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Friday, December 24, 2010


It’s been a very long time since the Christmas the tree have been decorated, the star of Bethlehem is no longer give direction to the wise men, maybe this is the reason why the Haitian children haven’t been receiving any gift. The bells are no longer ringing and the Christmas songs are no longer playing the sweet melody of the holidays.

Haiti is heartbroken and melancholic because she has been crawling for many years and can’t offer anything to her children who are begging for peace and a little bit of happiness. Since Santa never comes to third world country, like King Herod did send his soldier to kill the new born, Santa will always send the UN, the US military and the international organization to help the Haitian people celebrate another Christmas without baby Jesus.

The Haitian’s children holidays have always been gloomy as if poverty and misery are the only gift that they can received, but so often the outsiders forget the resilience of that great nation in front of challenges. They forget the triumph of those people in every battle they fought against colonization, occupation, dictatorship and anarchic regime. Haitians stood tall against all disasters that hit them and the most recent one of January 12, 2010. Haitians will always stand tall because of the spirits that live in them and they are one of the greatest nations on earth.

Since the UN and the international community are not Santa and they will never be Santa in the Haitian people eyes. As always the Haitian people never rely on a foreign ghost to bring them happiness and peace. This holiday season the spirit of the ancestors and all those who pass away in the tragedy on January 12, 2010 will bring strength, courage and determination to allow the Haitian people to find joy in the middle of atrocity and dilemma. They will smile despite all the sadness of poverty. they will dance and sing with bamboo and tambour to lift up their spirit to unbreakable point.

This holiday season the sun of justice will shine upon Haiti, and the rays of light will lit the path to social equality. The bell of freedom will ring to alert the whole nation to stand up for one common goal, the well being of all Haitian without exception. A shower of peace will flood the political instability. This Christmas again Haitian will be their own Santa.

Bònn fèt Nwèl a tout Ayisyen a la ronn badè

The Gift, Haitian Noel, Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)

Friday, September 17, 2010

The perfect candidate in Haiti for the next presidential election

One beautiful morning at the sunrise the Haitian sky opened and an extraordinary human being fall from the above with a miracle formula to turn Haiti around and to bring the positive change that Haitian people really deserve, of course he/she would have been the perfect candidate; unfortunately that can happen only in a nice dream or in a high budget movie filming in 3D which is a little bit closer to the reality. This is to illustrate that perfect candidate is far from being real and probably never will, also Haiti can’t count on any of the hero of the independence none of them can rise from the death to run; however the candidates that are running for the highest office in this electoral race are real, and one of them will be selected or elected as the next president of Haiti despite of any circumstance.
In a country the rich are exploiting the poor; the people with power are abusing their authority and neglecting the weak, the politicians can’t be trusted, the churches institution are failing in their mission, 85% percent of the population are illiterate, the establishments governmental are ineffective. Where do you expect to find a perfect Haitian candidate? If all the entities stated above are incoherent, it is almost impossible to produce capable and honest man and woman to be accountable.  Somehow every one of the candidates is tie to one of the rambling unit listed previously.  Maybe the perfect candidate can come from in the Diasporas, again this is not the case most the Haitian living overseas are somehow disconnected with the Haitian reality or they are over influences by the foreign country they are living in which make them believe they can export change to Haiti. Basically the perfect candidate is out of question, the question that needs to be asked is there any capable candidate with the will to work in the interest of the Haitian people and the country? It is a fact there are candidates with great academic background, however they have little or no experience in managing public institution and the few with the experience are not too credible.

Hypothetically the perfect candidate should have been a fusion like someone with the popularity of Jean Bertrand Aristide, some of the Rene G. Preval political strategy (Since 1986 he is the only one who served to full term of his presidency), the knowledge academic of Lesly F. Manigat, the dynamism and vision of the only Haitian King (Henri 1st) Henri Christophe, some of the disciplinary attitude of the first Haitian President Jean Jacques Dessalines, and the approach of Dumarsais Estime.

Is it possible for any candidate to be perfect? This is just a question that you need respond for yourself; as far as truth Haiti doesn’t need a perfect candidate it is only looking someone with the drive and the integrity to reduce poverty, to increase stability politic and economic so every Haitian can have their dignity back, eradicate corruption to promote a social and economical balance for the masses. Among all these candidates in this electoral race if there were really serious about moving the country from the mud of misery to a better place they would put their personal ambition behind to call upon each other to unify for a greater cause, a Haitian restoration, a country modernization, the diasporas total integration to utilize their intellectual and economic resources.

