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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter from Haiti to the world

Dear world,
Today we are standing on top of mount SELLE the highest peak of the country with our red and blue flag raise high to tell the world we are Haitians in good and bad time, with head high we want to look at you straight in the eyes with extreme confidence to say that we are very proud of our history, we are proud of our ancestry for the legacy of liberty, which is extraordinarily a gift with the highest quality and value that any nation can receive from their forefathers who deeply sacrifice their lives for the sovereignty of the Haitian of yesterday, today, tomorrow until the end of time.

Under the heat of a sun that shine all the years long, and the bluest therapeutic ocean to relax your soul we take pleasure to welcome you to the land of great hospitality where people smile are genuine and cheerful, we invite you to dance in the rhythm of our rich culture, and eat our delicious soul foods where cooking is a tradition. Don’t let the media fool you with deceptive images like misery and poverty are the only side and the matchless face of our live paradise island.

We want to invite you to take a dive in a human sea during our carnival season were the whole society merge into one social class to enjoy and cadence in one step to a collective pleasure that no fortune in the world can buy. We invite to visit the house of the king Henry the 1st one of the most impressive construction in the world made by the hand of men after our independence which was baptized Citadelle Laferriere 8th wonder of the world that locate and integrated on top of mountain, we most tell you that even the disappointment of time doesn’t make it bow down.

We want you to know that we are a very pride and loving nation, despite stinky politics of a few thugs local and international which are uncivilized animals with human skin who take over our economy with their greediness to hold down the entire Haitian nation. The world must know that the enemy can manipulate our politics and our economies, but our soul is unreachable regardless their determination to push us back they can’t break our confidence as a people, sooner or later we will rise higher than the mount Everest to take our place on the bright side of our destiny with our red and blue flag in our hand to remind the world we are Haiti the first black republic in the modern history. We won't be dismissed! We are looking forward hearing from the bell of your conscience and fairness of you humanitarian to turn you attention, and give hand to facilitate us get back up on our feet, we ask for help we are not begging.

Sincerely yours people

All Haitian people.

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  1. Thanks brother for this wonderful message. I got to let other people know about this blog. I am glad there still have Haitian who think highly positive.




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