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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Message to the Haitian impractical intellectual

On an academic note with a red pen to cross off the unrealistic, and a piece of clear paper with the static scholars who make the legendary list, the readable words are: what are you thinking about, and below in capital letter it says what do you do with all your knowledge? Did you left them at the college, did they stock and encrypted in your mind, or did they catch the famous virus of impracticality which only give you access to talking, and showing off on those who did not have a chance to be bless with some educations. You must know that education doesn’t make anyone great in life; greatness is the result of courageous actions upon actions by achieving something concrete.

If you are an economist why Haiti is so broke? For all that study you can even do a little calculation to diminish the tribulation of the Haitian population. Mr. Agronomist did you forget the formula how to plant a seed and make it grow so the little children can grow out of malnutrition. With you Ph.D. in political science you fail miserably in your discipline, therefore you need to go back to kindergarten to learn the A B C of politics so the country gets out of its political debacle. If your specialty is in architecture/construction too many words are like demolition of time, you need to reconstruct the nation.

Whatever your fields of study Mr. greedy you need to stop giving speeches pull up your sleeve to achieve something that is usable, and show you are capable of transforming you beautiful thoughts into actions that will sanction violation of the right of all Haitian men and women to live as human being in their own country.

This message is to acknowledge all of you Haitian intellectual who live in Haiti and abroad, and to remind you that the time is now, the country can’t wait any longer for a savior, this isn’t a chapter with some verse in the new testament, wake up!!! Pinch yourself this is the reality. This isn’t the time for your grand intellectual discussion where you are debating theory. You won’t have a place in the history if you only keep you knowledge in your secluded circle .You must realize that you are not any better than those who never grant access to walk through the door of a school. Education is an opportunity given, but life is for the collectivity to live altogether in collaboration. If this message reaches you please get yourself out of the impractical category, by starting applying your intellectual knowledge for the progress and for brighter future of Haiti.

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