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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The goddess within Haiti

Divinely she opens her eyes every morning and smile, then release the light that unlock the tropical heat to say good morning to the millions of her children of all class and skin shade that she gave birth to. From cost to cost she showered daily in the natural bathtub with the therapeutic blue salty liquid that link the rest of the universe. She resides under the bluest infinite and natural roof top which changes at night into a constellation of endless dazzling light. She protects herself with massive archeological component vertically high that if the sky wasn’t too far up there, they would push it up a little bit more to contain their own space.

She is a lifetime mystery that no historian can explore to unfold the true narrative neither in time nor the space, otherwise the human mind would have shut in down two century ago for their egocentric reasons, She hang on far back in the beginning of creation which save it to be at a distance beyond the individual imagination and understanding. She is a sensation spiritually equivoque more than the physical attraction, that’s why years after years, going back to 1492 until this present moment all kind of the human race take a journey to discover the mystery that seems so simple but incapable to describe, instead she lock them in with the chain of mystery to stay attach to her despite all the trouble and all the distance.
She carries her beauty in the bottom of her heart, only those who come close to her can feel the love, for those who superficially meet her they can never feel her warmth, and her love. Wherever or however you stand her beauty is unquestionable.

Haiti paradise characteristic is a combination of the nature expressing its magic through the profundity of mystery beyond human imperfect conception. The goddess in Haiti is the soul, the strength, the ambiguity that cross the human mind and which disable the preponderance over the essence of the nature that will make her live longer than the pessimistic imagination. Haiti will never die, because the life of a goddess will always stretch above and beyond any human existence.

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