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Friday, July 31, 2009

Memo to the Haitian politician who came after 1986

Under our red and blue flag that Cathrine Flon sewed, there is a heat of unconditional love that warm up all Haitian heart, no matter where we are and no matter of our social class we are all link to the tree of liberty that Toussaint mentioned while he was kidnapped by the French. « En me renversant, vous avez seulement abattu le tronc de l’arbre de la liberté des Noirs. Mais il repoussera par les racines, car elles sont nombreuses et très profondes ».

We are all feeling the pride anytime a Haitian raise the flag positively in front of the world to remind those who want to step on our neck. We are still alive!!! Today with pain in our chest, tears in our eyes, and fear in our mind, we are screaming to the entire Haitian politician regiment who pop up in the light of freedom on February 7, 1986 to turn our days into a very long nightmare since then dark of the night invade our thinking, shadow our lifestyle, menace our liberty, brought us to our knees, where we are begging for peace, we are depraving of joy that we took in the pride of our independence as a great nation.

We are not ashamed of our country because that’s where we belong, but we are embarrassed of you Mr. and Mrs. Politicians, for your dirty behaviors that hurt the soul of our ancestors, your brainless decisions, and your stupid actions that destroy the lives of the honest and the innocents, you so call public representatives “useless”. Your stinky policy is slap in our faces. Especially those who call themselves intellectual, we want to let you know that the results of your decisions are illiterate. For the illiterate politicians your results are catastrophic for our economic and social development. If you are a politician that emerges after 1986 this message is directly addressing to you. You and your political party are a complete fiasco because you fail yourself and your parties, then you fail our nation. This memo is to let you know that you as Haitian you have your place in the country, but you as a politician you won’t have a respectable spot in our history. Just for one moment walk in our choose to feel our pain, put on your Haitian hat to see what we are going through, then you will understand that we deserve the best of you. Stop your greediness and your clan mentality put your country first.

Monday, July 27, 2009

10 most exceptional people in the Haitian culture, music, sport and politics

These men and women have their names engrave in gold on the wall of Haiti history and with unconditional love, respect, appreciation in the heart of every Haitian. They are standing alone each one of them in their own planet to form the Haitian constellation of great figure, they play a crucial role in Haiti past, present, and they will still impacting Haitians who desire to be great in their own way.

1)Toussaint Louverture Leader of the Haitian Revolution, first black general in the French army

2)Jean Jacques Dessalines General, father of Haitian independence, first president and emperor of Haiti

3)Henry Christophe The first Haïtien King and the Architect of the Citadelle Laferièrre the 8th wonder in the world
4)Catherine Flon She sewed the first Haitian flag on May 18, 1803

5)Ertha Pascal Trouillot The first Haitian woman President

6)Nemours Jean Baptist The inventor of Compas (KOMPA) the Most popular Haitian style of music

7)Emmanuel “Manno” Sanon The fist Haitian soccer player who scored in a world cup, and it was against the legendary Italian goalkeeper, Dino Zoff 1974 World Cup

8)Maurice Sixto The Most popular Humorist and Diseur Haitian

9)Theodore Baubrun (Languichatte Debordus) Writer, actor, and comedian of the most popular comedy TV show in Haiti Languichatte Debordus

10)Wyclef Jean The most recognize Haitian musician around the world
If you don't totally agree that these 10 people are the most exceptional Haitian, please feel free to send to me your ten people. You can leave it in the comment box below so everybody can see your choices. Thanks

It is time for Haitian people to respond!

The bell is ringing, ding dong! It’s time for a new hero to wake up and emerge in every Haitian man and woman all over the world to have the courage to let go the great general Toussaint L’ouverture, the emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines, and the king Henry Christophe to rest in peace in their glorious past because they have already wrote the introduction of our history in the book of time.

The moment is in our hand; grab the pen of reality and the paper of life to start writing the next chapter in the book of history for the children of tomorrow. We don’t have to erase anything in the past; we can turn to a new page to pledge to do as little as we can now to accomplish at least one constructive mission to write the brightest chapter for the future generation in our nation book of history. The phone is ringing answer the call, it is time to start walking on the road on consciousness, the voice is screaming in our head listen to respond to our duty to work for the evolution of our condition as one nation. It’s the raising of the sun get up to face the everyday challenges, high-quality education for our population edification, first class healthcare for our nation strength, competent elected official who knows their role in the affair of the country destiny for peace, harmony, and the growth of our economy so we can stop fleeing our paradise island from the epidemic of poverty and insecurity. The bamboo and the tam-tam rhythm are harmonizing and playing so we start dancing “KWAZE LEYWIT” as a result all Haitian can meet at one point to bring back the spirit of collectivity which is appropriate to our motto “l ‘union fait la force” .