Friday, September 3, 2010

10 big questions for the Haitian presidential candidates

  1. Who are you and tell us what have you done in the last two decades to prove that you can be the right person for the job in these crucial moments of Haiti, and where will your campaign fund come from, as all of us know the Haitian people don’t even have money to cover most basic of their needs?    
  2. What will be the first measure you will take if you are the person elected for the president of Haiti?
  3. Who will be on your team, are they qualify to help you execute this big task you will have waiting ahead you, and how can the Haitian people trust them because the majority of the teams who came with any president in the last two hundred years have been stealing and abusing the power ?
  4. With a non professional police force, and inadequate resources what is you plan to securitize the country, and will consider the possibility of rebuilding a new Army, because according to the Haitian constitution the republic of Haiti is protected by two arms forces the police and the Army?
  5. What is you plan for a Haitian economy almost nonexistent, and how will create employment in a country with no infrastructure whatsoever?
  6. What is your plan for education in a country 85% percent of the people can’t read and write, and after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 most of the schools in the capital have been destroyed and the rest of the country didn’t have enough school already?
  7. Constitutionally in Haiti exile is prohibited will you consider of letting coming back in the country the two former Presidents of Haiti Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide?
  8. How will you integrate all the political parties in your government, as we all know if you don’t include them in the power they will destabilize it, how will plan to stay on top of this situation?
  9. What will be you diplomatic relation with the US, Canada and France, since they have been so involve in the Haitian affair, and in the recent years Haiti have been developing a very good relationship with Cuba and Venezuela, but we know the United States of America don’t really deal with these two country how are you going to make this beneficial for Haiti?
  10. Last not least after the earthquake the former US president Bill Clinton has been actively involved in Haiti and consider his history with it, in 1994 he brought the former President Jean Bertrand Aristide back to the power after a military coup with 20,000 American soldiers. Now in with a new government on the power what will be his role and what will be your relationship with him?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haiti a republic international with a local population

December 5, 1492 a bunch of Spanish boat people under the command of an Italian that didn't mean much for  his own people invaded the island that we call Haiti today, they exterminated an entire race of peaceful human being whom were the natives of that beautiful island and replaced them by African people to make flourish the commerce in Europe. Since then Haiti got lost in middle of a continuous battle between the French, the English, and the Spanish to claim the stolen land as their own. The United States of America became a super power and automatically gives themselves the right to claim a piece of that sweet pie. Despite the African Slave stood up in 1804 and say no to human exploitation the insanity of the world super power come together crush the dream of the new African nation in the American continent.

In the 21st century after more 200 years of the proclamation of independence now it is becoming the era of masquerade and the string-puppet call the United Nation maneuver by the US Canada and France and a few others, the last three country have been molested the country for a very long time, by occupation, by financing 34 military coups and stealing the material and human resources of the island nation. Today Behind the empty promise and the humanitarian demonstration sit the great Bill Clinton former US president and other international official appointed to advance the international agenda on the national territory of Haiti.

Let’s rewind time just a little bit to stop in the chapter of history in the section super power and the UN. The United Nation of a few nations was in Rwanda during the genocide (black people), the French official was there too and left before the situation turned uglier. Hurricane Katrina in the richest country in the world the people has been calling refugees in their country (black people) until today most of them can’t return home because there isn’t any infrastructure in place for them, under George W Bush. In1994 Bill Clinton imported democracy from the US to Haiti with 20,000.00 soldiers, recently after the after the earthquake devastator of January 12, 2010 President Obama enlisted his two presidential predecessors to lead an ongoing American effort to help that country recovery (preserving American government interest). Canada in the 70’s took most of the teacher that Haiti had and recently before and after the earthquake they open the net to capture the remaining of the professional class in Haiti because they need them more in Canada to maintain the machine of developing country and to keep Haiti in the line of third world country.

The international community doesn’t mean country like Cuba that send hundred of doctors every year and give scholarship to many young Haitian, otherwise it should have been deeply involved in the reconstruction of Haiti, but Cuba is a very bad example and it isn’t doing it at the international style which is keep the needy in need so they are always in necessity for the international presence to ruin the country for them.

The international community is often upset and tired with the Haiti situation like they were serious about anything, and they will not leave it alone. Why is that? They want Haiti to be a democratic state so they say, but they never like anyone the people elected democratically. They want it to be prosper, but they flood the local market with their international product to wash away the local economy. They want to help Haiti, but they don’t want Haitian to help themselves.

As long as Haitian don’t come together like they do during the carnival season, as long as the Haitian politician don’t stop being politician to start becoming Haitian before all, and as long as the intellectual don’t start getting clever to reduce the epidemic of analphabetism that is ravaging the young mind to waste, the United Nation will never leave Haiti and the United States, France and Canada they will always ready to dictate the present, control the outcome of the future and manage to influence the destiny of the nation. If nothing changes Haiti will remain an international republic, and possibly lose their identity in their own country.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wyclef Jean did not make the list of the presidential candidate.

