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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Haitian flag signify nothing

It is not that important if it unfold only every May 18 for exhibition
The flag means absolutely nothing if as Haitian you don’t own one
It could be any piece of cloth if it isn’t the symbol of liberty and sovereignty
It can be putting down if Haitian no longer has dignity in their own country
It has been tearing up every time Haitian is up and against each other  
It is so meaningless each time Haitian is taking order from foreigner
It is insignificant anytime a foreign army raise their flag in the republic
Haitian is stepping on the flag whenever the country is divided by politic
The Haitian flag signify nothing unless the people can’t unify for progress
The Haitian flag mean nothing when the population stop being fearless
The flag can’t represent the Haitian pride if the whole country is begging
The flag isn’t the emblem of festivity but the identification of Haitian freedom
The flag is on the ground, unless the politician stops selling the republic of Haiti
The flag can  unfold and rise in the sky when L’union fait la force (Unity is strength)

One of the greatest Haitian journalists Jean Leopold Dominique told us during the American occupation on every May 18 his father put up the Haitian flag to remind him that he is Haitian. Today may all Haitian people around the globe do the same to remind themselves that they are still Haitian despite all the misfortune that reduce the country almost to nothing, make sure to tell your children and your grand children they are Haitian. Being Haitian is a priceless gift that the forefathers left as a legacy.
Celebrate the Haitian flag day by serving Haiti anyway you can, the only time you have is now don’t look back your at past and regretted you have done nothing for your country and your people. 

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