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Monday, July 27, 2009

10 most exceptional people in the Haitian culture, music, sport and politics

These men and women have their names engrave in gold on the wall of Haiti history and with unconditional love, respect, appreciation in the heart of every Haitian. They are standing alone each one of them in their own planet to form the Haitian constellation of great figure, they play a crucial role in Haiti past, present, and they will still impacting Haitians who desire to be great in their own way.

1)Toussaint Louverture Leader of the Haitian Revolution, first black general in the French army

2)Jean Jacques Dessalines General, father of Haitian independence, first president and emperor of Haiti

3)Henry Christophe The first Haïtien King and the Architect of the Citadelle Laferièrre the 8th wonder in the world
4)Catherine Flon She sewed the first Haitian flag on May 18, 1803

5)Ertha Pascal Trouillot The first Haitian woman President

6)Nemours Jean Baptist The inventor of Compas (KOMPA) the Most popular Haitian style of music

7)Emmanuel “Manno” Sanon The fist Haitian soccer player who scored in a world cup, and it was against the legendary Italian goalkeeper, Dino Zoff 1974 World Cup

8)Maurice Sixto The Most popular Humorist and Diseur Haitian

9)Theodore Baubrun (Languichatte Debordus) Writer, actor, and comedian of the most popular comedy TV show in Haiti Languichatte Debordus

10)Wyclef Jean The most recognize Haitian musician around the world
If you don't totally agree that these 10 people are the most exceptional Haitian, please feel free to send to me your ten people. You can leave it in the comment box below so everybody can see your choices. Thanks


  1. Hi. I was just surfing around and I came across your bloggy. It's really nifty and I enjoyed reading it. I hope you'll stop by and check out my blog as well. :) I'd love to have you visit.

    I'm going to add your blog to my reader so I can keep up with your posts.

    Have a great week!

  2. It's Theodore Beaubrun the name.

    Too bad.


  3. Fe lis pa'w...mwen pa kwe gen dange nan chwazi kiles ou pense ki se dis bon gren ayisyen nan je pa'w...
    si nou ta vle mete plis krite sa se tap yon lot bagay...

    Max Jeanty

  4. mwen pa trouve li saj bo kote pa'm pou'm ta foure bouch mwen nan yon bagay ki voye monte san okenn fondmen esensyel. Men etan mwen se yon atis ak yon aktivis sosyal tou. nan defann sak pipiti. nan voye monte gwo pawol piman bouk nan pwezi angaje pou reklame chanjmam. Nan konesans men genyen de ampil lot moun ki te travay di e lot kap travay di. san konte ampil atis angaje ki foure men nan pat la ak tout dekourajman yon sosyete ap bougonnen yo. Sa touche'm ampil le'ou chwazi dis moun sa yo. Komsi pou'ou se yo ki pi espesyal. Mwen wete chapo ba devan nom ki nan lis la nan respe mwen genyen pou zanset ak tout moun ki patisipe nan fe bon bagay pou peyi ya. Men kanta ou menm mon che. nan respe mwen gen pou moun. Mwen pa vle di'ou mediok. Men fason'ou chwazi ya mediok ampil. Li fe'ou paret tankou moun ki pa respekte moun, ou byen ki pa byen sezi signifikasyon mo ekseptyonel la, ni moun ki pa ka enkouraje moun kap fe byen. Ou mal fomile mesaj la. Petet ou gen yon rezon le'ou tap chwazi moun sa yo. se vre yo impotan. Men itilize mo pi exseptyonel la ka choke ampil lot. ki konnen listwa peyi'a byen. Ni lot ki te goumen ou kap goumen ampil jous jounen jodia pou chanjman peyi'a

    Si'm te ou menm. Mwen te ka di. Men dis nan vanyan ayisyen nou pa ka bliye.

    Rosemonde Valentin poyet chanjman

  5. Dear Wolfred C. Wanch,

    I just wanted to tell you that I visited your blog and that I liked it very much.

    Much more than the question who are the 10 most exceptional Haitians, I loved your "Letter from Haiti to the World".

    Wouldn´t you like to publish it as well in this forum? If you do, I thank you in advance for this "injection" of positivity we all need so much. The words are very touching, full of truth and dignity.

