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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all that beat the ad

With an audacity to defy the supremacy flow of ideology pre-establish that promote at all time a depressing image of the republic of Haiti. We determine to scream at the same intensity of a thunder to grab your attention to tell you to stop denigrating if there is nothing else you can do, stop analyzing because the reality is not in your philosophical logic. All of you Mr., and Mrs. Oracles across the board you are not predicting “crap” you are repeating yourselves and others. We are tired of your smart hypotheses that have no effect whatsoever on the Haitian crises. Can you please tell us something we haven’t heard before?

Most of the time when you turn on your TV set, or you pick up a news paper, or surf on the internet and they are mentioning Haiti you can anticipate what they will say, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, they will talk about corruptions, and political instability which we won’t deny, but these attributes are superficial factors although they have negatively affected the island of Haiti, but they can go away whenever the Haitian people decide to change their destiny. Sometimes it hurts to hear Haitians talking trash about their Alma Mater. It is weak and easy to point out what’s wrong, but it takes courage and the capacity to think independently to not let the bad overpower the positive.

The world richest country have people who live in extreme poverty, but since money make the world turn around, it turn the press media around to promote mostly the good side of their veracity. On the other side some Haitian men and women are well trained and paid to drag everything in intense academic and technical debate with no purpose of getting close to the Haitian reality. Since we still have the power to think independently we are challenging the weak and premeditated mind to think a little bit higher than usual, to see a little bit further than their normal perception, and to fly beyond the definition they have been pounded in their head to make them believe and admit that Haiti is less than nothing.

Lady and gentlemen here a list of 10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all the trouble

1)The people
2)The nature
3)The beaches
4)The weather
5)The carnival
6)The foods
7)The arts
8)Seasonal holiday (fèt chanpèt)
9)The music
10)The voodoo

Should you have any question or concern please feel free to let us know, but we will not try to convince you to change mind because it is up to you find out truth because we know it already.


  1. This comment is from Mariposa, she sent it through the "" where I publish most of my text that I have posted here

    Love your writing style... usually I don´t have neither the time nor the mind to follow all the discussions on the forum, but your contributions are among those few which I read always until the end...

    You know what.... yesterday my dad called me to tell me about a telephone conversation he had with an old friend... my dad had mentioned that in 2 weeks his daughter would once again travel to Haiti, and his friend told him he had a niece who also once visited Haiti and since then keeps coming back ever and ever again. And they both had wondered : What does that little island have so special, behind its bad reputation there must be something else that enchants the visitor like no other place?

    So that´s just what I recall now by reading your lines =)


    We all dream of a magical rose garden, far away on the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming today in our window.

    The tragic thing that is always present in human nature is a tendency not to enjoy the simple things, but fundamental in life. We have given our energy on things that clearly seem rewarding, but in the long term, have little or no meaning. Beautiful and wonderful things happen to us every day. The sun today was born, the beauty of the evening, the beautiful smile on the face of your child healthy and bearing the same elements that can improve their quality of life, if only you stop to watch these things.

    The line that separates one person happy and unhappy is the happy person focus their vision on those events meaningful and inspiring that has power in itself to bring a mystical beauty to its reality. These people know that there is a good God, loving, full of grace and truth, which has the world under his control. They know that the simplicity of life is what is the best of life.

    Simplify your life is not difficult. All you need is the courage to invest just a little time on it. You can better connect with God and with yourself as separate daily fifteen to twenty minutes for a "quiet time". It's when you turn off the TV, radio, the buzz around it and a quest calm and quiet, is refreshing to find that you can bring so much vitality you need to face your new day. You will be fed, you will gain new perspectives and their simplicity of life - no doubt - will bring wonderful fruits.

    That you have a wonderful day.

    Antonio M Matioli

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