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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The best Haitian female singers over the time

This list is far from being complete; however every single lady on the list are in a category just by themselves. They have unique voice who transcends through generation. In a million years later their voices will still be fresh and sweet. Their voices can be a blanket of dream to wrap your heart on the bed of ecstasy that swing your soul between a cool breeze of a paradise.

If you know a name that deserve to be on that list please feel free to suggest it to us. For details about the artist on this list please click on the slide show.

Friday, December 9, 2011

7 things that I profoundly believe about Haiti no matter what you say.

1)      I believe Haiti is one of the greatest countries in the world because the citizens are still standing tall and valiant.
2)      I believe in that country because I know the people and they are rooted deeply in the truth and the resilience of the human factor.
3)      I believe that freedom really exist in Haiti until I travel abroad, because solely the story of the master and slave has been the headline, seldom they told the story of a nation with a revolutionary mind.
4)      I sincerely believe from the core of my soul that Haitians are not a divided nation; they are only having different opinion.
5)      I believed with all my heart Haiti is not a poor country and as a matter of fact it is far from being poor, however they Haitian people simple think poorly.
6)      I believe Haiti will shine again once it’s has been putting back under the light, because the diamond under the dirt isn’t pretty until it has been cutting and polishing in a factory.
7)      I still believe in the glorious past of Haiti, and I believe the future will be great because it faces great challenge therefore the solution will be as big as the revolution.


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