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Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 things that have not changed for Haiti after the massive change of January 12, 2010

Haiti was waiting for a dramatic change in a very long time, unfortunately the change has came on January 12, 2010 with a demoralizing catastrophe that change Haitian life for worst, and despite this shakable situation that brought Haiti far deeper in the hardship some things remain unshakable.

1. The Rene Preval’s government (Absence even in time of distress)
2. Incompetence of the state (No plan, no strategy of development)
3. Haitian Politics and the Politicians
4. Self-interest
5. Poverty (it is only expanding)
6. The NGO (They are still collecting money at expense of Haitian people)
7. The churches (especially those affiliated with the foreign ministries in America they come to the states they beg, they lie and they raise money, but they only spend a penny back home and share a million dollars gospel with the poor)
8. UN (They were there before the earthquake and they are still there doing what?)
9. Communication (As always nobody is giving any positive directive to the population)
10. Peace of mind (Haitian people can’t rest for second with; Zenglendo, legal thief of the Haitian government, international conspiracy to hold them down in poverty and recently natural disaster).

It is absolutely easy to criticize, and anyone can do it, all you have to do is just print your finger, but the fact remains it absolutely easy to notice mediocrity especially when it is the highlight of everyday in Haiti. If progress has been made in Haiti After the earthquake it so tinny you can only see it in a microscope. Most of the people are still leaving under the tent, the rubbles are on every street corner of Port-Au-Prince, and the government absences as always make matter more difficult. There are no communications whatsoever with the population about the next step, and when they are moving them in decent house to live as decent human being.

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