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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There is only one man who can save Haiti!

It’s been very long since a heavy rain of political instability and economical depression are falling on Haiti, that cause an inundation of poverty that destroy the social structure which represent the pillars that hold the country together. It’s been years Haitians don’t have a moment in time to breathe because they have been running like crazy to find the perfect man to take them to the promise land, till then they will still be running they will fall deeper and deeper into the hole they are already in. Every time they thought they have found the one, they always ended up being deceived later on; maybe the one is a ghost whom they have created in their mind. They have tried despot and so call democrat but the results proved that they are not different from each other. They have chosen all kind of politicians without reasons, they even tried a priest still they haven’t been granted forgiveness for their undetermined sin.

Elections upon elections Haitians always “vote” thinking a savior will emerge; instead they submerge in the middle of an ocean of mediocrity and selfish leaders who bring them down more and more. It’s been too long since Haitians have been engaged in a very extensive search for a man with dignity, will and courage to drive them away from their troubles. It’s time for them to redefine the search; the moment is now!!! They must change their methods, at this instant they ought to stop seeking out for a ghost which they will never find, they should look deeper inside themselves to find out why the choices that they have been making are still hurting the republic of Haiti and tarnish its image in front the world.

The only man who can save Haiti is you!!! You can save Haiti when you consult your conscience and decide to do what is right. You can save Haiti when your political party isn’t a private business but a public interest, you can save Haiti when your business stop ripping off those who can’t afford it. You can save this country when you stop putting your brothers and sisters up and against each other. You will save this republic when you give yourself power to do good. You will save Haiti by not being a sellout and not selling your soul to the neighbors. You can save the first black republic when you know the country belong to you. You are the only one who can save Haiti when you start speaking positively about it and start working to fix the malfunction in the system. You and only you can save this country.


  1. Finally,there is a realistic approach to solving our problems as Haitians need to do. We cannot rely on a saviour that does not exist or could not possibly exist, ignoring our personal contribution in the process. We cannot turn our back to our problems thinking that somebody or a foreign organization would magically come by and know exactly what to do. Let's start realistically putting our resources together(both inside and outside the country) and start consciously measuring the results and progress both on a short and long terms basic.

  2. Great approach, and it is possible. I will make sure all my haitian friends read it.



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