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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 very important resolutions for Haiti for the New Year

1) Ignore the Haitian politicians and their dirty politics of irrelevance.

2) Stop voting for the same person, but with different faces.

3) Stop destroying goods and services for worthless political reasons.

4) Turn off the channels that broadcast the negative news about Haiti and Haitian.

5) Draw the line for the international community in Haiti decision making.

6) Go back to basic by forming community organization without political party or politician influence.

7) Demand for serious and well organize political party that does not belong to any individual whatsoever.

8) Request from your legislator to make local and departmental law that can benefit your community.

9) Call for action upon yourself, start changing the way you think, the way you act and start treating others the way you want to be treated.

10) The last one is yours put your own resolution for Haiti for the New Year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As a Haitian candidate, I declare…

As a candidate for life, peace and a better Haiti for tomorrow, I pledge to love my country without condition, I promise to do my part to make it a better place, I swear to remain positive because I know one day the sun of understanding will rise up, the heat will warm up the cold side of the Haitian politician, and activate their self-conscience so they can throw away their selfishness to become decent human being. I swear to scream loud in their hears to let them know that Haiti does not belong to any individual whatsoever, no matter how much power you have, no matter how much money you took from the people, no matter how much brothers and sisters they throw in jail or assassinate, at the end of the day Haiti will remain Ayiti because it is still for the people of Haiti.

I hope one day Haiti is no longer the country of filthy politics, and killer politicians who are murdering the dream of my nation, I hope one morning the country does not have any longer political gangs or family businesses, but instead  a real political party created by the people and for the people , I hope one day that poverty banish to a country that doesn’t exist anywhere in this world, I hope one day the Haitian people receive the call to let them know they are hiring, and the voice ask them can you start working as soon as possible for Haiti development?

I make a vow to be a better person, a better citizen, a better patriot who is ready to represent honorably the land that my forefathers sacrifice their life for, wherever I am in the world I must have the courage and the pride to say that I come from the republic of Haiti. For the love of my country and respect for our fight for the independence of one nation,  I must treat my fellow Haitian with respect and dignity,I promise all my collaboration to work with my brothers and sisters to switch from the dark to the light so those who have difficulties to see the unattractiveness on the face of Haiti which reflect on the face the citizen. I hope they can open  their eyes to see the truth, and open their soul to feel the pain of  Haitian. I hope word and my work will  encourage and transform the nation.

I give you my word that I don’t believe in imported democracy, I swear to you that I believe that democracy doesn’t start with election but with everyday little action of self-respect, the respect for all fellow Haitian, and the respect for our precious country.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The goddess within Haiti

Divinely she opens her eyes every morning and smile, then release the light that unlock the tropical heat to say good morning to the millions of her children of all class and skin shade that she gave birth to. From cost to cost she showered daily in the natural bathtub with the therapeutic blue salty liquid that link the rest of the universe. She resides under the bluest infinite and natural roof top which changes at night into a constellation of endless dazzling light. She protects herself with massive archeological component vertically high that if the sky wasn’t too far up there, they would push it up a little bit more to contain their own space.

She is a lifetime mystery that no historian can explore to unfold the true narrative neither in time nor the space, otherwise the human mind would have shut in down two century ago for their egocentric reasons, She hang on far back in the beginning of creation which save it to be at a distance beyond the individual imagination and understanding. She is a sensation spiritually equivoque more than the physical attraction, that’s why years after years, going back to 1492 until this present moment all kind of the human race take a journey to discover the mystery that seems so simple but incapable to describe, instead she lock them in with the chain of mystery to stay attach to her despite all the trouble and all the distance.
She carries her beauty in the bottom of her heart, only those who come close to her can feel the love, for those who superficially meet her they can never feel her warmth, and her love. Wherever or however you stand her beauty is unquestionable.

Haiti paradise characteristic is a combination of the nature expressing its magic through the profundity of mystery beyond human imperfect conception. The goddess in Haiti is the soul, the strength, the ambiguity that cross the human mind and which disable the preponderance over the essence of the nature that will make her live longer than the pessimistic imagination. Haiti will never die, because the life of a goddess will always stretch above and beyond any human existence.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Identify the fake Haitian leaders

When hope is no longer a rope to strangle the Haitian people struggle, so they can become again the nation who have started a revolution for the human condition, this situation will boost up the anticipation for a real and effective change to take place, where every Haitian will have their place in their own country, but that can and will only happen when every single Haitian can grab a telephone that connect with a cable of reality that plug in directly to their common sense and their wisdom so the can dial honestly their conscience.

Without a good track record a Haitian leader who is selling the moon and the stars while they hide behind some unsubstantiated story is a spurious leader. It is time for the press radio, television, news paper, and with the direct help of those who are able to establish the difference between a genuine leader and a false one by starting labeling them. The moment is now for Haitians to request facts from you so call politicians, any man or woman who decide to serve in the public sector should lay out their past achievement and their future plans on a table build with solid fact for all Haitian to dig and find out what is in it for them. Haitian must start choosing not those among the traditional legal gang which call themselves political party with not even a slightly open window to glimpse what they are about, but Haitians must choose base on their best interest, but would not be a disadvantage for the collectivity.