wyclef jean

  1. ABELLARD Axan Delson - Parti : Konbit Nasyonal pour Devlopman (KNDA) 
  2. ALEXIS Jacques Édouard  - Parti : Mobilisation pour le Progrès d'Haïti (MPH)  
  3. ANACACIS Jean Hector - Parti : Mouvement Démocratique de la Jeunesse Haïtienne (MODEJHA)  
  4. BAKER Charles Henry Jean-Marie - Parti : Respè  
  5. BIJOU Josette - Parti : Indépendant  
  6. BLOT Gérard Marie Necker  - Parti : Platfòm 16 Désanm  
  7. CÉANT Jean Henry - Parti : Renmen Ayiti  
  8. CÉLESTIN Jude - Parti : INITE  
  9. CHARLES Eric - Parti : PRNH  
  10. CHRISTALLIN Yves  - Parti : Oganizasyon Lavni (LAVNI)   
  11. JEUDY Wilson - Parti : Fòs 2010  
  12. JEUNE Jean Chavannes  - Parti : Alliance chrétienne citoyenne pour la reconstruction d'Haïti (ACCRHA)  
  13. JEUNE Léon J.  - Parti : Konbit Liberation Ekonomik (KLE)  
  14. JOSEPH Génard - Parti : Groupement Solidarité  
  15. LAGUERRE Garaudy - Parti : WOZO 
  16. MANIGAT Mirlande Hyppolite - Parti : Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes» (RDNP)  
  17. MARTELLY Michel  - Parti : Repons peyizan  
  18. NEPTUNE Yvon - Parti : Ayisyen pou Ayiti  
  19. VOLTAIRE Leslie - Parti : Plateforme Ansanm Nou Fò

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rejected or not Wyclef is a lesson to learn by the Haitian intellectuals and politicians.

After two hundred years of speaking French and acting like aristocrat who are afraid of dealing with the masses even when most of them came from all the way of the bottom of the class of zero opportunity, their status have changed because of a few diplomas. Unfortunately a diploma doesn’t change a man, however it can alter a mind to give the illusion that one is a step ahead, but in fact everybody is in one space between birth and death. The reality is functioning at the basic level of arithmetic that one plus one equal two and so on. While the so call Haitian intellectual class was exploring the books just to try replicate knowledge across the forums and their personal blogs, in the news paper and on the FM band nationally and internationally, Wyclef at that time was collecting trust among the youth population who represent the majority, he was mingling with the people who have always showed up when it is time to go to the ballot, he was showing support in time of despair and bring help to the needy in Gonaïves and after the earthquake. The Haitian intellectual was speaking French and writing literature, and the politician was negotiating the future with the super power and the UN, while the present was dying with thirst, and hunger, the present was homeless and cold in the midst of tribulation and left alone to die.

Wyclef Jean was the great ambassador who carrying the national flag across the globe, but today he is just a hip-hop artist who can’t speak Creole and French and have no education. Where were the Einstein, Lavoisier Haitians? Where were the politicians without politics when their friend Rene G. Preval was nominating him to be the face of Haitian around the world? They were too busy selling the country piece by piece, and drinking beer with the MINUSTAH, they were too busy replicating French and American theory that can’t fit in the Haitian puzzle. They could have say no Wyclef is not one of them, they could have say no he doesn’t speak Voltaire, Rousseau, and Moliere. He wasn’t on their way, but they forgot the same road you use to drive away can be the same road you use to drive back.

Deep down inside they don’t have any problem with the Wyclef personality, because his rich, his popular nationally and internationally and he has connection. They have problem accepting that they are not being accepted anywhere, by the masses that they have been taking advantage of and humiliating them for more than two centuries, by the international community they have been taking their money and not able to execute their plan adequately.

Today Wyclef put them in a corner they have to throw a fight, they have to play all the dirty card they have in their hands, and they have to come up with harmful tactic to hurt the opponent and make him run away, so they become again the gate keeper, you need to see them first before you have access to the striptease. Today is a sad day for the Haitian intellectuals who speak French almost like the French people, and speak Creole with a French accent; unfortunately the masses understand better the Haitian Creole. Apparently they had missed one important class, or they had failed it. They need to back to school to take Oral Interpersonal Communication 101, to learn the basics of communication and the importance of effective communication. Most of the Haitian politician and intellectual haven’t been communicating with the majority of the Haitian in ages, they seem not to know communication is verbal and nonverbal, they have been verbal but their gestures are drifting away the generation who listen to hip-hop and speak their own slings. In fact Politician and intellectual Haitian are not connected with present how they expect to change the outcome of the future.

People vote with feeling not knowledge, and they follow someone who walks with them not someone who tells them where to go.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wyclef Jean has some serious question to answer for you!

