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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Haitians you must know!

My name is Paul kind of old and I feel cold whenever I think about Haiti. I raise my head up all I can see is the shade of hopelessness that obstruct the light to set up a stone of darkness in the heart of my fellow Haitians to stop them from feeling and seeing the love, and the pride for their country. I don’t think Haiti can go anywhere, the country is too far back there is no way it can catch up the speed of modernity and democracy, Haitian people had sold out long time ago their motto (l ‘union fait la force). I don’t want to waste my time saving and serving a country which has lost all fights: job, education, healthcare and security.

My name is Jacques (mwen pa nan kri mwen pa nan krak) I don’t care because I am not in politic, my clock does not TIC and it does not TAC. I am deaf and static I can’t hear and I can’t dance the music. I am just here not too important, and I don’t want to concern myself with happen to Haiti, because this is their country, they can act as they please, and if they want they will give Haiti and I a chance. I was born under the Haitian flag, I am carrying my Haitian flag right now and I will always raise it high up in the sky so the world can see it.

I am Toussaint Jean-Christophe despite all bluff and catastrophe I still have a good strength of mind, and I still believe in Haitian men and women incomparable courage, dignity and the will to walk bypass the past and confront the present to reach a brighter future where all Haitian can walk with their heads up. The road to victory is long and mountainous, difficult and dangerous, I deeply believe with all my strength that with love Haitians can flight high, with peace they can face the danger, with courage and determination they can make it easy, and the time is now so the future can be as close as tomorrow. Which one of these three Haitians are you? You don’t have to answer to anyone else, but you can tell yourself and your conscience the truth.

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