As Haitian you must take a trip deep down inside of yourself, and a make a stop to visit your ethical side so you can bring out the best in you before you can ask for the best in someone else. Ask yourself what have you done to change your country? Believe it or not any little positive act can contribute enormously to an optimistic future for the republic of Haiti. Haitian must start putting a tag on those who have been lying for decades and incapable of giving positive result for the progress of Haiti. Call upon yourself because you are the only one with this private numbers to call your conscience. Make a deep search around the country and ask for help to find the right tag to label the counterfeit leaders like...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all that beat the ad

With an audacity to defy the supremacy flow of ideology pre-establish that promote at all time a depressing image of the republic of Haiti. We determine to scream at the same intensity of a thunder to grab your attention to tell you to stop denigrating if there is nothing else you can do, stop analyzing because the reality is not in your philosophical logic. All of you Mr., and Mrs. Oracles across the board you are not predicting “crap” you are repeating yourselves and others. We are tired of your smart hypotheses that have no effect whatsoever on the Haitian crises. Can you please tell us something we haven’t heard before?

Most of the time when you turn on your TV set, or you pick up a news paper, or surf on the internet and they are mentioning Haiti you can anticipate what they will say, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, they will talk about corruptions, and political instability which we won’t deny, but these attributes are superficial factors although they have negatively affected the island of Haiti, but they can go away whenever the Haitian people decide to change their destiny. Sometimes it hurts to hear Haitians talking trash about their Alma Mater. It is weak and easy to point out what’s wrong, but it takes courage and the capacity to think independently to not let the bad overpower the positive.

The world richest country have people who live in extreme poverty, but since money make the world turn around, it turn the press media around to promote mostly the good side of their veracity. On the other side some Haitian men and women are well trained and paid to drag everything in intense academic and technical debate with no purpose of getting close to the Haitian reality. Since we still have the power to think independently we are challenging the weak and premeditated mind to think a little bit higher than usual, to see a little bit further than their normal perception, and to fly beyond the definition they have been pounded in their head to make them believe and admit that Haiti is less than nothing.

Lady and gentlemen here a list of 10 most exciting things about Haiti despite all the trouble

1)The people
2)The nature
3)The beaches
4)The weather
5)The carnival
6)The foods
7)The arts
8)Seasonal holiday (fèt chanpèt)
9)The music
10)The voodoo

Should you have any question or concern please feel free to let us know, but we will not try to convince you to change mind because it is up to you find out truth because we know it already.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is gold in Haiti!

When the oceans waves reverberate in a slow and fast tempo and a continuous sound to match the acoustic rhythm of walking feet on sandy beaches under the natural limelight of the sun caressing the human skin, life is pleasantly an invasion of a charming emotion a scrumptious feeling of forever. When the flavor of spices intermingle to breathe a suave aroma of cooking food life just stock for a moment unmeasured to provoke the guilty pleasure of eating incessantly, the feeling is only unexplained, but the reality coincide with the perception of a paradise from distance with a blurry view that you might call Haiti.

When the rhythm of the drum is beating on the rhythm of the heart this feeling can’t escape and it can’t be denied. When the heat of the people on the street are warmer than the ray of the sun in summer time to welcome the son and the daughter of the land, and even the stranger with winter soul can feel at home. When the day lay down the moon rise up to dance with the stars in the bluest sky, life is wonderful. When there isn’t any price on the eruption of joy on the faces you can call it Haitian people.

The mass dust of a few dishonest citizens may dirty the daily reality but underneath the precious rock of faith and desire to live no matter what the situation can still sparkle. It just a matter time for the wind and the people will to blow away all the unclean powder that obstruct the window sight of opportunity so Haitian can perceive from far away the silhouette of a promising future walking toward them with a big smiley face and open arms.

Pessimistic won’t have eyes to see it, cynical won’t have a mind to understand it, skeptical won’t even dream to imagine it, but optimism is reserving for those who have a heart that pound a positive energy to transcend the obstacle that block the dreams that inspire the courage to anticipate a brighter future for Haitian. Life is gold when you possess the audacity to see the light in the mysterious night. The gold in Haiti is all the things that bad politics, country dealers, corruptions can’t take away. There is gold in Haiti for those who believe.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you think a president can save Haiti?/ Eske ou panse yon prezidan ka chanje Ayiti?

Since 1804 we have been changing government upon government and still Haiti is going backward. Do you think the problem is because the heads of state are bad or do you think a president can really change Haiti?
Please let us know what do you think or take the poll

Thanks in advance

Depi 1804 peyi d’Ayiti ap change gouvènman yonn apre lòt e malgre sa peyi a pa janm avanse. Eske ou panse se yon problèm move prezidan, ou byen eske ou panse yon prezidan ka chanje peyi d’Ayiti?

