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Monday, March 8, 2010

Who should be the next president of Haiti?

After more than 200 years Haitian people have been struggling to survive in their own country, then on January 12, 2010 the biggest disaster ever stroke Haiti to finally put on the grown, although a lot life had erased in the existence however a lot of the people made it alive and survive to face the shocking reality of a despair life which is like an eternal curse that always come across their life to spin it into trouble after trouble. Cconstantly they have to fight for survival, for the basic need like food, water, and all the simple things that any human being need to live normally. It’s true the world was mobilizing, millions of dollars were raised, and millions of promises were made to rebuild Haiti, but who is in charge? Is he supposed to be the president and his staff? Oh! Did Haiti have one? If yes since when a Haitian president was in power to look out for the people? Don’t even go there it will be a waste of time.

Being the president of Haiti is having a license to steal, to abuse the power and to put the country on top of a mountain then push it back so it can slide faster to reach the bottom of destruction. Without exception in the last 25 years the country has reached the lowest point which can describe as a mix of natural disaster and manmade catastrophe (forgive the exaggeration) there is no other way imaginable to paint a better picture of that situation. Haitian people have tried all form of government in the last century, military, civil, dictatorship, so call democracy, American and UN occupation etc… nothing works, why? Because they have been making the same mistake over and over by believing that one man could make a positive difference. None of the Haitian presidents ever governs with a Haitian perspective; it is always the American view and manipulation, the French negative influence and the resentment for the Haitian history which if they could they would have erased it, and the pretending friendship of Canada that always take advantage of the situation to suck the blood of the nation by taking the Haitian human resources instead of helping them to produce for their own country. It’s been almost never since a man with will to bring real change ever reach the power, it’s been almost impossible to find an independent thinker among those who have ruled the country politics for the last 10 generations. If there is one political party who never received money from a foreign government or implicate in some dirty act which contribute to bring Haiti to hell that the people are living right now, that political party should come forward to showcase the good intention that they have to rule the country.

The next president should not come with an American view, or French perspective or any other foreign government agenda. He or she must come with a Haitian perception rooted in the culture, and the history of Haiti. That doesn’t mean to cut all relationship with the international because the country will need them, but Haiti must act like a sovereign country despite the economic weakness, otherwise the country will always go back to square one. Bill Clinton is an ex American president, the UN still exist because of the Chaos that occur around the poor and the black country in the world. Basically none of them are deeply concern about the real problem of Haiti or they really want systematic change to happen otherwise their diplomatic status wouldn’t be that important. In reality they are all there for a good reason which to protect their best interest, because they have been there watching the country sinking like a boat full of Haitian refugee trying to escape. Since 1804 what have they done to help these people to ameliorate their living condition? Nada, except they had enforced the embargoes and put more sanction block any progress the country could have made.

Rationally thinking the Haitian presidency shouldn’t be governed by one man, the power must be manage by local or departmental government which should link by a central government with the role of regulator at national level. These local governments must be governed by a group of individual representing all the aspect of the local community and they must rule with equal power so one man can never again make the crucial decision that impact a community or the nation negatively.

Unequivocally Haiti do need democracy, but not the form of democracy that the US, France, Canada and UN are trying to impose. Their method will never work because it doesn’t tie to the Haitian culture and reality. Democracy can’t be imported because it is a long and slow process which a nation must start from the bottom. They must play an active role in its development and allow adjustment to be made accordingly during the experiment period so they can understand it. Over the time they will be find out that democracy is a moving process that need to shift it gradually in the direction that will better for the collectivity. Since the beginning of that nation they have been trying a one man show and history can tell it never worked. It is time for Haitian to rethink a new and better form of government where the power is equally divided across the departments to reduce the load of responsibility from central power so the entire country can find the balance which will allow a steady stability politic and economic.

Who should be the next president of Haiti? Nobody!!! Whatever your education, your social background you are not qualify because it must stop being a one man show.

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  1. The current state of elections is pitiful. I have cerated an online version of voting that does not have political pull.



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