After answering the call, rings the bell to call to the attention of those who are pessimistic about the power of Haitian people. We fought the great battle of Vertière in 1803 to defeat one the most powerful army in that period the Napoleon army; we built the Citadelle Laferrière the 8th wonder in the world. We can achieve great thing we just need be proud again, we just need to come together again to gather our forces together to move the mountain that stop us from writing in the book our daily life so our children and grandchildren can read and can be proud of the legacy we will leave them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter from Haiti to the world

Dear world,
Today we are standing on top of mount SELLE the highest peak of the country with our red and blue flag raise high to tell the world we are Haitians in good and bad time, with head high we want to look at you straight in the eyes with extreme confidence to say that we are very proud of our history, we are proud of our ancestry for the legacy of liberty, which is extraordinarily a gift with the highest quality and value that any nation can receive from their forefathers who deeply sacrifice their lives for the sovereignty of the Haitian of yesterday, today, tomorrow until the end of time.

Under the heat of a sun that shine all the years long, and the bluest therapeutic ocean to relax your soul we take pleasure to welcome you to the land of great hospitality where people smile are genuine and cheerful, we invite you to dance in the rhythm of our rich culture, and eat our delicious soul foods where cooking is a tradition. Don’t let the media fool you with deceptive images like misery and poverty are the only side and the matchless face of our live paradise island.

We want to invite you to take a dive in a human sea during our carnival season were the whole society merge into one social class to enjoy and cadence in one step to a collective pleasure that no fortune in the world can buy. We invite to visit the house of the king Henry the 1st one of the most impressive construction in the world made by the hand of men after our independence which was baptized Citadelle Laferriere 8th wonder of the world that locate and integrated on top of mountain, we most tell you that even the disappointment of time doesn’t make it bow down.

We want you to know that we are a very pride and loving nation, despite stinky politics of a few thugs local and international which are uncivilized animals with human skin who take over our economy with their greediness to hold down the entire Haitian nation. The world must know that the enemy can manipulate our politics and our economies, but our soul is unreachable regardless their determination to push us back they can’t break our confidence as a people, sooner or later we will rise higher than the mount Everest to take our place on the bright side of our destiny with our red and blue flag in our hand to remind the world we are Haiti the first black republic in the modern history. We won't be dismissed! We are looking forward hearing from the bell of your conscience and fairness of you humanitarian to turn you attention, and give hand to facilitate us get back up on our feet, we ask for help we are not begging.

Sincerely yours people

All Haitian people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kudos to the Haitian football (soccer) team

Haitian people love for football (soccer) is a passion that they carry deep inside themselves, they never afraid to express this profound sentiment and the joy this game has brought into their lives. It is like a breath of air for a nation in an asphyxia socio-economic and politics. This love is serious and contagious it transfers from generation to generation, in 1974 they made it to the world cup in Germany which they were eliminated in phase one of the competition, but they left the world cup with a joyful and unforgettable souvenir until now they can’t stop talking about the magnificent goal Emmanuel (aka Mano) Sanon has score against the most famous Italian goal keeper at that era to stop his invincibility, they do it again in front of the USA football (soccer) team in the gold cup 2002 with two goals, luckily the US has save the game with a tie in last minute before the final whistle of the referee.

Today the Haitian national football (soccer) team needs the financial and emotional support of Haitian people all over the world, because every time they play they represent Haiti positively, proudly, and mostly they carry a heavy responsibility to lift the Haitian’s flag higher. Any time you buy their jerseys or go to their game it reinforces the courage and the skill of those players that without adequate organizational structure to play the game, but still they try so hard to the best of their abilities to bring joy to an entire nation in pain and sorrow. Kudos for the 1974 national football (soccer) team they are national hero beside the hero of Haiti independence in 1804. Support the national team of Haiti so they can make Haitian and the heroes proud wherever they are. If you are not pride of your people, who would? Think about it.


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