Tanpri di nou ki sa ou panse ou byen patisipe nan sondaj la

Mèsi davans

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The dream job in Haiti

Before you start reading considers Haiti as an enterprise, the shareholder as the Haitian people, partner as local and international investor, and pretty soon there will be the presidential election.

Company overview

A small, but a valuable enterprise with great asset and enormous liability founded in January 1st 1804 with more than 7 million shareholder, Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republic. Jamaica lies to the west and Cuba to the northwest of it. This is an enterprise with a rich history and a colorful culture and blessed by the nature, but so often run by unsuccessful and unqualified management, and mostly with dishonest staff and underpaid labor. This enterprise has been looking for a very long time for a competent and qualifies president. According to the company manual policies rewritten in 1987 the enterprise must hire a new management every four years. Now we are looking for an experienced and qualify candidate to be the head of this prestigious and historic enterprise.

Job description and requirements
The candidate must be a genuine Haitian man or woman with dedication, charisma, humility, honesty, great listener, altruistic, modest, excellent communicator, great team player, prove a good track record of his success, demonstrate his capability and talent to perform higher task, with leadership skills, and especially with problem solving skills which is extremely important for the company at this present moment, strong personality and great attitude. The candidate must work well under internal and external pressure. A decent academic education is a plus and must have excellent knowledge of the national and international policies. The candidate must be able to express eloquently his vision and aspiration for the enterprise and must be able to prove how is going to achieve brilliantly the goal he or she sets for the enterprise. Beside those skills and qualities we would love for the candidate to be a progressive visionary and practical leader.

As the president of the enterprise you will analyze factual information and determine the course of action that will benefit the institution and the shareholder. You will nominate a capable and honest team to help you administrate with accurate data and proficiently balance the enterprise budget, by eliminating wasteful spending and reducing the budget deficit. You will collaborate and compromise only in the best interest of the enterprise and the shareholder. You must manage with transparency; you shall not steal the money of the enterprise. You must reform the physical and the mental aspect of the institution which must lead to the restoration of confidence at all level across the board in the enterprise. Your will come up with realistic plan, and set achievable goal to attack the root problem of corruption and clan mentality, you must communicate on a regular basis with the shareholder, and must be able to show interest in working and communicate with the internal and the external partner for the well being and the interest of the institution. You must create attractive environment for all employee and growth for the shareholder.

If you don’t meet the requirements, and you don’t have the qualification and the skills requested please don’t waste our precious time in applying for this job. This is an enterprise that is actually facing serious problem and have been facing difficult time for a very long time now.

Quick history
Here are a few of the most familiar names who had managed this enterprise in the last 50 years you can make some research to find out what was their strengths and weaknesses, and what was the cause of their failure or their success.
François Duvalier 1957 - 1971
Jean-Claude Duvalier 1971 - 1986
Henri Namphy 1986 - 1987
Lesli Manigat 1988
Henri Namphy 1988 - 1989
Prosper Avril 1989 - 1990
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1991
Marc Bazin 1992 - 1993
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1993 - 1994
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 1994 - 1996
Rene Preval 1996 - 2000
Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2000 - 2004
René Garcia Préval 2006 -

Monday, September 14, 2009

The next good president of Haiti!

The magnitude of determination of the Haitian people for real change will determine the attitude of their leaders. An exceptional man or woman is determined by other people’s perception. As long as Haitians do not change their mind-set toward the people that they choose for public offices and as long as they don’t elevate the requirements for public servants the outcome will remain at the same level of disappointment, mediocrity and corruption.

No man is perfect and neither will any system. However, if people are willing to meet an agreement to leave in discipline and respect for one another and to alter their behavior their governmental system will improve. The next good president of Haiti could be among us, but Haitians need to take their time to pick the good orange from the rotten pile. The next good Haitian president should not be any ordinary man or woman, being Haitian alone does not qualify anybody to be president. The respected citizens should come up with new rule to increase the standard of qualification for the candidates and the rule should apply at all level of the governmental spectrum. A good candidate should demonstrate personal quality such as; dedication, charisma, humility, honesty, great listener, altruistic, modest, excellent communicator, great team player etc…, a good candidate should present and prove a good track record of accomplishment to demonstrate capability and talent to perform higher task, with leadership skills and strong personality. The next good president should have a decent academic education and good knowledge of politics and policies national and international.

The next good president of Haiti will be easy to choose when all Haitians have the courage to look in the mirror and able to see the best in themselves, and use that same courage to demand the best from their neighbors, the police, the doctors and nurses, the lawyers and judges, the priests and pastors, the voodoo priests, the teachers, the business man and woman, the agronomist and cultivators, the employers and employees, deputies and senators, the mayors and even the shoe shiner, and especially a big demand for the best from the political leaders. The next good president should not come from any fake gang privatize or family owned political parties.