After Wyclef Jean first TV interview with Wolf Blitzer on the Larry King show a lot of questions have been raised regarding his capability, integrity and agenda to become the next president of the Haitian republic.
 Does Wyclef Jean have to be president to help Haiti? He was doing pretty good helping those in need, but was that the reason behind all his good deeds? Even so does that quality him to be in charge of the whole nation destiny? Is he capable of being the head of state, when we know how intricate it is in Haiti?
 Is he really qualified according to the Haitian constitution? Who can answer that question especially when we know the Haitian constitution was never been respected for more than 200 years.
Is he credible to handle money on behalf of the Haitian nation? So far there isn’t any report generated to the Haitian public and the international contributors for the 9 million dollars or more receiving in donation through YELE Haiti foundation after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. That would be a great start to prove if he ever become the elected president that his administration will govern with transparency.
Is he really known in what he got himself to? This isn’t show business, producing music and selling album. This is a ruin country economically, and physically, this is state devastated by natural disaster, and divided politically and socially.
Does experience really matter or a candidate just has to be popular to become the president in Haiti? Aristide didn’t manage anything public before came to the power, he was just a priest and popular.
Will Bill Clinton help him govern? In the CNN interview he mentions that he will have to seat down with the former US president to show his plan. Does Bill Clinton have to approve or have to be part of the decisions making in Haiti? Who are Wyclef advisors, are they Haitians or Foreigner?
What will be his relationship with the US? Will he execute all the US demand? What will be his relation with the other nation like Venezuela, Cuba, France, China, etc.?
What will be his relation with the political class in Haiti? The most dishonest and heartless group of people in the country, they are enemy number one of progress; they only have the skill to kill the country.
How will he deal with the NGO’s and the UN? Those two are present in Haiti because of poverty, and political instability. Hypothetically if he has good intention to pull the
country out of the deep hole of hopelessness and unfairness, will they become the very high solid wall block that obstruct the view to see the best side of Haiti? A stable Haiti will not attract the UN bogus mission, and the charitable organization will have one less place to scam the rest of the world.
There are a lot more questions Wyclef has to answer to the Haitian people living in Haiti and abroad, and the Haitian people must answer a lot questions themselves about their decision before voting for anyone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If Wyclef Jean become the next president of Haiti!

As we all know Wyclef Jean the hip hop superstar of the group fugees, the founder of YELE Haiti organization, the preacher son with one of his popular songs title “if was president”, but now the words on the streets will be gone until November 2010 for the next presidential election in Haiti, Wyclef Jean Officially declare his candidacy. “Yele,Yele pou sa chanje” a hook of his song Yele, could that be theme of his campaign. We don’t know anything yet for now, be we can assume and ask question.

If Wyclef become president will he still plays music and produces shows, videos and albums? Time will tell. We know he is great performer in the world of entertainment; can he perform in the harsh Haitian reality? History tells us that all the previous performers who step on the Haitian political stage failed miserably to perform and let the Haitian audience with painful dissatisfaction and bitter memory.

If he turns out to be president of Haiti in the next election what would become the so call political leaders with no real political parties and zero credibility. What about the political parties with no agenda, just a few friends, families, and a few employees to protest when they get paid to do so? What would become the Haitian intellectuals who speak constantly about their diploma and their academic theory which never been tested? Oh, it is because in reality most of them live in the virtual world. There is a Haitian saying which goes that way “ Mennen koulèv lekòl se yonn, men fè’l chita sou ban se yon lòt” The lesson is if your words don’t match your actions it is hard to provoke reaction. If they don’t respond when you speak it is just because they don’t understand you. If they can’t hear you talk, because you had never been spoken for them.

If he no longer sings “if I was president”, but saying instead I am the president of Haiti and I am making the decisions that will affect your life good or bad as Haitian. What is your role today in the future of Haiti? Will you keep saying Mr. and Misses Big Talker he is a sell out? In reality you are likely to be seen as the sell out because your own people don’t trust you. Will you keep saying he doesn’t have political experience, but what have you done with all your experiences? Will you keep saying he is a rap superstar? Ok you can keep saying that, apparently the youngsters like rap and they listen to it more than they listen to the Haitian politicians and the Haitian intellectuals, also they represent the majority, just do the math. Will you keep saying he does have adequate education? The last time we check Jean Bertrand Aristide, Lesly Manigat, Marc L Bazin, Gerard Latortue they were all academic accomplish and they are a handful of them in Haiti and in the Diasporas, the big question is what have they done with their academic educations for Haiti? Will you ask about the credibility of his organization Yele, yes should, but before remember to ask the red cross, mercy corp, the Clinton foundation, Clinton and Bush fund and all the International NGO’s where are all the money raise on behalf of Haitian people after the earthquake?

If he is president what will be the role of the former US president Bill Clinton? As a Wyclef‘s friend and as the one who is calling the short after the earthquake, will he influence the diplomatic and international decisions? Will Haiti have diplomatic relation only with the country that the US approves?

If Wyclef become president what type of president would he be? Will he be a puppet that executes all the US agenda in Haiti, since most of his life he has been influenced by the American culture? Will he be a populist like Aristide and let anarchy reign? Since he is a millionaire will he supports the rich, and work with them to help or ruin the country economically?

If Wyclef becomes the next Haitian president do you think he will be able to bring positive change in Haiti?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is Wyclef Jean capable of being the next president of Haiti?