    I´m not "the world" to answer you on its behalf, only one of its inhabitants, and I would like to say you that I heard you.
    Mwen te konprann pawol ou yo. se sa lespri ayisien an ki mwen renmen anpil. Kenbe la.


  6. Mwen pa komprann. Ki sa w´ap reproche Wyclef???

    Ou jwenn move ke li te fet "yon gwo lajan" ? Tout moun bezwen fè lajan, o mwens Wyclef depanse anpil lajan li pou developman an Ayiti. Ki sa w´ap di pou travay yo li te fet ak "Yele Haiti" ? Tout travay sa a koute yon gwo lajan, pa gen developman ak bel pawol sèlman!


  7. Wrong people! Expecially Wycef Jean in it makes the list worst. Please, do not let money make a fool out of you people.

    Master Dji, one of the best Haiti proabbly will ever had, how come you not mentioned him.


  8. After reading this post and the comments, many things caught my attention. I will not expand on every blogger's comments. However, I want to point out that Mr. Wanch is entitled to his opinions. I do not believe this is accurate if we take into account the definition of the adjective EXCEPTIONAL. This list looks more like the author’s list of 10 favorite Haitians…
    For those bloggers bashing Wyclef for whatever reasons you may have, tell me one other Haitian popular figure in his position who is not afraid of identifying him/herself with the Haitian root? Why blame him for choosing the styles of music he plays. Yes, he is known for being a Hip-Hop artist. Do you know of another who includes or incorporate Hip-Hop R&B, Reggae, Konpa, Rasin (roots), some Latin rhythms, African rhythms, in his/her musical works? I honestly, Wyclef should have done some Konpa (with English version) for the world market (not just for Haitians). We should have been really proud of seeing a Haitian just like ourselves doing all of this. I am not even going to touch his philanthropic works.
    On another note, while I think it is respectable that Catherine Flon is remembered as the woman who had sewn our first flag, I do not think that make her exceptional unless she was the only woman who knew how to sew at the time and came up with the design and other details of the flag. The flag was primarily Dessalines’ idea.

  9. Now, let me talk about François Duvalier and Jean-Bertrand Aristide. To me, they both had great and rare opportunities to contribute to the progress of the country and it did not happen under their respective presidency. This being said, if the list was about 10 best know Haitian politicians in world history both their name on the top. One could argue that Duvalier built schools, hospitals, health centers, and the lone (international) airport in Port-au-Prince. From what I understand, no one (that includes his son) came to power and continued or improved what he left behind. Despite all that, I would like to ask anyone to prove there was no absence of freedom when Duvalier and his son were in power. No political regime in Haitian history had ever persecuted its opponents than how it happened from 1957 to 1986. We could have seen something similar if Aristide was still dominating the political scene.

  10. Talking about Aristide, how can someone mess up such a rare popularity, given the context of modern politics? I was never a Lavalas, but having the coup d’état in 1991 did not help Haiti a bit. You would think Aristide would learn from that. No he did not. He came back to the country having in mind that Haiti was his personal property. He chased in so many different ways his original backers and messed up Preval’s presidency 1996-2001. If someone wants to make a list of top ten manipulators, brain-washers, emotionally exploitative, bluffers, corruptors in Haitian political history Aristide would be there. Some day my brothers and sisters in La Saline, Cité Soleil, and other strongholds of Aristide will get to know the truth about Aristide. There is more poverty in those places now than there was before Aristide got into power. What did he do for them? I understand he was away from Haiti for 3 years because of the coup. We all know what he becomes in the early 2000. Please refer back to May 21 and November 26 elections, Les chimères, the contested Lavalas officials, etc…
    As far as what happened, in February 2004, people can call it whatever they want. Of course it was not the end of his term. However, what is wrong with asking someone to step down if he is not producing positive results for the country. I see one blogger mentioned that USA, France and Canada kidnapped him. It does not matter what you called it. When people simply took on the street to protest against Lavalas practices and the attacks from chimeres back in 2002 and 2003; that should not be perceived as anti constitutional. Do I condone the armed uprising back then? No. But it surely contributed to driving him away. Who knows under what sort of chaos we would be today? Is the country doing great? No. However, there is no chimeres oppressing Lavalas opponents like they used to when Aristide was around.