Would you like to elect a good head of state in the next election in Haiti? If yes put all emotion and frustration, partisan aside, and use facts and common sense and be a well inform and concern citizens of country with the will to orchestrate change , to contribute to challenge the Haitian leaders to be competent to manage the country. With good judgment and adequate information Haiti will have the next good president.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Haitians you must know!

My name is Paul kind of old and I feel cold whenever I think about Haiti. I raise my head up all I can see is the shade of hopelessness that obstruct the light to set up a stone of darkness in the heart of my fellow Haitians to stop them from feeling and seeing the love, and the pride for their country. I don’t think Haiti can go anywhere, the country is too far back there is no way it can catch up the speed of modernity and democracy, Haitian people had sold out long time ago their motto (l ‘union fait la force). I don’t want to waste my time saving and serving a country which has lost all fights: job, education, healthcare and security.

My name is Jacques (mwen pa nan kri mwen pa nan krak) I don’t care because I am not in politic, my clock does not TIC and it does not TAC. I am deaf and static I can’t hear and I can’t dance the music. I am just here not too important, and I don’t want to concern myself with happen to Haiti, because this is their country, they can act as they please, and if they want they will give Haiti and I a chance. I was born under the Haitian flag, I am carrying my Haitian flag right now and I will always raise it high up in the sky so the world can see it.

I am Toussaint Jean-Christophe despite all bluff and catastrophe I still have a good strength of mind, and I still believe in Haitian men and women incomparable courage, dignity and the will to walk bypass the past and confront the present to reach a brighter future where all Haitian can walk with their heads up. The road to victory is long and mountainous, difficult and dangerous, I deeply believe with all my strength that with love Haitians can flight high, with peace they can face the danger, with courage and determination they can make it easy, and the time is now so the future can be as close as tomorrow. Which one of these three Haitians are you? You don’t have to answer to anyone else, but you can tell yourself and your conscience the truth.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poverty in the USA and riches in HAITI

The United States of America is the richest country in the history of mankind statically, where poverty express itself very well, and in one hour away from the cost of Florida here is Haiti one of the poorest country in the western hemisphere with some rich people living contentedly. This is not a dream but in a vivid reality the world is upside down.

The world is not always telling the story like it is, but they tell it like they think it suppose to be, or how they like it to sound according to their prospect. Since anyone can choose how to see the world, let see the upside of Haiti and the downside of USA. Let’s compare them, in term of Nation they are two great nations with amazing history, but among both of them there is a huge gap in distribution of wealth in their societies. In the social and political aspect the US is the land of the free with too much democracy, they are trying to export some of it to country like Haiti which is struggling with the so call democracy, let’s stop here! What is the point of democracy? If there are millions of homeless people living in America, and despite the struggling democracy in Haiti there still have some rich people living with great satisfaction with no intention to leave the paradise island.

Not trying to denigrate the US, but the contrast is much stronger when comparing the richest and the poorest country in the western hemisphere. This is just to tell the world that Haiti is not as bad as they present it in the corporate media. When the democracy step on the peace and wealth doesn’t give luxury and stress is eating people alive in America, some escape to enjoy the peace of mind in the poorest and undemocratic Haiti, to lay and suck the sun in Labadee beach and multiple other similar beaches, visiting the 8th wonder in the world, the citadel of King Henry the 1st, savoring the famous Haitian dishes (diri kole ak pwa, bannann peze, griyo ak bon pikliz sou kè yo), dancing carnival in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, and as souvenirs they carry alone some great piece of well crafted wood or the colorful mixture painting to expose on the wall of their living room.

Nobody can deny that Haiti is the poorest in the western hemisphere with rich people, rich culture, untapped resources and very happy people. It is obvious the US is the richest country in the world with millions of people in poverty, millions of people without healthcare, job, happiness and the basics in life. Despite all America remain a great country, but the world must acknowledge that Haiti is among the greats.

Please watch the videos (source

Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 most prominent figures in Haitians politics that at the same time drag Haiti to the mud

This people made a name for themselves in the Haitian politic over the last two decades, these men are smart, articulate in the language of demagogy social and politics. In personal term some of them achieve their goal by becoming rich when the country financial situation is worsening, and they become influential and powerful in making all the bad decisions that push Haiti deeply down in the ground. Every time the instability politic is active they are the one in the front page negotiating for the result that Haiti have today by getting it poorer, while the instability politics increase at the speed light Here are their names and their organizations
1) Jean Bertrand Aristide (LAVALAS)
2) Leslie Manigat (RDNP)
3) Evans Paul (KID)
4) Serge Gilles (PANPRA)
5) Victor Benoit (CONACOM)
6) Hubert Deronceray (MDN)
7) Marc L Bazin (MIDH)
8) Henry Nanphy (FADH)
9) Reynold Georges (ALAH)
10) Raoul Cedras (FADH)

