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Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is gold in Haiti!

When the oceans waves reverberate in a slow and fast tempo and a continuous sound to match the acoustic rhythm of walking feet on sandy beaches under the natural limelight of the sun caressing the human skin, life is pleasantly an invasion of a charming emotion a scrumptious feeling of forever. When the flavor of spices intermingle to breathe a suave aroma of cooking food life just stock for a moment unmeasured to provoke the guilty pleasure of eating incessantly, the feeling is only unexplained, but the reality coincide with the perception of a paradise from distance with a blurry view that you might call Haiti.

When the rhythm of the drum is beating on the rhythm of the heart this feeling can’t escape and it can’t be denied. When the heat of the people on the street are warmer than the ray of the sun in summer time to welcome the son and the daughter of the land, and even the stranger with winter soul can feel at home. When the day lay down the moon rise up to dance with the stars in the bluest sky, life is wonderful. When there isn’t any price on the eruption of joy on the faces you can call it Haitian people.

The mass dust of a few dishonest citizens may dirty the daily reality but underneath the precious rock of faith and desire to live no matter what the situation can still sparkle. It just a matter time for the wind and the people will to blow away all the unclean powder that obstruct the window sight of opportunity so Haitian can perceive from far away the silhouette of a promising future walking toward them with a big smiley face and open arms.

Pessimistic won’t have eyes to see it, cynical won’t have a mind to understand it, skeptical won’t even dream to imagine it, but optimism is reserving for those who have a heart that pound a positive energy to transcend the obstacle that block the dreams that inspire the courage to anticipate a brighter future for Haitian. Life is gold when you possess the audacity to see the light in the mysterious night. The gold in Haiti is all the things that bad politics, country dealers, corruptions can’t take away. There is gold in Haiti for those who believe.

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