr. and Misses Big Talker he is a sell out? In reality you are likely to be seen as the sell out because your own people don’t trust you. Will you keep saying he doesn’t have political experience, but what have you done with all your experiences? Will you keep saying he is a rap superstar? Ok you can keep saying that, apparently the youngsters like rap and they listen to it more than they listen to the Haitian politicians and the Haitian intellectuals, also they represent the majority, just do the math. Will you keep saying he does have adequate education? The last time we check Jean Bertrand Aristide, Lesly Manigat, Marc L Bazin, Gerard Latortue they were all academic accomplish and they are a handful of them in Haiti and in the Diasporas, the big question is what have they done with their academic educations for Haiti? Will you ask about the credibility of his organization Yele, yes should, but before remember to ask the red cross, mercy corp, the Clinton foundation, Clinton and Bush fund and all the International NGO’s where are all the money raise on behalf of Haitian people after the earthquake?

If he is president what will be the role of the former US president Bill Clinton? As a Wyclef‘s friend and as the one who is calling the short after the earthquake, will he influence the diplomatic and international decisions? Will Haiti have diplomatic relation only with the country that the US approves?

If Wyclef become president what type of president would he be? Will he be a puppet that executes all the US agenda in Haiti, since most of his life he has been influenced by the American culture? Will he be a populist like Aristide and let anarchy reign? Since he is a millionaire will he supports the rich, and work with them to help or ruin the country economically?

If Wyclef becomes the next Haitian president do you think he will be able to bring positive change in Haiti?


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