It will be fine to disagree with these individuals listed, but would you be able to change the result of today and the history of the last two decades. If you feel somebody should or shouldn’t be on the list please feel free to submit your list, and HAITI FIRST CLASS will be delighted to publish it for you. This is a reminder for the emerging Haitian politician so they keep in mind that there are eyes watching them every step of the way, and if they stand in the wrong side of history, it will judge and condemn them. These famous men listed for their contributions to the fiasco of Haiti will leave a scar that only the decency of Haitians today and tomorrow can erase.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Message to the Haitian impractical intellectual

On an academic note with a red pen to cross off the unrealistic, and a piece of clear paper with the static scholars who make the legendary list, the readable words are: what are you thinking about, and below in capital letter it says what do you do with all your knowledge? Did you left them at the college, did they stock and encrypted in your mind, or did they catch the famous virus of impracticality which only give you access to talking, and showing off on those who did not have a chance to be bless with some educations. You must know that education doesn’t make anyone great in life; greatness is the result of courageous actions upon actions by achieving something concrete.

If you are an economist why Haiti is so broke? For all that study you can even do a little calculation to diminish the tribulation of the Haitian population. Mr. Agronomist did you forget the formula how to plant a seed and make it grow so the little children can grow out of malnutrition. With you Ph.D. in political science you fail miserably in your discipline, therefore you need to go back to kindergarten to learn the A B C of politics so the country gets out of its political debacle. If your specialty is in architecture/construction too many words are like demolition of time, you need to reconstruct the nation.

Whatever your fields of study Mr. greedy you need to stop giving speeches pull up your sleeve to achieve something that is usable, and show you are capable of transforming you beautiful thoughts into actions that will sanction violation of the right of all Haitian men and women to live as human being in their own country.

This message is to acknowledge all of you Haitian intellectual who live in Haiti and abroad, and to remind you that the time is now, the country can’t wait any longer for a savior, this isn’t a chapter with some verse in the new testament, wake up!!! Pinch yourself this is the reality. This isn’t the time for your grand intellectual discussion where you are debating theory. You won’t have a place in the history if you only keep you knowledge in your secluded circle .You must realize that you are not any better than those who never grant access to walk through the door of a school. Education is an opportunity given, but life is for the collectivity to live altogether in collaboration. If this message reaches you please get yourself out of the impractical category, by starting applying your intellectual knowledge for the progress and for brighter future of Haiti.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There is only one man who can save Haiti!

It’s been very long since a heavy rain of political instability and economical depression are falling on Haiti, that cause an inundation of poverty that destroy the social structure which represent the pillars that hold the country together. It’s been years Haitians don’t have a moment in time to breathe because they have been running like crazy to find the perfect man to take them to the promise land, till then they will still be running they will fall deeper and deeper into the hole they are already in. Every time they thought they have found the one, they always ended up being deceived later on; maybe the one is a ghost whom they have created in their mind. They have tried despot and so call democrat but the results proved that they are not different from each other. They have chosen all kind of politicians without reasons, they even tried a priest still they haven’t been granted forgiveness for their undetermined sin.

Elections upon elections Haitians always “vote” thinking a savior will emerge; instead they submerge in the middle of an ocean of mediocrity and selfish leaders who bring them down more and more. It’s been too long since Haitians have been engaged in a very extensive search for a man with dignity, will and courage to drive them away from their troubles. It’s time for them to redefine the search; the moment is now!!! They must change their methods, at this instant they ought to stop seeking out for a ghost which they will never find, they should look deeper inside themselves to find out why the choices that they have been making are still hurting the republic of Haiti and tarnish its image in front the world.

The only man who can save Haiti is you!!! You can save Haiti when you consult your conscience and decide to do what is right. You can save Haiti when your political party isn’t a private business but a public interest, you can save Haiti when your business stop ripping off those who can’t afford it. You can save this country when you stop putting your brothers and sisters up and against each other. You will save this republic when you give yourself power to do good. You will save Haiti by not being a sellout and not selling your soul to the neighbors. You can save the first black republic when you know the country belong to you. You are the only one who can save Haiti when you start speaking positively about it and start working to fix the malfunction in the system. You and only you can save this country.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Truth that you must know about Haiti

If a key is a tool to open or close a door, the words are the keys to open or to close the mind. If the Haitian people who have a chance to open the mind of the world with their words fail to do so, they put a lock in their mouth and they give away the key of their dignities, therefore the rest of the world can manufacture any lies on behalf the Haitian people to sell to the unaware world who doesn’t have a choice, but buy whatever they have available to them. With words they diminish the beautiful island of Haiti, but with words Haitian people can start restoring their sanctuary.

They can’t erase the reality of the political trouble they are diving in, they can’t fake the financial barriers that stop these people to move forward, and they can’t ignore the social defect that affect the life of their society, furthermore they can’t overlook the truth that despite all distress Haitian people is not less than the rest of the world.

