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Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you think a president can save Haiti?/ Eske ou panse yon prezidan ka chanje Ayiti?

Since 1804 we have been changing government upon government and still Haiti is going backward. Do you think the problem is because the heads of state are bad or do you think a president can really change Haiti?
Please let us know what do you think or take the poll

Thanks in advance

Depi 1804 peyi d’Ayiti ap change gouvènman yonn apre lòt e malgre sa peyi a pa janm avanse. Eske ou panse se yon problèm move prezidan, ou byen eske ou panse yon prezidan ka chanje peyi d’Ayiti?

Tanpri di nou ki sa ou panse ou byen patisipe nan sondaj la

Mèsi davans

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The dream job in Haiti

Before you start reading considers Haiti as an enterprise, the shareholder as the Haitian people, partner as local and international investor, and pretty soon there will be the presidential election.

Company overview

A small, but a valuable enterprise with great asset and enormous liability founded in January 1st 1804 with more than 7 million shareholder, Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republic. Jamaica lies to the west and Cuba to the northwest of it. This is an enterprise with a rich history and a colorful culture and blessed by the nature, but so often run by unsuccessful and unqualified management, and mostly with dishonest staff and underpaid labor. This enterprise has been looking for a very long time for a competent and qualifies president. According to the company manual policies rewritten in 1987 the enterprise must hire a new management every four years. Now we are looking for an experienced and qualify candidate to be the head of this prestigious and historic enterprise.

Job description and requirements
The candidate must be a genuine Haitian man or woman with dedication, charisma, humility, honesty, great listener, altruistic, modest, excellent communicator, great team player, prove a good track record of his success, demonstrate his capability and talent to perform higher task, with leadership skills, and especially with problem solving skills which is extremely important for the company at this present moment, strong personality and great attitude. The candidate must work well under internal and external pressure. A decent academic education is a plus and must have excellent knowledge of the national and international policies. The candidate must be able to express eloquently his vision and aspiration for the enterprise and must be able to prove how is going to achieve brilliantly the goal he or she sets for the enterprise. Beside those skills and qualities we would love for the candidate to be a progressive visionary and practical leader.

As the president of the enterprise you will analyze factual information and determine the course of action that will benefit the institution and the shareholder. You will nominate a capable and honest team to help you administrate with accurate data and proficiently balance the enterprise budget, by eliminating wasteful spending and reducing the budget deficit. You will collaborate and compromise only in the best interest of the enterprise and the shareholder. You must manage with transparency; you shall not steal the money of the enterprise. You must reform the physical and the mental aspect of the institution which must lead to the restoration of confidence at all level across the board in the enterprise. Your will come up with realistic plan, and set achievable goal to attack the root problem of corruption and clan mentality, you must communicate on a regular basis with the shareholder, and must be able to show interest in working and communicate with the internal and the external partner for the well being and the interest of the institution. You must create attractive environment for all employee and growth for the shareholder.

If you don’t meet the requirements, and you don’t have the qualification and the skills requested please don’t waste our precious time in applying for this job. This is an enterprise that is actually facing serious problem and have been facing difficult time for a very long time now.

Quick history
Here are a few of the most familiar names who had managed this enterprise in the last 50 years you can make some research to find out what was their strengths and weaknesses, and what was the cause of their failure or their success.
François Duvalier 1957 - 1971
Jean-Claude Duvalier 1971 - 1986
Henri Namphy 1986 - 1987
Lesli Manigat 1988
Henri Namphy 1988 - 1989
Prosper Avril 1989 - 1990
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1991
Marc Bazin 1992 - 1993
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1993 - 1994
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1994 - 1996
Rene Preval 1996 - 2000
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2000 - 2004
René Garcia Préval 2006 -

Monday, September 14, 2009

The next good president of Haiti!

The magnitude of determination of the Haitian people for real change will determine the attitude of their leaders. An exceptional man or woman is determined by other people’s perception. As long as Haitians do not change their mind-set toward the people that they choose for public offices and as long as they don’t elevate the requirements for public servants the outcome will remain at the same level of disappointment, mediocrity and corruption.

No man is perfect and neither will any system. However, if people are willing to meet an agreement to leave in discipline and respect for one another and to alter their behavior their governmental system will improve. The next good president of Haiti could be among us, but Haitians need to take their time to pick the good orange from the rotten pile. The next good Haitian president should not be any ordinary man or woman, being Haitian alone does not qualify anybody to be president. The respected citizens should come up with new rule to increase the standard of qualification for the candidates and the rule should apply at all level of the governmental spectrum. A good candidate should demonstrate personal quality such as; dedication, charisma, humility, honesty, great listener, altruistic, modest, excellent communicator, great team player etc…, a good candidate should present and prove a good track record of accomplishment to demonstrate capability and talent to perform higher task, with leadership skills and strong personality. The next good president should have a decent academic education and good knowledge of politics and policies national and international.

The next good president of Haiti will be easy to choose when all Haitians have the courage to look in the mirror and able to see the best in themselves, and use that same courage to demand the best from their neighbors, the police, the doctors and nurses, the lawyers and judges, the priests and pastors, the voodoo priests, the teachers, the business man and woman, the agronomist and cultivators, the employers and employees, deputies and senators, the mayors and even the shoe shiner, and especially a big demand for the best from the political leaders. The next good president should not come from any fake gang privatize or family owned political parties.

Would you like to elect a good head of state in the next election in Haiti? If yes put all emotion and frustration, partisan aside, and use facts and common sense and be a well inform and concern citizens of country with the will to orchestrate change , to contribute to challenge the Haitian leaders to be competent to manage the country. With good judgment and adequate information Haiti will have the next good president.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Haitians you must know!

My name is Paul kind of old and I feel cold whenever I think about Haiti. I raise my head up all I can see is the shade of hopelessness that obstruct the light to set up a stone of darkness in the heart of my fellow Haitians to stop them from feeling and seeing the love, and the pride for their country. I don’t think Haiti can go anywhere, the country is too far back there is no way it can catch up the speed of modernity and democracy, Haitian people had sold out long time ago their motto (l ‘union fait la force). I don’t want to waste my time saving and serving a country which has lost all fights: job, education, healthcare and security.

My name is Jacques (mwen pa nan kri mwen pa nan krak) I don’t care because I am not in politic, my clock does not TIC and it does not TAC. I am deaf and static I can’t hear and I can’t dance the music. I am just here not too important, and I don’t want to concern myself with happen to Haiti, because this is their country, they can act as they please, and if they want they will give Haiti and I a chance. I was born under the Haitian flag, I am carrying my Haitian flag right now and I will always raise it high up in the sky so the world can see it.

I am Toussaint Jean-Christophe despite all bluff and catastrophe I still have a good strength of mind, and I still believe in Haitian men and women incomparable courage, dignity and the will to walk bypass the past and confront the present to reach a brighter future where all Haitian can walk with their heads up. The road to victory is long and mountainous, difficult and dangerous, I deeply believe with all my strength that with love Haitians can flight high, with peace they can face the danger, with courage and determination they can make it easy, and the time is now so the future can be as close as tomorrow. Which one of these three Haitians are you? You don’t have to answer to anyone else, but you can tell yourself and your conscience the truth.


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