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Friday, June 19, 2009


Haitian people are by nature outstanding master of fine art, and life circumstance stimulate their creativity even more, which makes the first black republic in the modern history the land where authentic artist grow like wild flowers, in a variety uncalculated colors cover by massive dust of stars, and frame by rainbows to express loudly the flair in every corner of life of this proud nation, everywhere in tiny canister, and contemporary little tube like toothpaste overflowing rivers of painting sucking by brushes of all sizes in their masters magical hand splash all over of the Haitian culture through pieces of canvas that draw astonishing fiction and vivid reality to excite the senses of local and international tourists. If you have a chance to travel to Haiti you will see how in various streets in the cities as well as in the country side is like an art gallery, a free museum where people express their passion for love, life, happiness, togetherness, freedom, equality, fraternity, and justice. For those who haven’t had a chance please take a glimpse. ___________________________________________________________ This blog is dedicated to all Haitian artists whatever form of art you are creating, this is a way to applause your talent. Keep pushing and supporting the Haitian culture. Video courtesy of youtube

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