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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The negative mind that is choking Haiti now.

A man mind is a private universe until he let other people thoughts invade it with their strange ideas, then the man become automatically strange because he no longer own his thoughts at this point the man become the voice of the master. If psychologically you can’t allow yourself to go beyond and transcend mental game it is almost impossible to influence the reality.
Repetition of negative thought becomes reality for those who spit it constantly. This is what happens with some of my fellow Haitian, they believe only bad thing can happen to Haiti this is why they let themselves trap in a category of mental prisoner of the international imperialism manipulation. If as Haitian you don’t believe there is no future for your own country, your present is only a weak dream. If you don’t have faith in yourself it is because you practice other people faith, if you let the international community buy your faith with green which mean you accept to sell you reality and your future for poverty and slavery. The educated one who should have served as oxygen to let the mind of the weak breath, but they are themselves asphyxiated by their own negative thoughts.
Negative thinking is a cage that limits your power as man to explore new idea, and to believe there are infinite possibilities out there. So often my fellow Haitian only repeat the negative dogma prerecording in their subconscious without realizing they are destroying the country mentally and poisoning the reality.
If individually you are not ready open your mind to the positive side you will always see the future of Haiti as a garbage bag that need to throw away.
Now can you stop telling me the thing that I already know?  We have CNN, Reuters, Fox, AFP and many others news media that occupy the post of reporting mostly negative news about Haiti, can you challenge yourselves to let that category for them, and allow yourself to say or write positive thing that can change Haiti positively

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  1. I love this text a lot, please keep up the good work the country and the Haitian people need it.



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