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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As a Haitian candidate, I declare…

As a candidate for life, peace and a better Haiti for tomorrow, I pledge to love my country without condition, I promise to do my part to make it a better place, I swear to remain positive because I know one day the sun of understanding will rise up, the heat will warm up the cold side of the Haitian politician, and activate their self-conscience so they can throw away their selfishness to become decent human being. I swear to scream loud in their hears to let them know that Haiti does not belong to any individual whatsoever, no matter how much power you have, no matter how much money you took from the people, no matter how much brothers and sisters they throw in jail or assassinate, at the end of the day Haiti will remain Ayiti because it is still for the people of Haiti.

I hope one day Haiti is no longer the country of filthy politics, and killer politicians who are murdering the dream of my nation, I hope one morning the country does not have any longer political gangs or family businesses, but instead  a real political party created by the people and for the people , I hope one day that poverty banish to a country that doesn’t exist anywhere in this world, I hope one day the Haitian people receive the call to let them know they are hiring, and the voice ask them can you start working as soon as possible for Haiti development?

I make a vow to be a better person, a better citizen, a better patriot who is ready to represent honorably the land that my forefathers sacrifice their life for, wherever I am in the world I must have the courage and the pride to say that I come from the republic of Haiti. For the love of my country and respect for our fight for the independence of one nation,  I must treat my fellow Haitian with respect and dignity,I promise all my collaboration to work with my brothers and sisters to switch from the dark to the light so those who have difficulties to see the unattractiveness on the face of Haiti which reflect on the face the citizen. I hope they can open  their eyes to see the truth, and open their soul to feel the pain of  Haitian. I hope word and my work will  encourage and transform the nation.

I give you my word that I don’t believe in imported democracy, I swear to you that I believe that democracy doesn’t start with election but with everyday little action of self-respect, the respect for all fellow Haitian, and the respect for our precious country.

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