So often when they talk about Haiti is like the lord of the negativity has enthrone and reign only in Haiti. Like every country in the world they have a sin city where the headquarter of devil establish to promote corruption, and destruction in the middle of a nation. In Haiti case Port-au-Prince is the main river that the corruption and blood flow, therefore the focus is often on that city which seems the only face that Haitian have to represent them. The world must know they have some other cities that they barely mention when they refer to Haiti. Regardless of poverty has his stamp on it, political instability create a disability to the country so it can’t work, but still they are people who walk with their head high, they are people who live comfortably without a lot of money, they are people who live peacefully in their little corner without the burden of modernity.

They are people across America who travel to Haiti and they testify about the beauty of that country which often the news media won’t report, they are people who visited Haiti they don’t even tell them because the reality contradict most of the lies. They are foreigner all over Europe and America who dream to spend the rest of their life on this island. They are missionary who go to Haiti every year not only to do missionary work but to enjoy the wind of peace blowing in country side, to intermingle with people that their hospitality worth more than a million dollar and their courtesy exceed the world class service of a five stars hotel.

This story isn’t intended to convince that there is a positive side of Haiti, but is to invite you to find out the truth for yourself about a group people who never stop smiling, and living life to the fullest. From January to February you can witness the greatest public celebration in the world through to the magic of carnival where everyone is dancing on the beat of one Haiti. Then you can travel from cost to cost to walk on carpets of sand and unwind in the most natural bathtub of salty blue sea.
Haiti = Hospitality Allure Inconceivable Tropical Indelible

Friday, July 31, 2009

Memo to the Haitian politician who came after 1986

Under our red and blue flag that Cathrine Flon sewed, there is a heat of unconditional love that warm up all Haitian heart, no matter where we are and no matter of our social class we are all link to the tree of liberty that Toussaint mentioned while he was kidnapped by the French. « En me renversant, vous avez seulement abattu le tronc de l’arbre de la liberté des Noirs. Mais il repoussera par les racines, car elles sont nombreuses et très profondes ».

We are all feeling the pride anytime a Haitian raise the flag positively in front of the world to remind those who want to step on our neck. We are still alive!!! Today with pain in our chest, tears in our eyes, and fear in our mind, we are screaming to the entire Haitian politician regiment who pop up in the light of freedom on February 7, 1986 to turn our days into a very long nightmare since then dark of the night invade our thinking, shadow our lifestyle, menace our liberty, brought us to our knees, where we are begging for peace, we are depraving of joy that we took in the pride of our independence as a great nation.

We are not ashamed of our country because that’s where we belong, but we are embarrassed of you Mr. and Mrs. Politicians, for your dirty behaviors that hurt the soul of our ancestors, your brainless decisions, and your stupid actions that destroy the lives of the honest and the innocents, you so call public representatives “useless”. Your stinky policy is slap in our faces. Especially those who call themselves intellectual, we want to let you know that the results of your decisions are illiterate. For the illiterate politicians your results are catastrophic for our economic and social development. If you are a politician that emerges after 1986 this message is directly addressing to you. You and your political party are a complete fiasco because you fail yourself and your parties, then you fail our nation. This memo is to let you know that you as Haitian you have your place in the country, but you as a politician you won’t have a respectable spot in our history. Just for one moment walk in our choose to feel our pain, put on your Haitian hat to see what we are going through, then you will understand that we deserve the best of you. Stop your greediness and your clan mentality put your country first.

Monday, July 27, 2009

10 most exceptional people in the Haitian culture, music, sport and politics

These men and women have their names engrave in gold on the wall of Haiti history and with unconditional love, respect, appreciation in the heart of every Haitian. They are standing alone each one of them in their own planet to form the Haitian constellation of great figure, they play a crucial role in Haiti past, present, and they will still impacting Haitians who desire to be great in their own way.

1)Toussaint Louverture Leader of the Haitian Revolution, first black general in the French army

2)Jean Jacques Dessalines General, father of Haitian independence, first president and emperor of Haiti

3)Henry Christophe The first Haïtien King and the Architect of the Citadelle Laferièrre the 8th wonder in the world
4)Catherine Flon She sewed the first Haitian flag on May 18, 1803

5)Ertha Pascal Trouillot The first Haitian woman President

6)Nemours Jean Baptist The inventor of Compas (KOMPA) the Most popular Haitian style of music

7)Emmanuel “Manno” Sanon The fist Haitian soccer player who scored in a world cup, and it was against the legendary Italian goalkeeper, Dino Zoff 1974 World Cup

8)Maurice Sixto The Most popular Humorist and Diseur Haitian

9)Theodore Baubrun (Languichatte Debordus) Writer, actor, and comedian of the most popular comedy TV show in Haiti Languichatte Debordus

10)Wyclef Jean The most recognize Haitian musician around the world
If you don't totally agree that these 10 people are the most exceptional Haitian, please feel free to send to me your ten people. You can leave it in the comment box below so everybody can see your choices. Thanks

It is time for Haitian people to respond!