  11. For those of you who want to know, I am not a macoute, not a lavalas, no ties to FRAPH, no tie to Convergence, CPP, etc… I am not a supporter of Lespwa either. Let’s admit it however, out of the bad ones having been in power, they are probably the best (so to speak).
    To go back to that list, I respectfully think that it is a list of Mr. Wanch’s ten or favorite Haitians. I recommend bloggers to leave him alone and create their own list and call it whatever they like.

  12. Who cares about the people that this guy put in the list. Why don't you people make your own list.

    Chak Ayisyen gen Ayisyen pa yo yo prefe, Moun ki pale de Aristide yo sanble nou malad ou byen nap touche pou nou pale de Aristide madigra.

    Jean Max Pierre

  13. This comments is from Altine Wolkins from Sosyete Kreyol via the
    M regrèt w pa di sou ki sa w kanpe pou w deside se dis Ayisyen sa a yo ki pi eksepsyonèl. Si w te respekte moun, si w te respekte tèt ou tou, fòk ou ta di nou kouman w fè se moun sa a yo w chwazi. E poukisa se yo w chwazi. Si se nan chanm lakay ou w rete detan w fin bwè kont alkòl ou w gri kou grigri epi w deside sa, m ka di w se pa serye, w pa respekte ni moun ni tèt ou. Se vre gen kèk ladan yo ki merite respè. Men m panse gen lòt Ayisyen ki gen plis kouray pase anpil nan sa w mete la a yo. W te ka fè l pa kategori. Kouman w ta vle pou w mete Wayklèf, yon Bredjenn ki pe fè vye travay akiltirasyon nan fè ti Ayisyen chante mizik blan nan menm panye ak Jeneral Tousen Louvèti ak Janjak Desalin ki te mennen gwo batay kont menm blan sa a yo sa yo bay pou Wayklèf la pe voye monte e ki te fè peyi nou ak zansèt nou yo anpil mechanste. Ki kote w bliye yon gwo gason kanson tankou Dòktè Franswa Divalye ki te fè kokennchenn travay sa a nan mitan mas popilè yo ? Sa ka rive w do pot ko fèt. Men w ta mande moun ki konnen bagay yo pi byen. Piga w konfonn vitès ak presipitasyon. Nan lane 1802 Blan Franse kidnape Tousen Louvèti paske misye t ap goumen pou ban nou Lendepandans. An 2004 Blan Franse mete ak blan Meriken ak blan Kanadyen Kidnape Jean Bertrand Aristide ki t ap batay pou l aprann mas pòv yo ki se pitit zantray menm esklav yo leve tè yo pou reklame dwa yo. Menm si yo aprann ou rayi Lavalas sa depan de nan mitan kiyès ou leve.. Men sa pa diw anyen pou kouray Aristid genyen menm jan ak Gandi menm jan ak Mandela, ak Kastwo, ak Tche Gevara pou l denonse gogay ipokrizi ak mechanste boujwa ak blan. Ki kote w kite de moun tankou Antenò Fimen, Nissage Saget, Chalmay Perat Benwa Batravil ki te gen anpi kouray pou pran zam nan bouda blan okipan gwo kriminèl devan Letènèl ki te rive sasinen mesye sa a yo ? M kwè se sèlman gwo lajan Wayklèf genyen. SE pa pou anyen blan fè l rich. W ka pa entelijan ase pou w konprann sa. Men w pi pipito voye l monte pase w pale de Nemou Janbatis, Webè Siko, Isa Elsaye, Gi Diwozye. Ayiti te gen yon pakèt bann gwo atis pent, atis mizisyen tankou Bèna Wa, Bèna Sejoune, Jan Rene Jewòm, Tiga ki te envante Mouvman Sensolèy. M regrèt dosye m pe pale la a yo ka depase w. Men m pa kwè m pe twonpe m si m di w ou fè yon move kout zo. Domèn ou abòde la a w pa metrize l ditou ditou. M ta plis konseye w al fè yon lòt bagay ki nan nivo w. Epi piga w jennen pou w mande moun konsèy. Se pa yon defo, Toulekontrè Konsa w pap jwenn moun pale avè w konsa



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