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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kudos to the Haitian football (soccer) team

Haitian people love for football (soccer) is a passion that they carry deep inside themselves, they never afraid to express this profound sentiment and the joy this game has brought into their lives. It is like a breath of air for a nation in an asphyxia socio-economic and politics. This love is serious and contagious it transfers from generation to generation, in 1974 they made it to the world cup in Germany which they were eliminated in phase one of the competition, but they left the world cup with a joyful and unforgettable souvenir until now they can’t stop talking about the magnificent goal Emmanuel (aka Mano) Sanon has score against the most famous Italian goal keeper at that era to stop his invincibility, they do it again in front of the USA football (soccer) team in the gold cup 2002 with two goals, luckily the US has save the game with a tie in last minute before the final whistle of the referee.

Today the Haitian national football (soccer) team needs the financial and emotional support of Haitian people all over the world, because every time they play they represent Haiti positively, proudly, and mostly they carry a heavy responsibility to lift the Haitian’s flag higher. Any time you buy their jerseys or go to their game it reinforces the courage and the skill of those players that without adequate organizational structure to play the game, but still they try so hard to the best of their abilities to bring joy to an entire nation in pain and sorrow. Kudos for the 1974 national football (soccer) team they are national hero beside the hero of Haiti independence in 1804. Support the national team of Haiti so they can make Haitian and the heroes proud wherever they are. If you are not pride of your people, who would? Think about it.

1 comment:

  1. We can do better if we find the support necessary from the Haitian government instead of stealing our money.

    Anyway I am proud of the team perfomance.

    Mwen swete ou ekri kek blog an kreyol pou moun ki pa pale angle yo. Bon travay!




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