This is a simple question, but the answer can be very complicated because if this question was asking before in the Haitian politic it was never a serious one and the Haitian constitution never determine competency as a factor of qualification to become Haitian president, otherwise most of the former Haitian president would never had one chance to be the head of State.

If this is really serious he decides to announce his candidacy for president in a near future, the question of Wyclef capability can be answered two ways.

1) He would be capable if he will decide to govern unlike any other Haitian president in the last 200 years. Like any develop country in the world the president is governing with a team of brilliant intellectuals and experience advisors, and very dedicated team in the area of public service, while also leaving room for new talents and innovation. He is having one of the greatest gifts that most of the actual Haitian politician wishes they had, he is very popular among the masses and they are the one who vote in the elections. If he can use this advantage to establish himself as a bridge between the masses and the few rich people that monopolize the riches of the country to reduce disparity, that only can be one of the greatest achievement which any Haitian president in the last two centuries had never come close to accomplish. He also have an edge over the current Haitian politicians in the field, he has a very good relationship with the international community specially the US, he can use that to attract tourism and international investors in Haiti to create stability economic, and once the country is moving economically in the right direction toward development that will automatically trigger the social aspect to gradually shift and take a progressive path.

2) He would miserably fall short like any of the previous president if he fallows their footprints of authoritarian, and blindsided elite analyst and the only decision maker for every cases that they put on the table. If not all the Haitian president most of them compensate their incompetence with anarchy. If he comes with his status of Rap start, of Grammy Award winner and millionaire to give a concert or making a fancy music video he will fail because this isn’t show business to impress fans to buy albums. if he comes as a populous president to give the mass a pass to act without control he will destroy himself like some former leader well known in the Haitian history, on the other hand if he lean too much on the rich and the international community he will create an unbalance and an unhealthy situation between the him and people.

So far this is speculation until Wyclef Jean the Hip Hop superstar, and humanitarian founder of Yele Haiti has officially declare his candidacy for president of Haiti. It has been a while since Wyclef has been showing great support for the Haitian people through his words in his music and act directly through Yele to change life in Haiti, unlike most of the Haitian politician who started the careers with false promise and not one drop of action. A lot of political figure around the world start feeding their dreams like Wyclef by giving a hand to the needy. If decide to run for president as any Haitian citizen he has that right, the Haitian people will be the judge and the jury and they will decide on the final YES or No.

Welcome to Haiti Creole 101 The Preacher's Son

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haiti in all my dreams

I went to bed last night and I close my eyes I can hear the rhythm of the drum all the way up in the mountains and my people are singing and dancing with a genuine smile on their faces that I won’t trade for gold and diamond, and can’t buy for a million dollars. I can hear the sound of the rivers flowing down to harmonize with the swing of the leaves which stimulate peace of mind and the freedom of being at home. My friends and I find immense pleasure in throwing rocks on mangoes trees until our arm are tired and our bellies are full with the pure mango juice , after we run to the pitch which constitute of any empty flat land to play football all day just for the prize of having real fun. I woke up in the middle of the night with a powerful joy that can mend the trouble of my land, and then I realized it was just a dream of my childhood in my beloved country.

I went back to bed with nostalgia and an unbearable pain in my soul, I close my eyes and I fall asleep I can hear again the drum is beaten but on a different tempo this time, on the streets of every corners from North to South and East and West, my people are running and singing in fury with hurtful soul for the drying rivers and the dying trees that no longer provide shade under the sun and no long nourish the soil. My folks are screaming for the hungry kids, and the helpless mothers and fathers that can’t send their children to school. The mountains are cold and lonely when it rains and burn during the hot sunny day, the peace of mind is gone and my people are fleeing to the USA and Canada among many places, but with the difference they are not going home, even if they could afford to buy a mansion they will not still be at home, despite modern technology; cell phone to call home, YouTube and facebook to post the images of January 12, 2010 there still plenty of empty spot inside of every Haitian living abroad and at home a big hole of hopelessness is digging inside of those who have no option and those who choose to stay. I woke up again wet with sweat and tired from this nightmare, and I realize it was the dream of my country misery for a very long time of tyranny, filthy politics, and fake activist that sell their soul to the devil to execute evil plan against their own brothers and sisters.

