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Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 most prominent figures in Haitians politics that at the same time drag Haiti to the mud

This people made a name for themselves in the Haitian politic over the last two decades, these men are smart, articulate in the language of demagogy social and politics. In personal term some of them achieve their goal by becoming rich when the country financial situation is worsening, and they become influential and powerful in making all the bad decisions that push Haiti deeply down in the ground. Every time the instability politic is active they are the one in the front page negotiating for the result that Haiti have today by getting it poorer, while the instability politics increase at the speed light Here are their names and their organizations
1) Jean Bertrand Aristide (LAVALAS)
2) Leslie Manigat (RDNP)
3) Evans Paul (KID)
4) Serge Gilles (PANPRA)
5) Victor Benoit (CONACOM)
6) Hubert Deronceray (MDN)
7) Marc L Bazin (MIDH)
8) Henry Nanphy (FADH)
9) Reynold Georges (ALAH)
10) Raoul Cedras (FADH)

It will be fine to disagree with these individuals listed, but would you be able to change the result of today and the history of the last two decades. If you feel somebody should or shouldn’t be on the list please feel free to submit your list, and HAITI FIRST CLASS will be delighted to publish it for you. This is a reminder for the emerging Haitian politician so they keep in mind that there are eyes watching them every step of the way, and if they stand in the wrong side of history, it will judge and condemn them. These famous men listed for their contributions to the fiasco of Haiti will leave a scar that only the decency of Haitians today and tomorrow can erase.

1 comment:

  1. With all due respect, your list is deceptively short, selective and discriminatory. Why Rene Preval and associates are not in there? Why there isn’t any name from the so called ‘bourgeoisie’ that holds the real power in Haiti? And that also represent “les eternels pouvoirs d’etat dont Marcel Gilbert parlait”? They are the beneficiaries of the catastrophic situation in Haiti; therefore, they are part of the corruption and equally responsible for it. Above and beyond the current names and many others that are missing in your list, it’s mentality issue that we are facing in Haiti. Should I also remind you that Haiti’s problems did not start in the 1990’s? Therefore, if we ought to make a list of those who drag the country to the mud, it will be excessively long. Let’s work on the real issue which is changing the society by building strong institutions that can fight the corruption, the criminality, bad politicians etc. There will always be unscrupulous people in the society; the only way to combat them is through institutions that work effectively.



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