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Monday, July 27, 2009

It is time for Haitian people to respond!

The bell is ringing, ding dong! It’s time for a new hero to wake up and emerge in every Haitian man and woman all over the world to have the courage to let go the great general Toussaint L’ouverture, the emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines, and the king Henry Christophe to rest in peace in their glorious past because they have already wrote the introduction of our history in the book of time.

The moment is in our hand; grab the pen of reality and the paper of life to start writing the next chapter in the book of history for the children of tomorrow. We don’t have to erase anything in the past; we can turn to a new page to pledge to do as little as we can now to accomplish at least one constructive mission to write the brightest chapter for the future generation in our nation book of history. The phone is ringing answer the call, it is time to start walking on the road on consciousness, the voice is screaming in our head listen to respond to our duty to work for the evolution of our condition as one nation. It’s the raising of the sun get up to face the everyday challenges, high-quality education for our population edification, first class healthcare for our nation strength, competent elected official who knows their role in the affair of the country destiny for peace, harmony, and the growth of our economy so we can stop fleeing our paradise island from the epidemic of poverty and insecurity. The bamboo and the tam-tam rhythm are harmonizing and playing so we start dancing “KWAZE LEYWIT” as a result all Haitian can meet at one point to bring back the spirit of collectivity which is appropriate to our motto “l ‘union fait la force” .

After answering the call, rings the bell to call to the attention of those who are pessimistic about the power of Haitian people. We fought the great battle of Vertière in 1803 to defeat one the most powerful army in that period the Napoleon army; we built the Citadelle Laferrière the 8th wonder in the world. We can achieve great thing we just need be proud again, we just need to come together again to gather our forces together to move the mountain that stop us from writing in the book our daily life so our children and grandchildren can read and can be proud of the legacy we will leave them.

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