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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is Wyclef Jean capable of being the next president of Haiti?

This is a simple question, but the answer can be very complicated because if this question was asking before in the Haitian politic it was never a serious one and the Haitian constitution never determine competency as a factor of qualification to become Haitian president, otherwise most of the former Haitian president would never had one chance to be the head of State.

If this is really serious he decides to announce his candidacy for president in a near future, the question of Wyclef capability can be answered two ways.

1) He would be capable if he will decide to govern unlike any other Haitian president in the last 200 years. Like any develop country in the world the president is governing with a team of brilliant intellectuals and experience advisors, and very dedicated team in the area of public service, while also leaving room for new talents and innovation. He is having one of the greatest gifts that most of the actual Haitian politician wishes they had, he is very popular among the masses and they are the one who vote in the elections. If he can use this advantage to establish himself as a bridge between the masses and the few rich people that monopolize the riches of the country to reduce disparity, that only can be one of the greatest achievement which any Haitian president in the last two centuries had never come close to accomplish. He also have an edge over the current Haitian politicians in the field, he has a very good relationship with the international community specially the US, he can use that to attract tourism and international investors in Haiti to create stability economic, and once the country is moving economically in the right direction toward development that will automatically trigger the social aspect to gradually shift and take a progressive path.

2) He would miserably fall short like any of the previous president if he fallows their footprints of authoritarian, and blindsided elite analyst and the only decision maker for every cases that they put on the table. If not all the Haitian president most of them compensate their incompetence with anarchy. If he comes with his status of Rap start, of Grammy Award winner and millionaire to give a concert or making a fancy music video he will fail because this isn’t show business to impress fans to buy albums. if he comes as a populous president to give the mass a pass to act without control he will destroy himself like some former leader well known in the Haitian history, on the other hand if he lean too much on the rich and the international community he will create an unbalance and an unhealthy situation between the him and people.

So far this is speculation until Wyclef Jean the Hip Hop superstar, and humanitarian founder of Yele Haiti has officially declare his candidacy for president of Haiti. It has been a while since Wyclef has been showing great support for the Haitian people through his words in his music and act directly through Yele to change life in Haiti, unlike most of the Haitian politician who started the careers with false promise and not one drop of action. A lot of political figure around the world start feeding their dreams like Wyclef by giving a hand to the needy. If decide to run for president as any Haitian citizen he has that right, the Haitian people will be the judge and the jury and they will decide on the final YES or No.

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