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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Truth that you must know about Haiti

If a key is a tool to open or close a door, the words are the keys to open or to close the mind. If the Haitian people who have a chance to open the mind of the world with their words fail to do so, they put a lock in their mouth and they give away the key of their dignities, therefore the rest of the world can manufacture any lies on behalf the Haitian people to sell to the unaware world who doesn’t have a choice, but buy whatever they have available to them. With words they diminish the beautiful island of Haiti, but with words Haitian people can start restoring their sanctuary.

They can’t erase the reality of the political trouble they are diving in, they can’t fake the financial barriers that stop these people to move forward, and they can’t ignore the social defect that affect the life of their society, furthermore they can’t overlook the truth that despite all distress Haitian people is not less than the rest of the world.

So often when they talk about Haiti is like the lord of the negativity has enthrone and reign only in Haiti. Like every country in the world they have a sin city where the headquarter of devil establish to promote corruption, and destruction in the middle of a nation. In Haiti case Port-au-Prince is the main river that the corruption and blood flow, therefore the focus is often on that city which seems the only face that Haitian have to represent them. The world must know they have some other cities that they barely mention when they refer to Haiti. Regardless of poverty has his stamp on it, political instability create a disability to the country so it can’t work, but still they are people who walk with their head high, they are people who live comfortably without a lot of money, they are people who live peacefully in their little corner without the burden of modernity.

They are people across America who travel to Haiti and they testify about the beauty of that country which often the news media won’t report, they are people who visited Haiti they don’t even tell them because the reality contradict most of the lies. They are foreigner all over Europe and America who dream to spend the rest of their life on this island. They are missionary who go to Haiti every year not only to do missionary work but to enjoy the wind of peace blowing in country side, to intermingle with people that their hospitality worth more than a million dollar and their courtesy exceed the world class service of a five stars hotel.

This story isn’t intended to convince that there is a positive side of Haiti, but is to invite you to find out the truth for yourself about a group people who never stop smiling, and living life to the fullest. From January to February you can witness the greatest public celebration in the world through to the magic of carnival where everyone is dancing on the beat of one Haiti. Then you can travel from cost to cost to walk on carpets of sand and unwind in the most natural bathtub of salty blue sea.
Haiti = Hospitality Allure Inconceivable Tropical Indelible

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  1. Fre Wolfred,

    Sa ou di'a se yon paket verite sou tanbou men gen ladan'l ki merite revizman. Mwen dako ke gen twop bagay ki di ki negatif sou ti pey a, men omen tan se pa yon invansyon li ye paske se nou ki pedi nan mara sila epi se nou ki ap fe'l pran ample. Nou pa nan la pe paske nou pa we na la pe yon solisyon pou pwoblem kab ronje nou yo. Sa se yon pwemye pa sou rout la destriksyon paske nou se yon pep ki pezib o fon malgre tout apran yo aprna nou pa viv konsa.

    Mwen remen bagay wape di fre pam la...kenbe la, pa lage.



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