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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is Wyclef Jean capable of being the next president of Haiti?

This is a simple question, but the answer can be very complicated because if this question was asking before in the Haitian politic it was never a serious one and the Haitian constitution never determine competency as a factor of qualification to become Haitian president, otherwise most of the former Haitian president would never had one chance to be the head of State.

If this is really serious he decides to announce his candidacy for president in a near future, the question of Wyclef capability can be answered two ways.

1) He would be capable if he will decide to govern unlike any other Haitian president in the last 200 years. Like any develop country in the world the president is governing with a team of brilliant intellectuals and experience advisors, and very dedicated team in the area of public service, while also leaving room for new talents and innovation. He is having one of the greatest gifts that most of the actual Haitian politician wishes they had, he is very popular among the masses and they are the one who vote in the elections. If he can use this advantage to establish himself as a bridge between the masses and the few rich people that monopolize the riches of the country to reduce disparity, that only can be one of the greatest achievement which any Haitian president in the last two centuries had never come close to accomplish. He also have an edge over the current Haitian politicians in the field, he has a very good relationship with the international community specially the US, he can use that to attract tourism and international investors in Haiti to create stability economic, and once the country is moving economically in the right direction toward development that will automatically trigger the social aspect to gradually shift and take a progressive path.

2) He would miserably fall short like any of the previous president if he fallows their footprints of authoritarian, and blindsided elite analyst and the only decision maker for every cases that they put on the table. If not all the Haitian president most of them compensate their incompetence with anarchy. If he comes with his status of Rap start, of Grammy Award winner and millionaire to give a concert or making a fancy music video he will fail because this isn’t show business to impress fans to buy albums. if he comes as a populous president to give the mass a pass to act without control he will destroy himself like some former leader well known in the Haitian history, on the other hand if he lean too much on the rich and the international community he will create an unbalance and an unhealthy situation between the him and people.

So far this is speculation until Wyclef Jean the Hip Hop superstar, and humanitarian founder of Yele Haiti has officially declare his candidacy for president of Haiti. It has been a while since Wyclef has been showing great support for the Haitian people through his words in his music and act directly through Yele to change life in Haiti, unlike most of the Haitian politician who started the careers with false promise and not one drop of action. A lot of political figure around the world start feeding their dreams like Wyclef by giving a hand to the needy. If decide to run for president as any Haitian citizen he has that right, the Haitian people will be the judge and the jury and they will decide on the final YES or No.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haiti in all my dreams

I went to bed last night and I close my eyes I can hear the rhythm of the drum all the way up in the mountains and my people are singing and dancing with a genuine smile on their faces that I won’t trade for gold and diamond, and can’t buy for a million dollars. I can hear the sound of the rivers flowing down to harmonize with the swing of the leaves which stimulate peace of mind and the freedom of being at home. My friends and I find immense pleasure in throwing rocks on mangoes trees until our arm are tired and our bellies are full with the pure mango juice , after we run to the pitch which constitute of any empty flat land to play football all day just for the prize of having real fun. I woke up in the middle of the night with a powerful joy that can mend the trouble of my land, and then I realized it was just a dream of my childhood in my beloved country.

I went back to bed with nostalgia and an unbearable pain in my soul, I close my eyes and I fall asleep I can hear again the drum is beaten but on a different tempo this time, on the streets of every corners from North to South and East and West, my people are running and singing in fury with hurtful soul for the drying rivers and the dying trees that no longer provide shade under the sun and no long nourish the soil. My folks are screaming for the hungry kids, and the helpless mothers and fathers that can’t send their children to school. The mountains are cold and lonely when it rains and burn during the hot sunny day, the peace of mind is gone and my people are fleeing to the USA and Canada among many places, but with the difference they are not going home, even if they could afford to buy a mansion they will not still be at home, despite modern technology; cell phone to call home, YouTube and facebook to post the images of January 12, 2010 there still plenty of empty spot inside of every Haitian living abroad and at home a big hole of hopelessness is digging inside of those who have no option and those who choose to stay. I woke up again wet with sweat and tired from this nightmare, and I realize it was the dream of my country misery for a very long time of tyranny, filthy politics, and fake activist that sell their soul to the devil to execute evil plan against their own brothers and sisters.

This time I change the sheet and the pillowcases on my bed, and I even change the bed position. I kneel down and say a prayer for a better dream, and then I went back to bed and close my eyes and fall asleep. I can hear a synchronize sound playing from a short distance I walk over and see a million people dress in white come together with acoustic and electric guitar , piano, “TCHA-TCHA” and other local instruments, all of them are following the lead of the famous Haitian drum that we call it “TAMBOU”. This important event is taking place at BWA KAYIMAN, but this time to announce a new and pacific revolution to restore Haiti, with school for all Haitian children, with irrigation so Haitian cultivators can start produce food to eradicate hunger across the land, with modern hospitals all over so a lot of people don’t lose their lives again in such event like the one that stroke on January 12, 2010. They are singing to call upon a new form of government that administer in transparency, they are singing to connect with the spirit of those who live oversees to comeback to help rebuild the nation, they light up a candle for every Haitian that passed away in hardship and send a clear message to the evil soul to let them know the torch of freedom and unity will burn all the injustices they have done to Haiti. After the ceremony is over at 5:00 O'clock in the morning they take street with brooms to clean the dust of imported and forcing democracy, water to wash away the blood of the innocent children, and final stage each person use basil leaves in a container with water and 7 slices of lime to sanitize and bring a fresh air in every front doors. This time I wake up and get up with a smile on my face and this is the beginning of a hopeful dream for my country Haiti.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 things that have not changed for Haiti after the massive change of January 12, 2010

Haiti was waiting for a dramatic change in a very long time, unfortunately the change has came on January 12, 2010 with a demoralizing catastrophe that change Haitian life for worst, and despite this shakable situation that brought Haiti far deeper in the hardship some things remain unshakable.

1. The Rene Preval’s government (Absence even in time of distress)
2. Incompetence of the state (No plan, no strategy of development)
3. Haitian Politics and the Politicians
4. Self-interest
5. Poverty (it is only expanding)
6. The NGO (They are still collecting money at expense of Haitian people)
7. The churches (especially those affiliated with the foreign ministries in America they come to the states they beg, they lie and they raise money, but they only spend a penny back home and share a million dollars gospel with the poor)
8. UN (They were there before the earthquake and they are still there doing what?)
9. Communication (As always nobody is giving any positive directive to the population)
10. Peace of mind (Haitian people can’t rest for second with; Zenglendo, legal thief of the Haitian government, international conspiracy to hold them down in poverty and recently natural disaster).

It is absolutely easy to criticize, and anyone can do it, all you have to do is just print your finger, but the fact remains it absolutely easy to notice mediocrity especially when it is the highlight of everyday in Haiti. If progress has been made in Haiti After the earthquake it so tinny you can only see it in a microscope. Most of the people are still leaving under the tent, the rubbles are on every street corner of Port-Au-Prince, and the government absences as always make matter more difficult. There are no communications whatsoever with the population about the next step, and when they are moving them in decent house to live as decent human being.


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