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Monday, June 15, 2009

Did you know that about Haiti?

On a tiny paradise island lives a gigantic and legendary nation of great passion for life, with a rich culture marinade a myriad colors and spices to intermingle with the pride of lion that nobody can take away which tie by the immeasurable courage to live despite the atrocious storm of misery, and discrimination are attempting to make Haitian bow down or wipe Haiti out on the map of existence, Haitian people are still combating day after day because they are all born with soldier blood ready to live life to the fullest, never give up until the last breath, and they are still standing tall because the roots of that nation attach with dignity and freedom is as deep as the soul of universe. Nothing and nobody scares a Haitian man or woman, they carry the secret of their strength in the center of their heart and in deepest part of their spirit that is what scare the antagonistic and the rest of those that Haitian in the past did not accept their arrogance.
On the rhythm of voodoo drum don’t be scared it is just the sound of the Haitian people soul singing joy and hospitality to invite you with a heat of the burning flame of the carnival season when the whole country harmonize to communicate with one voice to let the rest the world know they are still one big nation with the spirit of their heroes of independence well alive. Standing up the natural shield the mountains summit where the Nèg Maron from north to south and east and west scroll down to meet and create the glue that hold the land together, they invite you to observe the sun that smile all year long on the tender face of their vast blue sky to embrace the blue liquid with the salty savor that crashes to the natural but luxurious carpet of sand or lay next to the most gorgeous beaches to create the warmest atmosphere to give the taste of life in a trillion flavors all at once where foods are cook without recipe, but by a continuity of long tradition which transfer from generation to generation without saying a word.
Behind the news hide one truth that you can find out for yourself, in the richest country in the world they are men sleeping under bridges, people who are begging on the street etc if you do the reverse for Haiti a third world country there are places of dreams, people with money that won’t trade Haiti for any other place on earth, and they are poor with all the love in the world, Haiti as their treasure.

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