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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poverty in the USA and riches in HAITI

The United States of America is the richest country in the history of mankind statically, where poverty express itself very well, and in one hour away from the cost of Florida here is Haiti one of the poorest country in the western hemisphere with some rich people living contentedly. This is not a dream but in a vivid reality the world is upside down.

The world is not always telling the story like it is, but they tell it like they think it suppose to be, or how they like it to sound according to their prospect. Since anyone can choose how to see the world, let see the upside of Haiti and the downside of USA. Let’s compare them, in term of Nation they are two great nations with amazing history, but among both of them there is a huge gap in distribution of wealth in their societies. In the social and political aspect the US is the land of the free with too much democracy, they are trying to export some of it to country like Haiti which is struggling with the so call democracy, let’s stop here! What is the point of democracy? If there are millions of homeless people living in America, and despite the struggling democracy in Haiti there still have some rich people living with great satisfaction with no intention to leave the paradise island.

Not trying to denigrate the US, but the contrast is much stronger when comparing the richest and the poorest country in the western hemisphere. This is just to tell the world that Haiti is not as bad as they present it in the corporate media. When the democracy step on the peace and wealth doesn’t give luxury and stress is eating people alive in America, some escape to enjoy the peace of mind in the poorest and undemocratic Haiti, to lay and suck the sun in Labadee beach and multiple other similar beaches, visiting the 8th wonder in the world, the citadel of King Henry the 1st, savoring the famous Haitian dishes (diri kole ak pwa, bannann peze, griyo ak bon pikliz sou kè yo), dancing carnival in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, and as souvenirs they carry alone some great piece of well crafted wood or the colorful mixture painting to expose on the wall of their living room.

Nobody can deny that Haiti is the poorest in the western hemisphere with rich people, rich culture, untapped resources and very happy people. It is obvious the US is the richest country in the world with millions of people in poverty, millions of people without healthcare, job, happiness and the basics in life. Despite all America remain a great country, but the world must acknowledge that Haiti is among the greats.

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