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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haiti the state of mind after the earthquake

Thousands and thousands souls have gone to a trip that no living human can't go, millions are far away from a decent reality, the entire nation is carrying an unbearable pain because the future is undecided, once again the Haitian nation depends on the mercy of the international world that has been acting by hypocrisy since Haitian had say no to inhuman treatment, the same world that spend billion on weapon of mass destruction, the same world that spend a fortune to destabilize a nation so they can never say no again to discrimination, and greediness. The same world come running to rescue Haiti that has been already lost in the city labyrinth of massive poverty. What a wonderful world of a few men with suits and ties who decide for the rest of humanity according to their best interest.

The world is still upside down for millions of Haitian victim’s men, women and children. The light of destiny is so far away for those who are homeless, and alone in the fight for survival for so many years before this last drop has overflow the glass of tribulation among this nation that has been in crisis after crisis, but despite all remain a courageous nation of people of great merits, who incessantly keep on breathing even when the oxygen of good life weren’t available to them.

Haitian people are grateful for everyone who sincerely come to help, and even to those who are in it for their personal interest, all the help have been useful in one way or the other, but the greatest assistance that the nation is waiting for is the help of his sons and her daughters who have been turning their back away for so long, it’s now or never to contribute to make a difference for the country, for the people of Haiti.

Knowing the Haitian people, they won’t give up, they can’t give up and they will never give up, because they have soul of a great warrior. Many obstacles can set them back, like colonization, occupation, and discrimination, but nothing could stop them from being a free nation. Haitian people after the earthquake still show courage to live despite time and nature is running against them, Haitian still show resilience under awful circumstance of time.

Some people went to school but they can’t read between the lines, some people wear glasses still they can’t see the reality, some people say they have a mind but they can’t think on their own of what is right or wrong, some Haitian think because the international community mobolized after the earthquake to give Haiti a hand believe that should give them a motive a motive to take over the country. The international were volunteer themselves to help, nobody did force them to do so. Some so call themselves literate have declared without any shame on their faces that the American, the French and the Canadian must occupy the republic of Haiti, please go back to school to learn history, please try to have some common sense, please stop all the nonsense because Haiti is the home of all the Haitians without any condition, only Haitian has the full right to control their country, even in time of distress, no other country in the world should arrogate the right to have power over Haiti just because they are helping.

A few cities have been destroyed by the earthquake, thousands of people have been departed this life, but the land is still the Haitian possessions, and there still have million of Haitians on the road of life heading toward tomorrow. Haitian should take the opportunity to rebuild stronger cities, to build a stronger state, and to build a stronger nation. Haitian people can do it; Haitian people should do it, and the Haitian who live today owes this to the future generation. Haitian must take advantage of this crucial moment to bring their inspirations, their courage, and their knowledge back to the motherland.

Haitian people come from a small island but they are a giant nation, even after the earthquake they remain integral to Haiti. May God bless the soul of those who pass away, may the Haitian people still believe that Haiti remain Haiti despite the circumstances.

Pa bliye Ayiti se rozo li mèt panche li pap kase, jou va jou vyen abraam gen pou li di sèt ase. Apre tampèt se delivrans.

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