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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poverty in the USA and riches in HAITI

The United States of America is the richest country in the history of mankind statically, where poverty express itself very well, and in one hour away from the cost of Florida here is Haiti one of the poorest country in the western hemisphere with some rich people living contentedly. This is not a dream but in a vivid reality the world is upside down.

The world is not always telling the story like it is, but they tell it like they think it suppose to be, or how they like it to sound according to their prospect. Since anyone can choose how to see the world, let see the upside of Haiti and the downside of USA. Let’s compare them, in term of Nation they are two great nations with amazing history, but among both of them there is a huge gap in distribution of wealth in their societies. In the social and political aspect the US is the land of the free with too much democracy, they are trying to export some of it to country like Haiti which is struggling with the so call democracy, let’s stop here! What is the point of democracy? If there are millions of homeless people living in America, and despite the struggling democracy in Haiti there still have some rich people living with great satisfaction with no intention to leave the paradise island.

Not trying to denigrate the US, but the contrast is much stronger when comparing the richest and the poorest country in the western hemisphere. This is just to tell the world that Haiti is not as bad as they present it in the corporate media. When the democracy step on the peace and wealth doesn’t give luxury and stress is eating people alive in America, some escape to enjoy the peace of mind in the poorest and undemocratic Haiti, to lay and suck the sun in Labadee beach and multiple other similar beaches, visiting the 8th wonder in the world, the citadel of King Henry the 1st, savoring the famous Haitian dishes (diri kole ak pwa, bannann peze, griyo ak bon pikliz sou kè yo), dancing carnival in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, and as souvenirs they carry alone some great piece of well crafted wood or the colorful mixture painting to expose on the wall of their living room.

Nobody can deny that Haiti is the poorest in the western hemisphere with rich people, rich culture, untapped resources and very happy people. It is obvious the US is the richest country in the world with millions of people in poverty, millions of people without healthcare, job, happiness and the basics in life. Despite all America remain a great country, but the world must acknowledge that Haiti is among the greats.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 most prominent figures in Haitians politics that at the same time drag Haiti to the mud

This people made a name for themselves in the Haitian politic over the last two decades, these men are smart, articulate in the language of demagogy social and politics. In personal term some of them achieve their goal by becoming rich when the country financial situation is worsening, and they become influential and powerful in making all the bad decisions that push Haiti deeply down in the ground. Every time the instability politic is active they are the one in the front page negotiating for the result that Haiti have today by getting it poorer, while the instability politics increase at the speed light Here are their names and their organizations
1) Jean Bertrand Aristide (LAVALAS)
2) Leslie Manigat (RDNP)
3) Evans Paul (KID)
4) Serge Gilles (PANPRA)
5) Victor Benoit (CONACOM)
6) Hubert Deronceray (MDN)
7) Marc L Bazin (MIDH)
8) Henry Nanphy (FADH)
9) Reynold Georges (ALAH)
10) Raoul Cedras (FADH)

It will be fine to disagree with these individuals listed, but would you be able to change the result of today and the history of the last two decades. If you feel somebody should or shouldn’t be on the list please feel free to submit your list, and HAITI FIRST CLASS will be delighted to publish it for you. This is a reminder for the emerging Haitian politician so they keep in mind that there are eyes watching them every step of the way, and if they stand in the wrong side of history, it will judge and condemn them. These famous men listed for their contributions to the fiasco of Haiti will leave a scar that only the decency of Haitians today and tomorrow can erase.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Message to the Haitian impractical intellectual

On an academic note with a red pen to cross off the unrealistic, and a piece of clear paper with the static scholars who make the legendary list, the readable words are: what are you thinking about, and below in capital letter it says what do you do with all your knowledge? Did you left them at the college, did they stock and encrypted in your mind, or did they catch the famous virus of impracticality which only give you access to talking, and showing off on those who did not have a chance to be bless with some educations. You must know that education doesn’t make anyone great in life; greatness is the result of courageous actions upon actions by achieving something concrete.

If you are an economist why Haiti is so broke? For all that study you can even do a little calculation to diminish the tribulation of the Haitian population. Mr. Agronomist did you forget the formula how to plant a seed and make it grow so the little children can grow out of malnutrition. With you Ph.D. in political science you fail miserably in your discipline, therefore you need to go back to kindergarten to learn the A B C of politics so the country gets out of its political debacle. If your specialty is in architecture/construction too many words are like demolition of time, you need to reconstruct the nation.

Whatever your fields of study Mr. greedy you need to stop giving speeches pull up your sleeve to achieve something that is usable, and show you are capable of transforming you beautiful thoughts into actions that will sanction violation of the right of all Haitian men and women to live as human being in their own country.

