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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


High and mountainous land represent the altitude of Haitian people attitude toward life, which insert in every one of them the combative spirit to keep on going since the day Christopher Columbus and his boat people stole them from Africa to replace the peaceful Caribbean people of Quisqueya.
Astonishing people, despite slavery, bad weather of politics, and economics cross their life every day, they still stand tall, and at end of the day the torch of hope always light their way, even when the storm of injustice pronounce their verdict, on the other end there is always a tender breeze that whistle joy to blow a kind smile on their face.
Intricate is often the path that lay before them, however their courage is relentless, their resilience allow them to stand up and fight like instinctive warrior to break colonial barriers. Victory always makes them climb to the top of mount of deliverance. They didn’t cross the red sea, but they walked proudly from Vertière to Gonaives to proclaim in 1804 themselves independent and become the first black republic in the modern history.
Toughness is their main quality that’s why even misery isn’t strong enough to kneel them down. Rigidness is a strong characteristic they posses which make it hard to control them. They are rebel people by nature that’s why they fight constantly against hardship of life.
Intensely they express their personality; drastically they speak their mind at the same time diplomatically they played those who try to play with their intelligence, that is the reason why a true Haitian is always answering a question by another question. Ask me why, I would ask you who told you so?
Adaptable to any circumstance, they can make any situation fit like a glove “give a Haitian a lime they will make lemonade”.
Nationalism is an invisible birthmark of most Haitian. No matter where they are around the globe you can catch them say one day I will go back home “Haiti cheri”. One of their famous saying go that way “Mwen pa pral mouri nan peyi etranje sang by Antoine Rosini Jean Baptist aka Ti mano” which mean I don’t want to die in a foreign country.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Haitian people are by nature outstanding master of fine art, and life circumstance stimulate their creativity even more, which makes the first black republic in the modern history the land where authentic artist grow like wild flowers, in a variety uncalculated colors cover by massive dust of stars, and frame by rainbows to express loudly the flair in every corner of life of this proud nation, everywhere in tiny canister, and contemporary little tube like toothpaste overflowing rivers of painting sucking by brushes of all sizes in their masters magical hand splash all over of the Haitian culture through pieces of canvas that draw astonishing fiction and vivid reality to excite the senses of local and international tourists. If you have a chance to travel to Haiti you will see how in various streets in the cities as well as in the country side is like an art gallery, a free museum where people express their passion for love, life, happiness, togetherness, freedom, equality, fraternity, and justice. For those who haven’t had a chance please take a glimpse. ___________________________________________________________ This blog is dedicated to all Haitian artists whatever form of art you are creating, this is a way to applause your talent. Keep pushing and supporting the Haitian culture. Video courtesy of youtube

Monday, June 15, 2009

Did you know that about Haiti?

On a tiny paradise island lives a gigantic and legendary nation of great passion for life, with a rich culture marinade a myriad colors and spices to intermingle with the pride of lion that nobody can take away which tie by the immeasurable courage to live despite the atrocious storm of misery, and discrimination are attempting to make Haitian bow down or wipe Haiti out on the map of existence, Haitian people are still combating day after day because they are all born with soldier blood ready to live life to the fullest, never give up until the last breath, and they are still standing tall because the roots of that nation attach with dignity and freedom is as deep as the soul of universe. Nothing and nobody scares a Haitian man or woman, they carry the secret of their strength in the center of their heart and in deepest part of their spirit that is what scare the antagonistic and the rest of those that Haitian in the past did not accept their arrogance.
On the rhythm of voodoo drum don’t be scared it is just the sound of the Haitian people soul singing joy and hospitality to invite you with a heat of the burning flame of the carnival season when the whole country harmonize to communicate with one voice to let the rest the world know they are still one big nation with the spirit of their heroes of independence well alive. Standing up the natural shield the mountains summit where the Nèg Maron from north to south and east and west scroll down to meet and create the glue that hold the land together, they invite you to observe the sun that smile all year long on the tender face of their vast blue sky to embrace the blue liquid with the salty savor that crashes to the natural but luxurious carpet of sand or lay next to the most gorgeous beaches to create the warmest atmosphere to give the taste of life in a trillion flavors all at once where foods are cook without recipe, but by a continuity of long tradition which transfer from generation to generation without saying a word.
Behind the news hide one truth that you can find out for yourself, in the richest country in the world they are men sleeping under bridges, people who are begging on the street etc if you do the reverse for Haiti a third world country there are places of dreams, people with money that won’t trade Haiti for any other place on earth, and they are poor with all the love in the world, Haiti as their treasure.


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