This time I change the sheet and the pillowcases on my bed, and I even change the bed position. I kneel down and say a prayer for a better dream, and then I went back to bed and close my eyes and fall asleep. I can hear a synchronize sound playing from a short distance I walk over and see a million people dress in white come together with acoustic and electric guitar , piano, “TCHA-TCHA” and other local instruments, all of them are following the lead of the famous Haitian drum that we call it “TAMBOU”. This important event is taking place at BWA KAYIMAN, but this time to announce a new and pacific revolution to restore Haiti, with school for all Haitian children, with irrigation so Haitian cultivators can start produce food to eradicate hunger across the land, with modern hospitals all over so a lot of people don’t lose their lives again in such event like the one that stroke on January 12, 2010. They are singing to call upon a new form of government that administer in transparency, they are singing to connect with the spirit of those who live oversees to comeback to help rebuild the nation, they light up a candle for every Haitian that passed away in hardship and send a clear message to the evil soul to let them know the torch of freedom and unity will burn all the injustices they have done to Haiti. After the ceremony is over at 5:00 O'clock in the morning they take street with brooms to clean the dust of imported and forcing democracy, water to wash away the blood of the innocent children, and final stage each person use basil leaves in a container with water and 7 slices of lime to sanitize and bring a fresh air in every front doors. This time I wake up and get up with a smile on my face and this is the beginning of a hopeful dream for my country Haiti.
Hadriana Dans Tous Mes Reves (Collection Folio) (French Edition) Anthologie personnelle: Poesie (French Edition)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 things that have not changed for Haiti after the massive change of January 12, 2010

Haiti was waiting for a dramatic change in a very long time, unfortunately the change has came on January 12, 2010 with a demoralizing catastrophe that change Haitian life for worst, and despite this shakable situation that brought Haiti far deeper in the hardship some things remain unshakable.

1. The Rene Preval’s government (Absence even in time of distress)
2. Incompetence of the state (No plan, no strategy of development)
3. Haitian Politics and the Politicians
4. Self-interest
5. Poverty (it is only expanding)
6. The NGO (They are still collecting money at expense of Haitian people)
7. The churches (especially those affiliated with the foreign ministries in America they come to the states they beg, they lie and they raise money, but they only spend a penny back home and share a million dollars gospel with the poor)
8. UN (They were there before the earthquake and they are still there doing what?)
9. Communication (As always nobody is giving any positive directive to the population)
10. Peace of mind (Haitian people can’t rest for second with; Zenglendo, legal thief of the Haitian government, international conspiracy to hold them down in poverty and recently natural disaster).

It is absolutely easy to criticize, and anyone can do it, all you have to do is just print your finger, but the fact remains it absolutely easy to notice mediocrity especially when it is the highlight of everyday in Haiti. If progress has been made in Haiti After the earthquake it so tinny you can only see it in a microscope. Most of the people are still leaving under the tent, the rubbles are on every street corner of Port-Au-Prince, and the government absences as always make matter more difficult. There are no communications whatsoever with the population about the next step, and when they are moving them in decent house to live as decent human being.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Senator Lugar Calls for Haitian Elections, but Challenges are Significant by Stanley Lucas