This message is to acknowledge all of you Haitian intellectual who live in Haiti and abroad, and to remind you that the time is now, the country can’t wait any longer for a savior, this isn’t a chapter with some verse in the new testament, wake up!!! Pinch yourself this is the reality. This isn’t the time for your grand intellectual discussion where you are debating theory. You won’t have a place in the history if you only keep you knowledge in your secluded circle .You must realize that you are not any better than those who never grant access to walk through the door of a school. Education is an opportunity given, but life is for the collectivity to live altogether in collaboration. If this message reaches you please get yourself out of the impractical category, by starting applying your intellectual knowledge for the progress and for brighter future of Haiti.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There is only one man who can save Haiti!

It’s been very long since a heavy rain of political instability and economical depression are falling on Haiti, that cause an inundation of poverty that destroy the social structure which represent the pillars that hold the country together. It’s been years Haitians don’t have a moment in time to breathe because they have been running like crazy to find the perfect man to take them to the promise land, till then they will still be running they will fall deeper and deeper into the hole they are already in. Every time they thought they have found the one, they always ended up being deceived later on; maybe the one is a ghost whom they have created in their mind. They have tried despot and so call democrat but the results proved that they are not different from each other. They have chosen all kind of politicians without reasons, they even tried a priest still they haven’t been granted forgiveness for their undetermined sin.

Elections upon elections Haitians always “vote” thinking a savior will emerge; instead they submerge in the middle of an ocean of mediocrity and selfish leaders who bring them down more and more. It’s been too long since Haitians have been engaged in a very extensive search for a man with dignity, will and courage to drive them away from their troubles. It’s time for them to redefine the search; the moment is now!!! They must change their methods, at this instant they ought to stop seeking out for a ghost which they will never find, they should look deeper inside themselves to find out why the choices that they have been making are still hurting the republic of Haiti and tarnish its image in front the world.

The only man who can save Haiti is you!!! You can save Haiti when you consult your conscience and decide to do what is right. You can save Haiti when your political party isn’t a private business but a public interest, you can save Haiti when your business stop ripping off those who can’t afford it. You can save this country when you stop putting your brothers and sisters up and against each other. You will save this republic when you give yourself power to do good. You will save Haiti by not being a sellout and not selling your soul to the neighbors. You can save the first black republic when you know the country belong to you. You are the only one who can save Haiti when you start speaking positively about it and start working to fix the malfunction in the system. You and only you can save this country.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Truth that you must know about Haiti

If a key is a tool to open or close a door, the words are the keys to open or to close the mind. If the Haitian people who have a chance to open the mind of the world with their words fail to do so, they put a lock in their mouth and they give away the key of their dignities, therefore the rest of the world can manufacture any lies on behalf the Haitian people to sell to the unaware world who doesn’t have a choice, but buy whatever they have available to them. With words they diminish the beautiful island of Haiti, but with words Haitian people can start restoring their sanctuary.

They can’t erase the reality of the political trouble they are diving in, they can’t fake the financial barriers that stop these people to move forward, and they can’t ignore the social defect that affect the life of their society, furthermore they can’t overlook the truth that despite all distress Haitian people is not less than the rest of the world.

So often when they talk about Haiti is like the lord of the negativity has enthrone and reign only in Haiti. Like every country in the world they have a sin city where the headquarter of devil establish to promote corruption, and destruction in the middle of a nation. In Haiti case Port-au-Prince is the main river that the corruption and blood flow, therefore the focus is often on that city which seems the only face that Haitian have to represent them. The world must know they have some other cities that they barely mention when they refer to Haiti. Regardless of poverty has his stamp on it, political instability create a disability to the country so it can’t work, but still they are people who walk with their head high, they are people who live comfortably without a lot of money, they are people who live peacefully in their little corner without the burden of modernity.

They are people across America who travel to Haiti and they testify about the beauty of that country which often the news media won’t report, they are people who visited Haiti they don’t even tell them because the reality contradict most of the lies. They are foreigner all over Europe and America who dream to spend the rest of their life on this island. They are missionary who go to Haiti every year not only to do missionary work but to enjoy the wind of peace blowing in country side, to intermingle with people that their hospitality worth more than a million dollar and their courtesy exceed the world class service of a five stars hotel.

This story isn’t intended to convince that there is a positive side of Haiti, but is to invite you to find out the truth for yourself about a group people who never stop smiling, and living life to the fullest. From January to February you can witness the greatest public celebration in the world through to the magic of carnival where everyone is dancing on the beat of one Haiti. Then you can travel from cost to cost to walk on carpets of sand and unwind in the most natural bathtub of salty blue sea.
Haiti = Hospitality Allure Inconceivable Tropical Indelible


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