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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The goddess within Haiti

Divinely she opens her eyes every morning and smile, then release the light that unlock the tropical heat to say good morning to the millions of her children of all class and skin shade that she gave birth to. From cost to cost she showered daily in the natural bathtub with the therapeutic blue salty liquid that link the rest of the universe. She resides under the bluest infinite and natural roof top which changes at night into a constellation of endless dazzling light. She protects herself with massive archeological component vertically high that if the sky wasn’t too far up there, they would push it up a little bit more to contain their own space.

She is a lifetime mystery that no historian can explore to unfold the true narrative neither in time nor the space, otherwise the human mind would have shut in down two century ago for their egocentric reasons, She hang on far back in the beginning of creation which save it to be at a distance beyond the individual imagination and understanding. She is a sensation spiritually equivoque more than the physical attraction, that’s why years after years, going back to 1492 until this present moment all kind of the human race take a journey to discover the mystery that seems so simple but incapable to describe, instead she lock them in with the chain of mystery to stay attach to her despite all the trouble and all the distance.
She carries her beauty in the bottom of her heart, only those who come close to her can feel the love, for those who superficially meet her they can never feel her warmth, and her love. Wherever or however you stand her beauty is unquestionable.

Haiti paradise characteristic is a combination of the nature expressing its magic through the profundity of mystery beyond human imperfect conception. The goddess in Haiti is the soul, the strength, the ambiguity that cross the human mind and which disable the preponderance over the essence of the nature that will make her live longer than the pessimistic imagination. Haiti will never die, because the life of a goddess will always stretch above and beyond any human existence.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Identify the fake Haitian leaders

When hope is no longer a rope to strangle the Haitian people struggle, so they can become again the nation who have started a revolution for the human condition, this situation will boost up the anticipation for a real and effective change to take place, where every Haitian will have their place in their own country, but that can and will only happen when every single Haitian can grab a telephone that connect with a cable of reality that plug in directly to their common sense and their wisdom so the can dial honestly their conscience.

Without a good track record a Haitian leader who is selling the moon and the stars while they hide behind some unsubstantiated story is a spurious leader. It is time for the press radio, television, news paper, and with the direct help of those who are able to establish the difference between a genuine leader and a false one by starting labeling them. The moment is now for Haitians to request facts from you so call politicians, any man or woman who decide to serve in the public sector should lay out their past achievement and their future plans on a table build with solid fact for all Haitian to dig and find out what is in it for them. Haitian must start choosing not those among the traditional legal gang which call themselves political party with not even a slightly open window to glimpse what they are about, but Haitians must choose base on their best interest, but would not be a disadvantage for the collectivity.

As Haitian you must take a trip deep down inside of yourself, and a make a stop to visit your ethical side so you can bring out the best in you before you can ask for the best in someone else. Ask yourself what have you done to change your country? Believe it or not any little positive act can contribute enormously to an optimistic future for the republic of Haiti. Haitian must start putting a tag on those who have been lying for decades and incapable of giving positive result for the progress of Haiti. Call upon yourself because you are the only one with this private numbers to call your conscience. Make a deep search around the country and ask for help to find the right tag to label the counterfeit leaders like...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all that beat the ad

With an audacity to defy the supremacy flow of ideology pre-establish that promote at all time a depressing image of the republic of Haiti. We determine to scream at the same intensity of a thunder to grab your attention to tell you to stop denigrating if there is nothing else you can do, stop analyzing because the reality is not in your philosophical logic. All of you Mr., and Mrs. Oracles across the board you are not predicting “crap” you are repeating yourselves and others. We are tired of your smart hypotheses that have no effect whatsoever on the Haitian crises. Can you please tell us something we haven’t heard before?

Most of the time when you turn on your TV set, or you pick up a news paper, or surf on the internet and they are mentioning Haiti you can anticipate what they will say, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, they will talk about corruptions, and political instability which we won’t deny, but these attributes are superficial factors although they have negatively affected the island of Haiti, but they can go away whenever the Haitian people decide to change their destiny. Sometimes it hurts to hear Haitians talking trash about their Alma Mater. It is weak and easy to point out what’s wrong, but it takes courage and the capacity to think independently to not let the bad overpower the positive.

The world richest country have people who live in extreme poverty, but since money make the world turn around, it turn the press media around to promote mostly the good side of their veracity. On the other side some Haitian men and women are well trained and paid to drag everything in intense academic and technical debate with no purpose of getting close to the Haitian reality. Since we still have the power to think independently we are challenging the weak and premeditated mind to think a little bit higher than usual, to see a little bit further than their normal perception, and to fly beyond the definition they have been pounded in their head to make them believe and admit that Haiti is less than nothing.

Lady and gentlemen here a list of 10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all the trouble

1)The people
2)The nature
3)The beaches
4)The weather
5)The carnival
6)The foods
7)The arts
8)Seasonal holiday (fèt chanpèt)
9)The music
10)The voodoo

Should you have any question or concern please feel free to let us know, but we will not try to convince you to change mind because it is up to you find out truth because we know it already.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is gold in Haiti!

When the oceans waves reverberate in a slow and fast tempo and a continuous sound to match the acoustic rhythm of walking feet on sandy beaches under the natural limelight of the sun caressing the human skin, life is pleasantly an invasion of a charming emotion a scrumptious feeling of forever. When the flavor of spices intermingle to breathe a suave aroma of cooking food life just stock for a moment unmeasured to provoke the guilty pleasure of eating incessantly, the feeling is only unexplained, but the reality coincide with the perception of a paradise from distance with a blurry view that you might call Haiti.

When the rhythm of the drum is beating on the rhythm of the heart this feeling can’t escape and it can’t be denied. When the heat of the people on the street are warmer than the ray of the sun in summer time to welcome the son and the daughter of the land, and even the stranger with winter soul can feel at home. When the day lay down the moon rise up to dance with the stars in the bluest sky, life is wonderful. When there isn’t any price on the eruption of joy on the faces you can call it Haitian people.

The mass dust of a few dishonest citizens may dirty the daily reality but underneath the precious rock of faith and desire to live no matter what the situation can still sparkle. It just a matter time for the wind and the people will to blow away all the unclean powder that obstruct the window sight of opportunity so Haitian can perceive from far away the silhouette of a promising future walking toward them with a big smiley face and open arms.

Pessimistic won’t have eyes to see it, cynical won’t have a mind to understand it, skeptical won’t even dream to imagine it, but optimism is reserving for those who have a heart that pound a positive energy to transcend the obstacle that block the dreams that inspire the courage to anticipate a brighter future for Haitian. Life is gold when you possess the audacity to see the light in the mysterious night. The gold in Haiti is all the things that bad politics, country dealers, corruptions can’t take away. There is gold in Haiti for those who believe.


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