On June 10, Senator Lugar released a report to the Members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations entitled, "Haiti: No Leadership No Elections" (for a copy of the report, see: ). The report, prepared by his key staffers after a visit to Haiti, calls for President Preval to immediately initiate procedures to move forward with November 28, 2010 elections.
While we can all agree that Haiti has a leadership crisis and that a democratically elected leader must emerge, the report misses or dismisses several hurdles that will undermine the credibility of the elections and, more importantly, will pose a serious threat to the safety of the Haitian people. The report focuses largely on procedural aspects, such as issuing electoral registration cards and submission of the Presidential request so the organization work can commence and international aid money can begin to flow in. But the report, unfortunately, complete misses the security aspect of elections and does not factor in the historical precedent for discredited elections to throw the country into complete chaos. The report concludes that the leadership vacuum is more detrimental than the challenges stemming from less than perfect elections. They cite Afghanistan and Iraq as prime examples of this theory.
1. Electoral Infrastructure Cannot Be Rebuilt by November
The earthquake affected 3 million people, and five months later 2.1 million of them are still living in makeshifts camps 1,350 in total without potable water, healthcare, food, or basic services. Approximately, 90,000 citizens left Port-au-Prince to the Central Plateau; 160,000 went to the Artibonite Department; and, 60,000 went to the Grande Anse. Other Departments have also absorbed people, but there are no official or unofficial numbers yet.These citizens are putting pressure on the public infrastructure of the Departments that they are using as temporary residencies. The public schools and other public facilities have essentially turned into public housing. And finally, of the 140 municipalities in Haiti, the earthquake directly affected 80 and indirectly 40.
The earthquake took an equally alarming toll on the meager electoral resources existing in Haiti:
The headquarters of the electoral council was destroyed;
66% of the polling stations in four geographic department were destroyed;
6,000 schools collapsed along with most of the public government buildings that usually serve as registration and voting centers;
    Of the 4.5 million voters, more that 45% of the voters have lost their electoral registration card, which is mandatory to vote. Approximately, 1.9 million people will need new registration cards and the National Office of Identification (ONI) issuing these cards says that they can produce only 60 cards a day. Many have also lost their national identify cards, birth certificates and ownership papers making it extremely challenging to establish identities for the reissuance of electoral cards; and,
    Approximately 300,000 Haitians lost their lives in the earthquake and probably 70% of them were registered voters; therefore, the voters' list will need to be updated to reflect that loss.
The electoral process has 23 steps from the installation of the electoral council to the publication of the results in the middle of that you have the naming of the municipal and regional oversight officials, issuance of the electoral law, voter and candidate registration, training for officials, etc. Under normal circumstances, it takes ten months to organize legislative and presidential elections.
While the electoral council may tell the U.S. Government that they can organize elections, given these facts, the logistics for a November election are completely unrealistic.Additionally, they have also neglected to factor in that Haiti is facing the added serious threat this summer of the worst hurricane season in decades. It is likely that more than 13 violent storms could hit the country this summer, which will clearly require further aid not to mention emergency planning.
2. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Has No Credibility
The Lugar report references and IFES report that states that while the CEP is technically capable of organizing elections, "giving the mandate of organizing the upcoming elections to the current CEP would mean that the electoral process will be considered flawed and questionable from the beginning."
The CEP has been politically discredited for previous participation in rigged and manipulated elections in April and June 2009 in favor of President Preval's party, Inite. As a result, civil society groups, political parties, churches, private sector representatives, and the Haitians Diaspora have called for the naming of nine new members in accordance with Article 289 of the Constitution.
Poll worker on election day
Technically, the CEP lacks the infrastructure or expertise to organize elections. U.S. assistance to Haiti's elections started in 1989 at the request of Provisional President Pascale Trouillot.From 1989 to 2010 the United States spent US$400 million supporting Haiti's elections. After 21 years of technical and financial support to Haiti's electoral process, there is nothing to show for that investment: no credible or permanent electoral council, no official voter registry, no professional staff, no IT system, and no permanent infrastructure (such as ballot boxes or ballot formats). Every two years, the entire process needs to be recreated by a provisional electoral council, the CEP, with international assistance and maybe some leftover ballot boxes.
Haiti's electoral machine has not been institutionalized because no benchmarks were put in place to ensure the construction of an impartial and competent electoral council. The beneficiaries of U.S. funding, the United Nations, have a poor track record in institutionalizing electoral processes around the world. Instead of building sustainable indigenous capacity, they typically engage expensive consultants and foreign companies to organize and administer the elections. All the expertise leaves the country after the elections, and there is no effort to build capacity. This practice must change.
3. The Security of the Haitian People Cannot be Ensured
The Preval machine along with his allies in the corrupt business cartel, Groupe de Bourdon, want to preserve their power and privilege and will continue to employ violence and intimidation in that quest. There is no doubt that they are planning to intimidate voters and employ violence to influence the vote. This puts the entire electorate in danger, and there are no security forces to mitigate that risk.
The MINUSTAH (or UN headquarters) was completely demolished in the earthquake and has not been rebuilt. They do not currently have the capacity or credibility among the Haitian people to ensure safety during the elections.
The Haitian police are trying to be professional, but they lack capacity. MINUSTAH has been in country since 2004 and has received $732 million per year (or more than $4 billion) to train the Haitian police force and undertake peacekeeping operations. But the results are minimal compared to the money spent, and consequently the Haitian police, while eager and committed, are not fully trained. Same thing happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Spending money but never built up capacity
Finally, and most importantly, while the police are trying their best to get guns off the streets, the Presidential Disarmament Commission, CNDDR, undermines their efforts. One of the two presidential advisors leading commission, Jean Philippe Jean Baptiste a.k.a Samba Boukman, was the chief architect and implementer of "Operation Bagdad" which resulted in the murder of 1,900 people, among them 100 police officers, the kidnapping of more than 800 people, and the rape of 400 women. For more see here: time the police arrest gang members and confiscate their weapons, they are required to turn them over to the CNDDR, which in turn distributes them to government loyalists.
4. Preval Already Undermining the Electoral Process
President Preval already has a questionable record on democracy, security and electoral manipulation, for more see here: . The April 6, 1997 elections were rigged by Presidents Preval and Aristide, and resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Rosny Smarth who opposed the manipulation of the results in favor of the ruling Lavalas Party. This electoral crisis also led to the dissolution of parliament by Preval in January 11, 1999. They again rigged the elections of May 21 and November 2000, which led to the resignation of President Aristide on February 29, 2004. Political instability and violence ensued after each of these elections. The people did not then swallow false electoral results for the sake of stability and they will not do so this time either.
President Preval has already begun to undermine the electoral process by extending his term in office by three months unless a successor is chosen prior to the expiration of his term. This violates the decree that installed him as president (the official decree of March 24, 2006 states that Preval's term would be over on February 7, 2011) as well as Article 134.1 and 134.3 of the Constitutions which states that the President cannot extend his term in office under any circumstances.
In addition the President enacted an Emergency and Reconstruction Law, which violates many aspects of Haiti's constitution. The law suspends civil liberties (such as the right to organize and the right of free speech) and gives him the authority to arrest and detain any citizen indefinitely and without justification. Additionally, the law gives foreigners political rights in Haiti and eliminates the Haitian government's authority to control expenditures for eighteen months (to given foreign actors complete control over the aid money deployment).Parliamentary oversight has been put aside as has the authority of the office issuing RFP's for the public sector, the inspector general of finance, and the General Accounting Office. The role of the ministers has been narrowed as well. In other words, all key Haitian state institutions have been illegally suspended giving a tiny group of people close to President Preval and the international community total control. All checks and balances have been eliminated.
The constitutionality of both of these actions (the term extension and reconstruction law) has been challenged in the Haitian courts and is pending verdict. 
The Lugar report quotes the US Ambassador to Haiti as saying,
"If elections are not held before President Preval's extended mandate expires, Haiti may be confronted by a vacuum of power at every level of government. If this occurs, a government of transition would need to be established, which would be difficult to form and likely lack popular support."
In fact, a transitional government is not difficult to form; there is precedent. Article 149 of the Constitution mandates the President of the Supreme Court assume provisional presidency for the purpose of organizing elections and running the day-to-day aspects of governance. This provision has been successfully invoked twice in the past two decades in 1990 for the successful election of Aristide, and in 2004 for the successful election of Preval.Both elections were viewed as free and fair by the people of Haiti and the process of organization was viewed as credible and legitimate. In other words, in the minds of the Haitian people, this is a credible process that has worked in the past.
Given all the challenges to elections and the extreme safety and security risks with rushing forward to organize elections that have the overwhelming odds of being less than perfect, invoking Article 149 is an attractive, credible and safe option for addressing Haiti's leadership crisis in the near term.
The following are general recommendations for conditions that should be put in place for credible elections to move forward.
Recommendation 1. Reorganize the CEP.
     Name new impartial, independent leaders of the CEP in accordance with Article 289 of the Constitution.
     Name new Departmental leaders for the CEP as the current leadership has participated in previous manipulation and needs to be replaced.
     Create the position of Executive Director responsible for the technical aspects and management of elections.
     Refocus international assistance from election administration to capacity building in an effort to put in place a more permanent electoral infrastructure.
     MINUSTAH must have accountability as well. Benchmarks should be put in place for their capacity building efforts.