The bell is ringing, ding dong! It’s time for a new hero to wake up and emerge in every Haitian man and woman all over the world to have the courage to let go the great general Toussaint L’ouverture, the emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines, and the king Henry Christophe to rest in peace in their glorious past because they have already wrote the introduction of our history in the book of time.

The moment is in our hand; grab the pen of reality and the paper of life to start writing the next chapter in the book of history for the children of tomorrow. We don’t have to erase anything in the past; we can turn to a new page to pledge to do as little as we can now to accomplish at least one constructive mission to write the brightest chapter for the future generation in our nation book of history. The phone is ringing answer the call, it is time to start walking on the road on consciousness, the voice is screaming in our head listen to respond to our duty to work for the evolution of our condition as one nation. It’s the raising of the sun get up to face the everyday challenges, high-quality education for our population edification, first class healthcare for our nation strength, competent elected official who knows their role in the affair of the country destiny for peace, harmony, and the growth of our economy so we can stop fleeing our paradise island from the epidemic of poverty and insecurity. The bamboo and the tam-tam rhythm are harmonizing and playing so we start dancing “KWAZE LEYWIT” as a result all Haitian can meet at one point to bring back the spirit of collectivity which is appropriate to our motto “l ‘union fait la force” .

After answering the call, rings the bell to call to the attention of those who are pessimistic about the power of Haitian people. We fought the great battle of Vertière in 1803 to defeat one the most powerful army in that period the Napoleon army; we built the Citadelle Laferrière the 8th wonder in the world. We can achieve great thing we just need be proud again, we just need to come together again to gather our forces together to move the mountain that stop us from writing in the book our daily life so our children and grandchildren can read and can be proud of the legacy we will leave them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter from Haiti to the world

Dear world,
Today we are standing on top of mount SELLE the highest peak of the country with our red and blue flag raise high to tell the world we are Haitians in good and bad time, with head high we want to look at you straight in the eyes with extreme confidence to say that we are very proud of our history, we are proud of our ancestry for the legacy of liberty, which is extraordinarily a gift with the highest quality and value that any nation can receive from their forefathers who deeply sacrifice their lives for the sovereignty of the Haitian of yesterday, today, tomorrow until the end of time.

Under the heat of a sun that shine all the years long, and the bluest therapeutic ocean to relax your soul we take pleasure to welcome you to the land of great hospitality where people smile are genuine and cheerful, we invite you to dance in the rhythm of our rich culture, and eat our delicious soul foods where cooking is a tradition. Don’t let the media fool you with deceptive images like misery and poverty are the only side and the matchless face of our live paradise island.

We want to invite you to take a dive in a human sea during our carnival season were the whole society merge into one social class to enjoy and cadence in one step to a collective pleasure that no fortune in the world can buy. We invite to visit the house of the king Henry the 1st one of the most impressive construction in the world made by the hand of men after our independence which was baptized Citadelle Laferriere 8th wonder of the world that locate and integrated on top of mountain, we most tell you that even the disappointment of time doesn’t make it bow down.

We want you to know that we are a very pride and loving nation, despite stinky politics of a few thugs local and international which are uncivilized animals with human skin who take over our economy with their greediness to hold down the entire Haitian nation. The world must know that the enemy can manipulate our politics and our economies, but our soul is unreachable regardless their determination to push us back they can’t break our confidence as a people, sooner or later we will rise higher than the mount Everest to take our place on the bright side of our destiny with our red and blue flag in our hand to remind the world we are Haiti the first black republic in the modern history. We won't be dismissed! We are looking forward hearing from the bell of your conscience and fairness of you humanitarian to turn you attention, and give hand to facilitate us get back up on our feet, we ask for help we are not begging.

Sincerely yours people

All Haitian people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kudos to the Haitian football (soccer) team

Haitian people love for football (soccer) is a passion that they carry deep inside themselves, they never afraid to express this profound sentiment and the joy this game has brought into their lives. It is like a breath of air for a nation in an asphyxia socio-economic and politics. This love is serious and contagious it transfers from generation to generation, in 1974 they made it to the world cup in Germany which they were eliminated in phase one of the competition, but they left the world cup with a joyful and unforgettable souvenir until now they can’t stop talking about the magnificent goal Emmanuel (aka Mano) Sanon has score against the most famous Italian goal keeper at that era to stop his invincibility, they do it again in front of the USA football (soccer) team in the gold cup 2002 with two goals, luckily the US has save the game with a tie in last minute before the final whistle of the referee.

