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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Identify the fake Haitian leaders

When hope is no longer a rope to strangle the Haitian people struggle, so they can become again the nation who have started a revolution for the human condition, this situation will boost up the anticipation for a real and effective change to take place, where every Haitian will have their place in their own country, but that can and will only happen when every single Haitian can grab a telephone that connect with a cable of reality that plug in directly to their common sense and their wisdom so the can dial honestly their conscience.

Without a good track record a Haitian leader who is selling the moon and the stars while they hide behind some unsubstantiated story is a spurious leader. It is time for the press radio, television, news paper, and with the direct help of those who are able to establish the difference between a genuine leader and a false one by starting labeling them. The moment is now for Haitians to request facts from you so call politicians, any man or woman who decide to serve in the public sector should lay out their past achievement and their future plans on a table build with solid fact for all Haitian to dig and find out what is in it for them. Haitian must start choosing not those among the traditional legal gang which call themselves political party with not even a slightly open window to glimpse what they are about, but Haitians must choose base on their best interest, but would not be a disadvantage for the collectivity.

As Haitian you must take a trip deep down inside of yourself, and a make a stop to visit your ethical side so you can bring out the best in you before you can ask for the best in someone else. Ask yourself what have you done to change your country? Believe it or not any little positive act can contribute enormously to an optimistic future for the republic of Haiti. Haitian must start putting a tag on those who have been lying for decades and incapable of giving positive result for the progress of Haiti. Call upon yourself because you are the only one with this private numbers to call your conscience. Make a deep search around the country and ask for help to find the right tag to label the counterfeit leaders like...

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