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Monday, September 14, 2009

The next good president of Haiti!

The magnitude of determination of the Haitian people for real change will determine the attitude of their leaders. An exceptional man or woman is determined by other people’s perception. As long as Haitians do not change their mind-set toward the people that they choose for public offices and as long as they don’t elevate the requirements for public servants the outcome will remain at the same level of disappointment, mediocrity and corruption.

No man is perfect and neither will any system. However, if people are willing to meet an agreement to leave in discipline and respect for one another and to alter their behavior their governmental system will improve. The next good president of Haiti could be among us, but Haitians need to take their time to pick the good orange from the rotten pile. The next good Haitian president should not be any ordinary man or woman, being Haitian alone does not qualify anybody to be president. The respected citizens should come up with new rule to increase the standard of qualification for the candidates and the rule should apply at all level of the governmental spectrum. A good candidate should demonstrate personal quality such as; dedication, charisma, humility, honesty, great listener, altruistic, modest, excellent communicator, great team player etc…, a good candidate should present and prove a good track record of accomplishment to demonstrate capability and talent to perform higher task, with leadership skills and strong personality. The next good president should have a decent academic education and good knowledge of politics and policies national and international.

The next good president of Haiti will be easy to choose when all Haitians have the courage to look in the mirror and able to see the best in themselves, and use that same courage to demand the best from their neighbors, the police, the doctors and nurses, the lawyers and judges, the priests and pastors, the voodoo priests, the teachers, the business man and woman, the agronomist and cultivators, the employers and employees, deputies and senators, the mayors and even the shoe shiner, and especially a big demand for the best from the political leaders. The next good president should not come from any fake gang privatize or family owned political parties.

Would you like to elect a good head of state in the next election in Haiti? If yes put all emotion and frustration, partisan aside, and use facts and common sense and be a well inform and concern citizens of country with the will to orchestrate change , to contribute to challenge the Haitian leaders to be competent to manage the country. With good judgment and adequate information Haiti will have the next good president.


  1. This is a great article. This should be accompanied by a survey. One question of this survey would have requested the name(s) of one or more potential future nation leaders be posted.

  2. I understand the message you are trying to convey. My advice to you is to have someone edit your articles before you publish them. That will make them more attractive to readers.

    Best wishes



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