Today the Haitian national football (soccer) team needs the financial and emotional support of Haitian people all over the world, because every time they play they represent Haiti positively, proudly, and mostly they carry a heavy responsibility to lift the Haitian’s flag higher. Any time you buy their jerseys or go to their game it reinforces the courage and the skill of those players that without adequate organizational structure to play the game, but still they try so hard to the best of their abilities to bring joy to an entire nation in pain and sorrow. Kudos for the 1974 national football (soccer) team they are national hero beside the hero of Haiti independence in 1804. Support the national team of Haiti so they can make Haitian and the heroes proud wherever they are. If you are not pride of your people, who would? Think about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


High and mountainous land represent the altitude of Haitian people attitude toward life, which insert in every one of them the combative spirit to keep on going since the day Christopher Columbus and his boat people stole them from Africa to replace the peaceful Caribbean people of Quisqueya.
Astonishing people, despite slavery, bad weather of politics, and economics cross their life every day, they still stand tall, and at end of the day the torch of hope always light their way, even when the storm of injustice pronounce their verdict, on the other end there is always a tender breeze that whistle joy to blow a kind smile on their face.
Intricate is often the path that lay before them, however their courage is relentless, their resilience allow them to stand up and fight like instinctive warrior to break colonial barriers. Victory always makes them climb to the top of mount of deliverance. They didn’t cross the red sea, but they walked proudly from Vertière to Gonaives to proclaim in 1804 themselves independent and become the first black republic in the modern history.
Toughness is their main quality that’s why even misery isn’t strong enough to kneel them down. Rigidness is a strong characteristic they posses which make it hard to control them. They are rebel people by nature that’s why they fight constantly against hardship of life.
Intensely they express their personality; drastically they speak their mind at the same time diplomatically they played those who try to play with their intelligence, that is the reason why a true Haitian is always answering a question by another question. Ask me why, I would ask you who told you so?
Adaptable to any circumstance, they can make any situation fit like a glove “give a Haitian a lime they will make lemonade”.
Nationalism is an invisible birthmark of most Haitian. No matter where they are around the globe you can catch them say one day I will go back home “Haiti cheri”. One of their famous saying go that way “Mwen pa pral mouri nan peyi etranje sang by Antoine Rosini Jean Baptist aka Ti mano” which mean I don’t want to die in a foreign country.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Haitian people are by nature outstanding master of fine art, and life circumstance stimulate their creativity even more, which makes the first black republic in the modern history the land where authentic artist grow like wild flowers, in a variety uncalculated colors cover by massive dust of stars, and frame by rainbows to express loudly the flair in every corner of life of this proud nation, everywhere in tiny canister, and contemporary little tube like toothpaste overflowing rivers of painting sucking by brushes of all sizes in their masters magical hand splash all over of the Haitian culture through pieces of canvas that draw astonishing fiction and vivid reality to excite the senses of local and international tourists. If you have a chance to travel to Haiti you will see how in various streets in the cities as well as in the country side is like an art gallery, a free museum where people express their passion for love, life, happiness, togetherness, freedom, equality, fraternity, and justice. For those who haven’t had a chance please take a glimpse. ___________________________________________________________ This blog is dedicated to all Haitian artists whatever form of art you are creating, this is a way to applause your talent. Keep pushing and supporting the Haitian culture. Video courtesy of youtube

Monday, June 15, 2009

Did you know that about Haiti?

On a tiny paradise island lives a gigantic and legendary nation of great passion for life, with a rich culture marinade a myriad colors and spices to intermingle with the pride of lion that nobody can take away which tie by the immeasurable courage to live despite the atrocious storm of misery, and discrimination are attempting to make Haitian bow down or wipe Haiti out on the map of existence, Haitian people are still combating day after day because they are all born with soldier blood ready to live life to the fullest, never give up until the last breath, and they are still standing tall because the roots of that nation attach with dignity and freedom is as deep as the soul of universe. Nothing and nobody scares a Haitian man or woman, they carry the secret of their strength in the center of their heart and in deepest part of their spirit that is what scare the antagonistic and the rest of those that Haitian in the past did not accept their arrogance.
On the rhythm of voodoo drum don’t be scared it is just the sound of the Haitian people soul singing joy and hospitality to invite you with a heat of the burning flame of the carnival season when the whole country harmonize to communicate with one voice to let the rest the world know they are still one big nation with the spirit of their heroes of independence well alive. Standing up the natural shield the mountains summit where the Nèg Maron from north to south and east and west scroll down to meet and create the glue that hold the land together, they invite you to observe the sun that smile all year long on the tender face of their vast blue sky to embrace the blue liquid with the salty savor that crashes to the natural but luxurious carpet of sand or lay next to the most gorgeous beaches to create the warmest atmosphere to give the taste of life in a trillion flavors all at once where foods are cook without recipe, but by a continuity of long tradition which transfer from generation to generation without saying a word.
Behind the news hide one truth that you can find out for yourself, in the richest country in the world they are men sleeping under bridges, people who are begging on the street etc if you do the reverse for Haiti a third world country there are places of dreams, people with money that won’t trade Haiti for any other place on earth, and they are poor with all the love in the world, Haiti as their treasure.


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