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Friday, July 31, 2009

Memo to the Haitian politician who came after 1986

Under our red and blue flag that Cathrine Flon sewed, there is a heat of unconditional love that warm up all Haitian heart, no matter where we are and no matter of our social class we are all link to the tree of liberty that Toussaint mentioned while he was kidnapped by the French. « En me renversant, vous avez seulement abattu le tronc de l’arbre de la liberté des Noirs. Mais il repoussera par les racines, car elles sont nombreuses et très profondes ».

We are all feeling the pride anytime a Haitian raise the flag positively in front of the world to remind those who want to step on our neck. We are still alive!!! Today with pain in our chest, tears in our eyes, and fear in our mind, we are screaming to the entire Haitian politician regiment who pop up in the light of freedom on February 7, 1986 to turn our days into a very long nightmare since then dark of the night invade our thinking, shadow our lifestyle, menace our liberty, brought us to our knees, where we are begging for peace, we are depraving of joy that we took in the pride of our independence as a great nation.

We are not ashamed of our country because that’s where we belong, but we are embarrassed of you Mr. and Mrs. Politicians, for your dirty behaviors that hurt the soul of our ancestors, your brainless decisions, and your stupid actions that destroy the lives of the honest and the innocents, you so call public representatives “useless”. Your stinky policy is slap in our faces. Especially those who call themselves intellectual, we want to let you know that the results of your decisions are illiterate. For the illiterate politicians your results are catastrophic for our economic and social development. If you are a politician that emerges after 1986 this message is directly addressing to you. You and your political party are a complete fiasco because you fail yourself and your parties, then you fail our nation. This memo is to let you know that you as Haitian you have your place in the country, but you as a politician you won’t have a respectable spot in our history. Just for one moment walk in our choose to feel our pain, put on your Haitian hat to see what we are going through, then you will understand that we deserve the best of you. Stop your greediness and your clan mentality put your country first.

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