Recommendation 2. Develop a Security Plan.
     The CNDDR must be dissolved in order to truly get guns off the streets.
     MINUSTAH should be subject to benchmarks for police capacity building as well as for election security.

     MINUSTAH should provide special training for the unique challenges of securing polling stations.
     There must be a plan to disarm the gangs.

Recommendation 3. Set Realistic Deadlines for Technical Procedures to be Met
     Scrubbing the election registry and issuing new cards should be transparent and diligent.Rushing this process will result in mistakes and will open the door for the elections to be discredited.

What is concerning more broadly and certainly beyond Senator Lugar's report is the international community's focus on who will be the next leader of Haiti. Certainly Haiti needs and deserves a strong, effective leader. But equally important is having strong, effective institutions. Haiti's ministries, electoral council, judiciary, legislature, and security forces are almost totally and completely inept. We saw concrete proof of this in their complete and total lack of emergency response to the earthquake. There was no plan, no process and no clue about where to begin. The international community stepped in and each organization did their own thing without coordination and chaos ensued.
In order to ensure that Haiti does not need to face constant leadership crises, the international community could play an important and critical role in working to strengthen the Haitian institutions rather than singularly focusing on finding the perfect leader. This approached has resulted in disaster time and time again. Aristide manipulated the international community several times. He requested occupation and then flipped. He requested evacuation and then was restored to power. It simply does not work. Haiti needs a strong foundation to enforce accountability or even the strongest leader will not succeed.
We can all agree that elections are critical. But they are relatively meaningless if we cannot ensure the safety of the people or the credibility of the elections. Less than perfect elections are not and have never been acceptable to the Haitian people. Every single political crisis since 1995 has been sparked by less than perfect elections. The people will not look the other way simply because they are suffering. In fact, they will hold these elections to a higher standard because they are more important than ever.With no hope in sight, no shelter, no access to healthcare, education or regular meals, this is the only opportunity for the people actually living in these tent cities to have a voice in their country. They know that. And organizing and certifying less than perfect elections will certainly ignite the simmering frustration. Already people are protesting in the streets against the unconstitutional Emergency and Recovery Law.
Finally, there is considerable anxiety that the effort and focus required to organize elections, which we can all agree will be flawed, will distract from the real and urgent priorities of getting aid to the people and preparing for the serious threat of the coming hurricane season.Little measurable progress is being made and it is heartbreaking to see the people in makeshift tents bracing against forecasts for the worst hurricanes in decades. There are other more pressing priorities that need full focus and attention so when we have a tested and legitimate process to address the leadership challenge, it seems like we should take advantage of that and roll up our sleeves to focus on the urgent tasks at hand.


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