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Monday, May 24, 2010

The dream of the Haitian living overseas

Ninety nigh percent of Haitian can return back home if they want to, but under what circumstance? Especially when reality has a different way of establishing the rules, for every action there is a consequence.  Most of the Haitian living overseas was one day decided to seek out for a better life somewhere else around the globe. A few of them succeed by luck or by hard work, but most of them fail miserably by trying to escape the darkness that obstruct the future and the hardship that prevent them from expose their full potential as human being to refuge in a modern slavery that transform them into operational animal that keep their human profile.
The world has been selling illusion for a very long time for the price of time and true human freedom, so often fabricated reality presenting into a box of technology and multicolor piece of paper decorated by wonderful images of all nature and pictures of perfect men and women living in paradise. So often those who travel back home with false appearance and telling lies about the reality they are living specifically in the USA have convinced a lot of Haitian living in their homeland peacefully to drop it all to run after a dream, which sometime consume a lifetime before they can get back to the reality, most of them won’t ever wake from that dream because they trap between the doors of reality and the window of dream that is getting smaller every single day of their existence. They entrap in a daily routine of working to compensate invoices that so often come faster than the paycheck of the week, which so often leave them behind.  
The shocking truth is the Haitian that lives abroad love their country unconditionally and they are proud of where they came from, however most of them got so lost in the deep dream that turn into a labyrinth. It takes a lot of common sense and a mountain of confidence to get back to reality and to wake up and then shake off the ghost and the invisible chain that shackle their mind. A lot of them can’t return home because of embarrassment, they can’t profit much from the big system that is squeezing them. They stay and dry until they drop the last drop, on the other hand of the biggest motive that keep on pushing them back they don’t have anything back home to fall back on, which left them hang for nothing between the corners of two worlds.
Back home the reality has often changed for worst, the biggest catastrophe in the Haitian history wasn’t the earthquake of January 12, 2010 but it is the malfeasance of human action toward one another by the greed for power and money.  Every Haitian is responsible for not creating enough space for all Haitian to live in their own country; however the biggest responsibility goes to the politicians and all those who have been in power for the last 200 years who are selling their soul and destroying whatever Haiti has left. One of the main reason Haitian can’t go back home it is because of those blood sucker, those animals ferocious.
Dear Haitian Diaspora if you give up on your country you give them the right to do whatever they want with it.

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